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November 4, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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October 28, 1987
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Approved For Release 2001/03/07 CIA-RDP9S-0 S lkooO2d0120004-3 'i/NOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY PROJECT SUN STREAK (U) WARNING NOTICE: INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED Session Procedures Report (S/NF/SK) PROJECT NUMBER: 8713 SESSION NUMBER: 4 DATE OF SESSION: 28 OCT 87 TARGET COUNTRY: REFERENCE: MISSION STATUS: TECHNIQUE UTILIZED: CRV SOURCE IDENTIFIER: 003 1. (S/NF/SK) Monitor Tasking: Describe the nature and extent of activities associated with the target coordinates. 2. (S/NF/SK) Source Tasking: The entire session, beginning in Stage 4, was spent exploring the (monitor-introduced) cue "mission". 3. (S/NF/SK) Summary: 003's summary is attached; monitor and viewer agree that it is probably saturated with AOL. At any rate, this session was eclipsed by session #3 and, therefore, supplies little or no additional, substantive data. 4. (S/NF/SK) Comments: 003 entered the viewing room in a state of exhaustion; the monitor simply allowed 003 to continue the "story line" begun in session #3, i.e., the WW II commando movie scenario, completely aware of the high probabilty of AOL drive and knowing that to attempt anything more rigorous would only exhaust the viewer further. Simply put, the monitor wrote this session off from the beginning, recognizing that 003 was"-'too tired to do a good job. SGFOIA3 CLASSIFIED BY: DIA-DT DECLASSIFY OADR Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-007898000200120004-3 Approved For Release 2091/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200120004-3 I,,,,Ii"'ff' i:?I'"?ii(::}r"I 3.1"1'v(::l 'I. v(.?(>I w:1.'t::1.-1 1".I"1t::' 1..{:' i i;:lt1l'"I:: C>is)i'rt1>) 1.i::??(:::t.t?.?c:J r'1 f :L c:1 t?::?? r i c) t: ?ff J. t::::i al m :i. i. 't?. %:a I'.. y J. not 0.11.5 E) cH. i s :I. 1. y I?Y:i. q1 ?)l. y Ranc:t ric:It, Affn?.n?:i. t:::%ari.. Ile :1 i:.i :t. 1"i ?iii :1. clt.? %ia fii ??.i??'t.. ra :i :1.:1 c:: ?S 't", r" (.? {>:'t:. l..l I`" f~' / t:) I::) ?:J (c)? C::'t: that. :L ?iii :1. fY1:)I''t?.?S.i?d's;i. C:11"1 I"1e5 in t ca a.I1{:: G 4>}rfIC.'VJ'1rr}1"'i:i? c t i ?idi t::. c:; ?i' r.:::i. (?: t e:?:' r?i ar l d L?V:L 5 t .:.t is a t::t i::~?? a ,.. 't. 't:. I?1 c) 't?. h i r" (:?:. I:) c....) , . c) I:) .i. .. .1. ' i ... ... : Y ::a c> c:; :t (>i cJ a r ? 1?:: I:) :i. , P' t. t::) ' (>) I`.. 1:) t 1. s { ' (:: %i?. m p , 1::' I'" c:Y rri i'l tii? r e t::1"1 e)i) y 1:) t"' t:a c:: fw` .` (::I %ia (::: t:)1"1 ?iii ;1. d f ! r %rl l::) 1 ki? (>I i Sddi't. sal I" Y c :' e.?? t': (..) 1 r tL { I::I"Yiritt. .1. ?i3 4..:1t::)t..l't:.I"1(ii?1'" 1 y vti::'r"y f:)asr'I CJ C: J. t.y"?' :f.:i. ki. (f=':iClI c: : ira(:.1t:)) ? L?i::.}i':tP"-A, tYif::ir" is .i:> %i:t. ri c:I {::I :i. ?'t:. TL~ ; t y :I. 'k. l"Y %rrt I"i i : ?idi't:. ( i'" L I I"1 tc? f'f i :1. ?da 1 J I"1 (iifi I'" f: t '4' f ? ($.i' :t to t. I"i e ':ii's t::) l..t t':. h arid (?ii) u?'d. di t r;l?f: wl-ir- J.'t?. ricJi:a t..tI:a ?idit:)rYlvi I?I C?:?r-c:+ It::;r.'.t:.i?1 %:arici waci?:ii't:. :i.Ii I"1 t i ? ) ? mmi : 1 . ca 1::I Ii f d ? r t i i ? ? v f: rn I;:} r? t::? ? s ?iii :L (::; I'1 I"1 %iit't> 't:, t"I :L ?iii t s t..t t:) in i i a r :I. t"1 viii-it s I::) t. t J. 1. -t. f ca s: " si f : : ? fml to .t tii? d : i . 1f ?i . i rl t:;; i r a : I . t I'" c:.1 t ? : : ? I'? ?ii ' t : . t"' Lk i::: L l f' i r 4 t:)1"' ). ( a a. i i ra .t. J. y :i. t t o c:: c:) :I. (::I ? :i. (::: y ore i r=1 t:7 {.... t:) 4 1:) (:?.'. I d. ?d:i i r1 c:: e., I?i %ra ?iii rYI {:) v c::5 c::l (:) t.t L arid C: :1. )"' i:" t..t ( Y ) i:t r, t::: k:':?iii c:i i::) I'?! (rd tn :1. 't:. ?iii w %iit y t t:) lri h ei:? 1"' e:?:? J. `t:. 1"1 t:: f V :1. ?idi .. ;. a ( :.~ . ,ri k. ~ . } t,?:i??'. I ^ {. a t ' i it C:: l'.::I. v 1 t.::1. fi_` ?iii :~ c) ri ?::i'1::. r?" l..l c:: t J. c) r I . i t. c) I..) ,. t J. J. A,_ -L 1. t?:: r" e::.l, r