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November 4, 2016
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March 17, 2003
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December 4, 1987
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DT -S ? Approved For Release -RDP96-00789R000200130001-5 DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WAS11INGTON. D.C. 20301-6111 4 December 1987 MEMORANDUM FOR THE ASSISTANT DEPUTY FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL INTELLIGENCE SUBJECT: SUN STREAK Operational Report - Project 8714 (U) 1. (S/NF/SK) During the period of 19 November 1987 to 30 November 1987 inclusively, fiV-e remote viewers conducted 12 sessions in an effort to describe an event of interest that occurred during the Spring of a given year at 9732/11517. a. (S/NF/SK) Viewer 095 described the general target site as a dry, flat, area where a group of trained personnel dressed in similar clothing witnessed a sudden occurrence. An apparatus having a peculiar "circular component", produced a strong powerful, complex, rhythmic, greenish form of energy that shook the earth at the target site. People at the target area were awed, perplexed, and subsequently died as a result of the burst of energy. Viewer 095's summary is at Tab A. b. (S/NF/SK) Viewer 079 described the general target area as flat, hot, dry and sandy; it was an area with a Middle Eastern flavor. The specific target site was a large circular area that served as a military assembly/storage point for apparent weaponry described as slender, brown objects. "Tribal people" located at the foot of nearby mountains (TAB B), fired a weapon described as a "fire contained device" that resembled an "outmoded cannon." An estimated 25 to 30 people died as a result of this action. See TAB C. The results of the explosion appeared contained and limited to a well-defined, circular area at the target site. In a subsequent session, 079 described the weapon as a "hand-held device". Subsequent to the explosion, military aircraft appeared at the target area but were poworless to provide any meaningful assistance. The victims were badly burned and the removal of their bodies from the target area proved to be a difficult chore. Viewer 079's summaries are at TAB D and E. WARNING NOTICE: SENSITIVE INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED HANDLE VIA SKEET CHANNELS ONLY SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED Approved For Release T DIA (1/1MbitSR Approved For Release 20 0789R000200130001-5 c. (S/NF/SK) Viewer 003 described the target site as a barren, rocky, desert locale where interspersed, windowless, adobe-type structures were visible. Rolling hills were in the background. An attack was launched against "resistance fighters" located in a staging area. The purpose of the attack was to evaluate the destructive power of a weapon that involved the use of a "magnetic fire control apparatus" identifiable by the presence of a component resembling a "cathode ray tube" (TAB F). An aircraft used as a forward observation post, was in the target area at the time of the incident. The weapon was complex and bulky so that special arrangements were needed to transport the weapon from one place to the another. The weapon generated a great deal of heat and ultimately caused a "disintegration of object-integrity." The event seems to have occurred less than two years ago. Viewer 003's summary is at TAB G. d. (S/NF/SK) Viewer 011 described the target site as a flat, open, area situated between two hills. During his early sessions of 20 and 23 November 1987 respectively, Viewer 011 described the event as an accidental explosion that resulted in the formation of a toxic cloud originating from the base area of nearby mountains (See TAB H). In subsequent sessions, Viewer 011 described a device/weapon as being large, round, curving, hollow and tubular (See TAB I). The weapon produced a glowing fireball, a dome-shaped ball of energy that produced extreme heat, pressure, and excruciaing burning sensations. The victims of this explosion were "hill people - herders" killed where they stood, in a circular configured area where nothing was left but scorched, grey ash. The weapon was not initially meant or designed to be used as a tactical weapon. It was originally conceived as a surveillance device. The presence and subsequent crash of a helicopter in the target area were also associated with the event. The weapon was developed in a typical, large, military complex (TAB J.) and was subsequently tested at a site consisting of a square building with a firing path leading to a series of concentric circles (TAB K). The weapon appeared related to lasers. Related summaries are at TABS L, M, N, and 0. e. (S/NF/SK) Viewer 018 described an event involving the presence of a thick, grey cloud spreading in an estimated half mile radius over a flat terrain amid interspersed adobe type structures. The area reminded 018 of a locale typical of the southwestern part of the US. (018 is from Texas). See area sketch at TAB P. The cloud formation resulted from an "eruption" emanating from a squarish appearing box (SEE TAB Q). Exposure to / the cloud resulted in a burning of the skin, a painful exertion ,/ pressure, and ?1 distortion of bodily joints The event appeared to be the result of an industrial type accident in view of the observed presence of personnel wearing blue, hard-hats in the area. Viewer 018 perceived the presence of several hundred people affected by the cloud. Many were lying along the road while others appeared to be slowly making their way along a road towards a nearby area serving as a refugee camp. Related summaries prepared by Viewer 018 are at TAB R and TAB S. Approved For Rel DP96-00789R000200130001-5 Approved For Release 2003/04/18: CIA-RDP96-00789R000200130001-5 2. (S/NF/SK) COMMENTS: General correlation among the viewers predicates a high probability that the nature of the event consisted of a deliberate attack by one group of people against another group. It is also likely the event took place in a dry, arid, flat area with mountains in the background, an area one would associate with a Middle Eastern country. That the cause of the explosion was caused by an energy or laser-related weapon is a moot point and may be the product of analytical overlay, a spillover from a project conducted within the past year regarding the possible involvement of a directed, energy-related weapon. Request customer provide an evaluation of this effort in terms of intelligence value and use of the information provided above. 19 Enclosures TABS A THRU S Summaries and Sketches Approved For Release 2003/ Branch Chief 96-00789R000200130001-5 Approved For Release 2001104i,184""%.,1 DP96-00789R000200130001-5 1 ON SUMMARY--? NOWA' WA. -1907 Y ?WWI- /a The site is a +1 t: -empty-,?-dusty-ITAnd?raci - with lots of reds and browns, pOL.l_i_ke the southwest-. Ihe land Is old (untouFhed?).t_the site a handful Of people are witnessing fn,abrupt.eventt They are wearing similar standardized_Opthing part of which iihite...1The people belong together, a: team,-and are orepnLzed/ sv.fea..E7'd., The een vt they - are wateiljnajnvolves ris.! igy-7, Strong, pop.C.EfUl.; rhVthMic. curVing or circular component is , . - associated with the energy. Motien also is associated with the energy as is motion that can be,felt in the land. Thepr7Top*e.,are vEV-Y '5t:,"ijll'aiR:.tti-65;a'.Zf;-:--4T-Fi-c;T'er.-'They are CN-E-37-1, as if their breathilas_been_kncked out of them emotionally. The JChurns strong -fearzLt.hey:tne/.:-F.plTt-IIATVITagr:i5W77.,.. Then they f eel nothing (death?). Approved For Release 3003/04/18 :.1A-ROP 6-00789R0002091317Cyry 114,?A, .2 3 4/i/ f 7 Approved F lease 2003/ 789R00 200130 01-5 5,? ts. 1,/ d--\\ 71-7t)ci 4/74/4s \ - 1 7 Ap roved For Release 200 "17,4 An Approved For Release'2003/04n. :4L; - DP96-00789R000200130001-5 ? 5,te' ..??? r"e4ett-.- 1,! ; ; N?J sratirrls4htlr ' ? /----.? 4 ''c'? ---,---- C7 cti -Cs. CN ---i) 4) -- N. (.., A "a a tri --4. .Z. L.....-- /7/ Approved For Reca PI rsAM3/04/18 ? 0 ' A 7t 1'44 -11P r ? 'ale. q 011 1// i/VC n 9R000200130001-5 y 7 /it , Approved For Release 2003/0408 : SOURCE 079. 23 NOV 87 -00789R000200130001-5 -7-yiz)7Yz DUR I NO TODAY 'S T-6A3:N I -G-7)ESS ION, I r I RST KEPT SEEING MEN INVOLVED IN A LOT OF ACT I VIIY. SOME MEN WERE DRESSED IN VERY FORMAL DETI:ORAITJ) Piagil UN I FORMS . THE MEN WERE WORK I NO IN A LARGE , WI TH SMALL olyETATT AND I COULD SE5f7RoTWAYKI. THE LAND WAS DROWN AND GREEN AND THE AREA 07.7:1-i5T--AND Vfz.67:::: THE LAND WAS 1T-ND Al ONE . PO INT I TH I NK I COULD SENSE r-A-0:7 THERE wi ocr-S- OR poTHOoys_JTiod I ?LRVED_THIORPOSE: -13ORDER9 THESE MEN SPOKE IN . _ . I DDCETEASTERNiEgNOUAGE W I TH A TOUCH OF EUROPEAN FLAVOR IN THE ACCENT. I COULD' SE4(7'.: AIRPLANES FLYING OVERHEAD AND THESE MEN WORKED WITH BIG OBJECTS OR WI TH A SINGULAR DIG OBJECT. THE FUEFJEt-TWAS READ OWAND 31 CAN SHOOT OE'F. THE OBJECT HAS LIGH-r- P.-8st)c-roiTn7WfTH IT AND t1 HAD :MANY PAR 1 S - THAT JOINED 1 T ,_________ TOGETHER . WHEN STAND I NO STRA I GHT UP/ I TOZ-TALL -ILIND icqLENDER, AND' ---- -- - , - - H _ I 'I WAS AEAVY AND MI CK UTZERNEATH- AND AD 'A :ROUND DOOR. ._ L - _ _ _ _ THE OBJECT COULD SWAY -AND- SWEEP- BACK AND,- FORTH.-- - IT SEEMEL HOWEVER, THAT THE MEN WERE NOT TOO CONCERNED WITH THE OBJECT AND THAT THEY WERE MORE CONCERNED WITH POLITICAL ISSUES. THE 11N DID NOT ARGUE OUT LOUD OR FIGHT WITH THEMSELVES BUT XNSIDE THLIR HEADS THEY DID NOT ALL THINK ALIKE. THEY WERE FipREcoNcIERNEIDWall -117i)C4TI-CAL-ISSUES-OR POLITICAL EVENTS. THESE MEN WERE ALSOIINVOLVED WITH DEALING OR TRADING OR MARKING OFF WITH OTHER PEOPLE. THESE MEN DEALT DIRECTLY WITH OTHER PEOPLE. Approved For Release 2003/04/ ?T619i,11? o7 e-7/1 -/ Approved For Release 2003/04/18: CIA-RDP96-00789R000200130001-5 10.0.4,1 THEN I FELT THAT I CAME TO A VERY ROUGH FEA1URE 1 N THE LAND THAT WAS MAN . MADE . I HAD A FUEL' NG THAT TiKil A4ERE-___YOROio-b-TH 1 NG S qr s i_pg-.1...P.MN.1-LAND.:,.1:-.Widif.?:::77.) AT F1 RS T I FELT THAT THERE - WAS- A -- L . - NA ? JSAS' R ? EC AU MI: 777.- C OCIUTL O- FF: E S lApD t ES _WERIff_.- OAPPED UP . AT- F RS T I T SEEMED THAT T11-(7-ffUN7A-f-T,EqT ED- Tt101FLU"'JJI L tkrJN.cT1.nI JI DLt rT- -HA c-vr THERE WAS AN E X P L... OSI ON - AFTER LOOKING AT THE SI TUAT I ON MUCH CLEARER , I COULD svE FHA I" THESE MEN WITH THE 0J33 ECT WERE MOVING UP FROM THE SOUTH. I T SEEMED AS THOUGH ANOTHER GROUP-7-0r --14-7T115t3WN-7- -FROM- THE ---110UNTA INS' WHICH ARE IN A NORTA?EASTT-ITIRFCTION AND CAUSED A FIRE OR ! E X PL OS I ONS TO OCCUR . I ;1-E7I3 IT SEEMED HOWEVER , THAT [HESE MEN UNDERSTOOD NATURE AND COULD MAKE THIS OCCURRENCE M NATURAL . T SE 1liJ mEAE.V.IREp171-.HE' ? .ArCTh ND W1TH 'THE 4-1E1_1:: OF TORE - -??? E XP_LOSI ON 30 t %,67t4A- v-ito,e4 /94/ fbige /1/1, LA-5/ Lull) 6tAA15 4 11-At 'y 2' 2. 2 . i)1/" le-A2r/A-A 44,r,v,A -2 7,4 ,?? /1g1/17ggi"` Approved For Release 2003/04/18 1A-RDP98:00789R0002001d30,01/5y /4 L Approved For Release 2003/ r - -RDP96-00789R000200130001-5 Site is located in a barren area, esert-like, with little vegetation, lots of rocks, and brownish-tan hills somewhere in the vicinity. There are a few to several low structures:involved which seem to have thick walls, low ceilings, and few or no windows. The sense ofJJeing "out in the,middle of nowhere" is quite pronounced. People are associated with these structures, but don't EPPM always to be present on a continuing basis. The event associated with the site involves a fairly large group of people, both male and -female, and they seem to be dressed in non- Western styles of clothing,. "like" Third-world. The setting is OC.) ........U9. There is the sense of antagonism, anger, anxiety, confrontation, insistence among these people. A sudden impression iS present of intense heat, fire, smoke, and flames. The idea of conflagration and violence is present. This "conflagration" is instigated by some outside agency located at a distance and at a higher elevation from the site. An aircraft seems to be orbiting the site, either directly involved or in an observational role. The impression of the actual effects. is that the heat is "driven"--it wouldn't exist under ,normal conditions but is forced to be there. The site that is thus under "attack" seems to involve some sort of "staging area," connected with some sort of idea of resistance (AOL AfghanistanY, but is not really of any extraordinary significance. The agency directing the destructive Force at the Site seems less interested in what the target is than in seeing how- well the destructive media they are. using works; it's almost a clinical evaluation wi-M real people as the target. The people thus targeted would not be surprised to he the object of some sort of aggressive activity in response to some of their own attitudes and activities; but they are very surprised at the form the at upon them takes. The actual equipment used doesn't superficially look like a weapon; its of are fully out of proportion to its superficial appearance. It could even be configured in different ways and still produce pretty much the same effect. Effects on target involve a loss of cohesion at a (AOL/S) molecular level. It's as if all the little component parts of an object are put into great agitation or turmoil, generating quantities of heat and creating disintegration of object-integrity/structure. Disruptive or disintegrative are appropriate words to describe the effects. The heat comes from the affects and not from ? the operant opject/weapon itself. Impressionr)of some sort of magnetics involved for control. AOL impression of a cathode ray tube. size may be about 3'x2.5'x2.5'.. Entire apparatus requires specific transportation--it's fairly large and bulky and complex. Incident seems to have occurred less than two years ago. Approved For Release 2 i?P --3 96-00789R00020033401e y (p7 p.7 /// uy-ol Coba.11- blae- Irktc,Ase, Vdt- ') Approved For Releasee12003 00/81130.0021101-3o0111-5- 5TROCHDRE e-ND 111cv_les Approved For Release 20y/.01/il 8 :gp .4 0 461--A eg,422,- 89R0002001-31001-6F 7 /7 /1?rD VF/7 cobaccg .Approved For Release 20Q4jj84. 7 P96-00789R000200130001-5 A,Vs - floor- roLind,..01 5-07A t 6zoop op i'oPLE AWN aree.i7ie' c,e6:ST f (( 6PVA1 AVP-6,1 SG1A' AOL To BE ? 20 6 6C.-1 ? ELLP 11.1\ip S*CATTEXEr) RI" rHe fIfv (h. Al/ 1\ rol) /0/21/ Age ?PEN C12455Y ,942511 r_n s-TNeto- )7 el: SMALL SRP-085 Approved For Release 200 2k'e4it/ 96-00789R000200130001-5 7 / /glot X' 011 5- fi? Cy 42- Approv9tfor Release 20 (p RENT) ofiv - Lava- ivx1.6e-oN _ Approved For Release 2003/ Apt_ Ns -RDP96----0078SR000200130001-5 ? DEv?c_E. V(/ PRoDuccma? IJK&47 Hopyietig. _0)0:0 W? POP 1110 6-00789R00020013000-I--5 17/S14/R. 01/ D ovfib S'"-- A se tO w .1, 4.. 0/T-A) kcal 2' 1d1 Approved For For Release 2003/04/1 9R000200130001-5 c AC, t .1 j - _ ci r 7 ' 0/4 64 oN5-,5 _ 12A/Lit '/S1; gOz- T17447-1 Av-71 rgs1(476" ) ()// ef7// d/ef'7 0789R000200130001-5 V Approved For Release 2003/04/18 ? 00789R000200130001-5 SE_SGIoN SUMMARY SEssioN: 20 N0V87/ /3201/R6- /1157//,qS' ILLEGIB )11 r7/K ril::91 prc55/0/75 Circ of Q ciyukr, vci-tiC. StalcrOrc. 6ec1sIn3 on 50/72e///27. e i thetas/I /4c prc55;on d a knoyevalet inIcr-Acc. hccamcs CY;deigl. Mere sceins- A he /0/ye oiocn Zody1jar (2120/ alce) a deiscd, Or c 0 Sow;ed Zody of elia* r. The /a fid airectrs to 11/A i- t,' a 5oP7c6vAg1' , 44 ofm.arca(yee.skctcA, pacr 7). Me a/C4? herc S. aya' dy, olar-4/- Aerc Qrc Op/ -c--50C/ci.k0/ Go/A thAi /oCataiz ,gmf /hey ,Pccrri 4s, 41-5d, -dezzeel; sita% o,-6-Aec4. ScoVva S ArC/17a_51 00 mo.," d There ) iCch;)q, .5.2? a ,h;Pe .-or-dealA si1ac77501,7 ege.hydrator2-4-&/-:_ilal1va7ein. 7pe is a _ small rujo of indiv;claak 2i.)176 hoyc bccn Igkcif340; hier,5 -6r -parb_54. /rag?" col t A.ork leye.14cr, Lee . fixvsirl ifadairAd CVoAes C,.clors ? Mal and creme; -rofrie74inj Approved For Release 2003/04/18: CIA-RDP96-00789R000200130001-5 , 714c1( lorsc biij. tAuc v Approved For Release 2003/04(13 96-00789R000200130001-5 )crc ei Sranj tA.,3mci Osstx-iok a 1 -)/./4 cifc'71; 4/201 /4c- 7G117..) ofd/Cadi fe/2I", Col? 0 dOr VtrC /-5 also (1,7 j;,3):C;?b'ee..7., .5s6ciolic-421 y , ? -1/2CaT -GOA citc41 If isiqr latc-hkc 0/70/ cokt-s , "7.7- - - c. ea/7 othic/!)._S 1; Approved For Release 2003/OLgtn-ET96-00789R000200130001-5 Approved For Release 2003/0 89R000200130001-5 ESSI ON SUMMARY SF-SSION: 23 NOVE37; 132.0-14/0 ILLEGIB (Just pr/or to /he igIcted even/ fha color red ?t.:7_ ? , . . s/3/2/,/car7k There /s /he oP eo"---nfvs-70.0- r nc .ond hysici , go-7 /0 Cal pot e.4100-q.. 4/so 7to hc Poore1)/2 th/s. area Otcrdei incs ct77(2/5 ach cyoots and -shez-io. 777c_ce onirnals- a/so sca-tri hc it? sl-Q/CC _0.6.17fig ;Jr?. MCIC S So mcfk r). 3 1.0 _ - isswo a etiarnify //;4c? cb"cop/ twth a foridsi9caker? The icork. y , - h --- ? on /he. yrou/7o1 arc _confOs'ecif thcy donV, or car2 6/i2e/cr,s/aoo! Fodowiny1h1.coorn/n. 3, i:hc.c GrJe2 ci-"ra-s. -17AC -af2 ex-plasm/7, a Ario.-.0/0*_,_qiici d,cg.-'77-17cre is Of? iivrcssion at Jh 'Vci?t (vas eicciaientath-ei#-, rio/ so1ne717/ny- /ha/ eoc's p/e)/2/2cd or iinfcridcd. Me s-ource 'dr-7 kcarieci sorric_ ei?.5" - (stc 54'c/eh, rbyc 3),_?.-- in_wn To azs ?V/51,b1C ock8r3iird,..- yam , Approved For Release 2003/04/1 Acrc 6-00789R000200130001-5 748 m Ai. /7 7i-,," cli/5/.44 / s--ce)/ "3,41 7?191- rvcJJ; MC Ca USG 0 f 1:5 1 ???($ 1( Approved For Re17 ;7,75- Ck:olcP ctimil7 Pic -4.50vrec? !here- apicars Ida bc ,dc thi:c str ct-Lhei efeihe cvent tO o ?bag gue freciom-ii2a16-- cr' fcch;9:7 '6114 '11;46. ciT/odin. 3 stcapi. (4ot.- Chcraob 9g*.A.W3b16?0'80d01-/r fc?Gitir7. ? /11,7/7 P7adc- Ap roved For Rel lidinala.- AC co/or blue, dCf25-C:hkit;-iii-AY V/CWeR0/) - 8 Weil 1-7 e 71y R000200130001-5 C Approv _ ' ? d For Release2003/0 j4111160'0.0ril'''frAggir- -00789R000200130001-5 5 Es sioN SUM MA R Sess : 47.. 5 Nov 87 , /O/t-/o59///c ILLEGIB IN Tills SacsioN h/`' MVE- SA141z. C-Rdor of" 17E6PLE C4- /& RvET -7.2?4 CRS7 OP,4 . THERE. is Scer oFosj - neVO ti/z7.1_5 3EE/22_5 g4M6e n_47:::;)/Y-A G5y wipi-Low 54/Rog5. cR7s5/A;G MRricamieey atE4/ f-C2',/nE7rnNG .114PPEN5 TR/5 GR0c." afr- PEOPLE 77/47ex-cog-TF.5 i&Zw/eo /WC, 4449 C9A'AZJ57.0N. 77-/E- Sa}ACE 7P 771/-5 4219%.9/PS Th rk'C__g2F_J----f/40Evi&-17(57:ic sh74, Page AT 771v5 fotAir 77-1 sE-cs v0/1/ 77/ERG- 45 AN- AOL L4s z Aivo ro,41,4 /v/s 7--,4N. 77/E Fott.0w/vs. OF Aot_ /4/f:0R/22/mew Apir 86 /47 na ? cf.i ie&/ cerlq/%2 that )?I not togs not cias ned /22c42,2/ to hc osc0/ q.5 ci toc-//10/ wcaioao. (.Js Q5 QV? of(0-4572/0 q.' ? ox ??6Li3Aci*gy /kV cicv;ec App ovel9F?o4r ReleaSs"e 200T/041 ,9-4u0 ezvf20.0f re, bc us -4, ."4 'VC/..e/b17CC /ODA T Al 8 A/ e Approved For Release 20G1O4kj8 RDP96-00789R000200130001-5 b. gicte Wears% bc a //ND baicolokr in /he o;r ficyr sitc. r,-/ /hat thi:s hd/Capk.r yoe5 a/OW/7, Ot efzi,ckS //7 7A1.; arca_ c. 117/c /ha/ l&-ic arc too di-rib-cid porA z Mij- c4ectidevice 4-207 bc AICtrOn avo' /he othce 47267/ hc a Aced- (Icirkc COC -15- /Pa v 17 7/1-1 Approved For Release 2003/04K0 96-00789R000200130001-5 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R00020013000' SESSI ON SUMMARY SESSION: 2_7 NOV87, 1305 - ? SG1A -5 e775/ 7/z'eir sY7 It) /12/'s scssion Pvc bn b1clascribit CVcn/ 772ci-c. SOnicikhj glac,VosTf4baii,a dome -shaped bubb/e, or. .bod of coer3y /hat encogrd.5?c,S- thc /a. lhis" bei66/e /bc-re ,rd ICCIP9,9 ofenDiTrnp(,/S peSS ha:14- hominy, al& exetticiatini' pa;t7 7hen thc?re 1:9 orily dark/76as cod black 7-bcpc /7.67??4,./ei f./."*.6e2 /hc circaar arca hut scorchcp' grey S& There arc peop/c /;.7 arecr in4crc /171:5 cvent lakes thee-. Oric onhe/ii IS wearini Q pa; r Of kosc 51/-L-cnis4 -3/-qy /roc/5c r.5 14-A fochetil boots, . 'and 0 hi-ow/7 Cod /210c/c 018 Coarse Nod-like hoincsloof? /7x-feria. /. 71Zv5. ,con has vcry rugyed and wca&cmci Lfores, &co/0- c AW7...7z5cv.2_.7 4n a/km/a to a;Fscr;be /he s,k cohcfc the objed that produccd ma evcot p2,7,,,eaciotcd/asscin,Yeal As. c/c,c/-a-cd 4.) thc ske6A on fa9c 3 ?I ScSs/.04. fookS /ike any ty,lcalz-/41-57c:-/hic/sin'cif Approved For Release 2003/04/ ? tti4 cicscriphip7 of /he 76-00789R000200130001-5 ocialccii?ihe obicci a7n bc expzi 7-4,6 Approved For Release or? rajc 4 of /Ks scssi;)/-7. IC 759R000200130001-5 . , vibe/fly , on a Infecmci ot wsiblc StrOblit ///.2c Or f7i/7 ir.c2d/r7g 4om ihc /27ocii,d' tO Cevieciilr/6 eirCicl dr/ 'MC jr.6017cif, siyoatorc ,54,61)/c/ hc yci;le /gram ovcrAoad. harc fccill.'201qi /17is /C51 Av./b./7 /nay (go rescorc4 .9s5vo(:2/cci &P.M Approved For Release 2003/04/1 -00789R000200130001-5 I/VW rieO 7 4(ov (F (517P/ Approved For Release 2003/ : cIA-RDP96-00789R000200130001-5 itA4 Itierffrr &,1Iof A' Approved For Release 2003/04/1 00200130001-5 V,;gte7 g7/X its-ge .S rA Approved For Release 2090 000200130001-5 !) //1661l' e A?1 for 1461/I/O< Oa 4r7/7 a)/ e7 Approved For Release 20014/1j8 : Cl -RDP96-00789R000200130001-5 ? riors Li I5J IC-Ti SG1J 471' 4.44 Approved For Release 200=4/118 : uIA-RDP96-00789R000200130001-5 ? UNIILD SIM ES GOVE.RNMENT 24 November, 1987 DT---S SESSION SUMMARY (C/83) N: 1. (S-SS) Statistics: memoranc u- Viewer: 018 Session date: 24 NOV 87 Node of operation:. ERV S.8) The i mpressi ons of the sessi on were: Ti a. The session began with impressions of a large place t;,6 th fruany-peopr?Elin it. Many of the people rico r n T1 b. After this initial impression, there was a lot ?of "lumping around" to many different places. ?Alliof. thesesilaces seemed to be small homes., There were repeated impressions of I 7'breakfast tables with ncione at them, and television Sets with ncone watching them. "Were was one impression of Evbab_r_wrviped U3, but with a'buil.1:-A-fts face. There was also an imprtsion of a fire extinqu&be?' hanging on the wall, badly charred and burned. c. There was another iMpression immediately following that of a ragged edged, large squarish hole in the ceiling (see cirawl rig #3) .. ...At ..tlie bottom of-the hole-was a''Ta'qiri-sl-i -"15-tiR-"" - ----, _...-? ? about the si ;'.! e of a su i tc ase : or --I arge "Iir-ref case ( see -at- *iiivTiTig-t-t-1-4--. -- d . Once again back outside, there were more impressions of a housing area with small, inexpensive .homes. I then saw a thi-CF- ,:irev cloud high._ i.174_ the aa, .spread-i-n-g---over-orre-o-f-the-7-:----- homes. Told to enter the cloud and aescrilie my impressions of i t,- I +-el t the ilrirrqi-ri-e:"-""1,7t-Th-tlati. on ( AOL: like. :the ,._..a.-LI-Ta171-71"-LITne _ . ._._ _ :ye:ILA:7_,...arle:_L ski..n=-1...-n..)a-dust. storm) .--"" ,)he cloud seemed to have come -Fr-cirri the_.:.i'....:.--17-___,:ile.ritl.cined.-ih-c. , above. It had issued out of the ; . 1 box an a ver t i 1 b 1 ac k c. o 1 eur,,, ( see drawl. ng 4,t:2): . The ... thi..:40._:;_. g r ey ri -="i7"--'7J'7----:--7-1 '-i.:---f-7-7-"-------C-7----------IT2.1----7-''"` t. '. - -1'7- 7-7;F:' C71...i _ t.-....::, p (LI! 1.t_Lfre:r. ._:. 0 ._..:-.9_..Lptc,1.?1?.(111:,..g. y.",. ..?....,...:, _fp :1C....._1 n_ _,L_:.... u1.1A.,.L. .1.ul L....._,_._ T.t TI]. :i rig -bri E, 200.1?t::: arid - cover i ng__ -.4.1em. Many peop2. e iwers'i___ , Y.. running past parked cars. When asked what this rey_clou_coeJ to them, it appeared that it: 1) resulted iii "ITEAFrig..91 skin. 2) alrf Cliltee:F_TiorrTEE71-fi such a way that the people seemed to get "old". 3) caused pain. The pain which I. Telt was not a sharp, biting pain, but thery4WO-TIT:u117.7 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200130001-5 Itt rik F F/9 OPTIONAL FORM NO. 10 (REV. 1-00 GSA FTWIR (41 CFR) 1 01-11.0 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200130001-5 P,r/e..-5.,s.Mrtzed,TAChThq...paTfiThhich results in the head when one has sinus troubles, accompanied by a cold and a headache to boot. It was verci-iTri e. Tasked with describing the area and the surrounding conditions, the following impresssions were perceived (see drawing 41/4): 1) The climate qg'5-MtAd.7.74, Skys a little over but not grey and cloudy. 2) Thc-7! a I's:, a of concern +.i; e e in c.? d t. o b e cliT .the-of.TE/t.--141_-:--ts t51.7-_a-P-itv( appeared to be Eehind'7o6). There /.-- _,.. was a 1arge structure nearby (slightly behind me, to my left) with plenty of verticals, and 1!Junky- i'l-.1.--------1 % - 3. i I:: e a r ef. i net- y) . 3) To the right of me, t1-7171-ii;dg.e-79:the iii-ty -seeped to stretch off into the distance. '?'---------, 4) Very far away, to the right front of me, I could eerdiLthe_same_curving_coasIline Whfch I saw much nearer in the previus session. 5) The rest oft-T17-&-area-was7+1-at- but there was a slight .impression that there may have been some - ov4-MpUnt ai.-ns-ThriTiden F cTi/fh e-bY tie tfl es. f. Told to report anything else which might be important, there were two impressions which seemed to deal with the last session's irilpreLionS: 1) L1Cf. tne men who had "joined the others in turning blue and 747)-#ZETTEIT_tEl.l_bTUe-hatsif (see report, 19 NOV 87) took his blue hat-Off and laid it quiLtly to the side, as though to divorce himself from it. 2)/'1/7----- ? - Another of the 'biueol -m7],n was perceived, standing with/several other caucasian men, in .0ar-dThats_,... looking down into the hole, previously described as a/hole in the ceiling. When I was told to ask him What he was doing there, he answered, "I had to see it When I was told to ask him what he had to see, he replied, "Wriat-1.--haa:done." Approved For Release 2003/04r1 : 1A-R9116-00789R000200130001-5 DAIrs trLY ?O Al 1)4 On bi_micurs SG1J Approved For Release 2003/04/15,:?PW P96,-00789R000200130001-5 UNI1LD STAlLS GOVEIRNIALNT 30 November, 1907 DT-0 . SESSION SUMMARY (C/S0) -ros DT -S (ATTN: 1. (0-98) Statistics: memorg flc Viewer: 018 Session date: 30 NOV 27 Mode of operation: IF:RV 2. (S-SS) The impressions of the session were: a. The session began in a place which had a lot of pipes and metal walls with vertical_JITIps- There -Was a person here wearing heah_L'-.Clothes, h'eavY-groves, ar-d-a-r-hard at b. There was a lot of jumping around after thisj? ?-, impression, but the next main impression was-ktfle-grey-CrOdd (tasked). The grey "smoke" (or whatever the cloUd is made of) had a very dry., it (AOL: like gr?Tipiti.071776i1).?:, c. Again there was a lot of Jump mg around, and sql.tling on a person leaving a box in an unidentified place. This box was Si lver in color, about the size of a suitcase, and had rounded edges. It was. lying flat.. The "box" seemed to have air vent slits in it. The following impressions were .gained from inside the "box": 1) Tubes or wires plugged into something at an angle. (see drawing *1). 2) There was a perception of a piece of..metal sheet which was "flopping loose' and made contact with a "plunger". When that happened, the "plunger" drew back, all a second part to fall into:place. This part mechanically moved a partition between :a light area and an area which ')was perceived as having a pile of blackish powder. The powder: was then seen to develop fire "LoWicitlg sideways" across the top away from the light area. The black powder began to turn lnto a molten, burning mass. The fire which blew sideways across it blew directly into a metal wall. There was the p+rcefAtion that this metal wall was held in by plastic, and when t heated up, the plastic gave way. The metal wall 1 then blew lirecItly away, and through the resulting hole, I could see the tieiling of the room (making it seem, then, that "sideways" was aCtually "up"). i , . 3) The fire and smoke had_:_r..1...'LplaStic" smell about it. It did not seem toxic, but it 4rd7Zting-i'-ai;athere was the feeling that it was trying to eat Fiway-7At-t150:..fiW6711t-began to hurt to breathe. . Approved For Release 2003/04/1 789R000200130001-5 6 S OPTIONAL / OP A NO. 10 (NEV. 1-110) ? ? II . Approved For Release 2003/04/1 96-00789R00.0200130001-5 4) The cue "how many people were hurt'?" brought th visual of being far above the cloud, and looking down-to see i seLi le over people. The people were ,w6I.-,c-?w7,-13v4ii.w.OhdizJi-- (AOL: like under a blanket). There were many of tflemb-biiip ii " extimated 5) A stage 6 was attempted to find the time. A gea was visualied, with .the tooth pointing toward me being at the apex. The event seemed to occur approximatelycZ-or 4 teeth tq the left (in the past). What period of time a-"Si'll'Olfe ?te-oth ? stands for, I do not know. A /1 a frg " Approved For Release 2003/04/1V:tIA-RDP96-00789R000200130001-5 f7 /,,y