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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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October 20, 1987
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Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200120002-5 !l0-KNOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY PROOECT SUN STREAK (U) ci;V SESSION PROCEDURES REPORT WARNING NO' I CE i INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED CONTROL NUMBER 871?-.; NICKNAME? None D A T E OF c:#l:i::f:i#S I t:#N II 20 Oct, 87 TARGET COUNTRY: Unknown Fil:: f-"fr l?{L::14i{::F;:& None SESSION NUMBERo 02 DATE OF REPORT. 23 Oct, 87 MISSION STATUSe Continuing TECHNIQUE UT I i.... I Z ED P CRV SOURCE i I)EN"T .I r i EW 00-31 1. (?3/NF/SK) INTERVIEWER TASKING a this is the second session of a new prc).:Ject cc:)I_)duct.c;?c] Tr t.hi.r:s Source. In the initial session the Monitor was specifically directed to task the Remote Viewing Source to provide data an a specific site to include the general. ( )x t ?r"r' al configurations purposes of any structures and objects at the site and data pertaining to the development and utilization of matt r"ia].:is/cbjectt!i at this. site. In this second session the Monitor was directed to obtain data pertaining to the specific current activity of the site, the purpose of that activity and its extend The Monitor was sryt11.l not. been made cognizant of the true na tur?tm of thi{., site. The Monitor was prepared to the encrypted coordinate of "14752/1213," which is a departure from accepted protocols of two aas:i,x dicgi coordinates. However,, Source did not require as re-reading of the coordinates before beginning the session as He was ab.1e to rI:r?., the appropriate signal line prior to 'he actual onset of the session and began reporting data immediately from the advanced stages of the Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) technique. 2 (a/NF/SF') "iC:#tJliCl% l(14;:#F':INi: 1 Source was specifically told that this "will be as rcatirget:i. ng of as previously worked target in which you perceived a large structure with men working inside conducting activity which reminded you of a Combat Information Center." From this cuing Source was able to recall 1:he site and to re-acquire the proper signal line. No other curing or descriptive data wai provided to Source prior to or during the ac:tual session. This session was conducted entirely utilizing CRV protocols. ::,m . .k incidents or- anomalies ? (?a:; ~/NM~'/,.3k::) :CNC::I.,.,FC'1I::::NC..GF;::f"#? There were no r?r?.~r:)t:~l'?;).Lc~~ whi {::t1 fr)iiay t1a~v :1. I'1'f .G t?tC?i")C::e:?t:i the data obtained d in this session. Approvedlymme c b1'10 'f ~:TCVkr -GNU9R000200120002-5 Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200120002-5 /itilOF=?ORN -? SKEET CHANNELS ONLY t. /M:) :;a.!.11Wf. :Y.. Scat..trce'r+ furriishe?'.c;! the aattsrchead summary which was p:rr'ep~=rr'et::i following the session and ubmi, tted to the Interviewer twenty four hours ?Fra:tlcawinq the se s:i?i:;rn. The c,:t?impieteness of the t.yl:aewr"i. t.teit f:at..tirirria r y has I::te~en compared to the N!(:arii tor' t1er... instruments. Present activities involve the people in the structure controlling, observing, calculating, "keeping track of." There is Yk pronounced military feel t. o t J i : activity and location. However, this location has a sense of non-combat status but directing the activities of combat assets. No offensive capabilities seem pr?? iient. at the s:L't::t?y itself--a "soft 't:.isr"!'et"---- command and c::c:)ntr-ol as opposed to operational. The people present asr" expecting a development, but are uI"1?isur'e if it will. happen, when it w:i:I.l happen, how much will happen, sand ?'xaat:::'t:.l.y what wi..I..I. I?1