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November 4, 2016
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April 26, 2000
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October 15, 1987
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Approved For Release 200 DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WASHINGTON, D.C. 20301-6111 ~96-00789R000200150001-3 MEMORANDUM FOR THE ASSISTANT DEPUTY DIRECTOR FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL INTELLIGENCE SUBJECT: SUN STREAK Operational Report - Project 8715 (U) 1. (S/NF/SK) During the period of 22 September 1987 to 13 October 1987 inclusively, four remote viewers conducted 16 sessions in an effort to describe a facility of US intelligence interest at 1284/6712, the nature of the activity taking place at the facility, and the manner in which this activity is accomplished. a. (S/NF/SK) Viewer 079 described the target site as being located in a somewhat round and U-shaped, open, and secure area situated near a large body of water in the vicinity of brown, sloping hills. A city was located nearby. The target structure resembled an old, red-brick building having a distinctive facade of large, dark, windows. The nearby presence of a seagoing vessel was noted. Viewer 079.described and sketched the presence of a wheel-type apparatus (TAB A:. considered of high functional significance. to similar apparatus was described and sketched by Viewer 003.1 Spherical-devices (TAB B), capable of being raised or lowered, were intrinsically related to the ongoing activity. Men wore baggy, protective clothing and protective eyeglasses while working in the target building. The three spheres contained a wet, thick, heavy, foamy, liquid considered dangerous and toxic upon exposure. Viewer 079 ended one session with the statement, "the contents (end product) reminded me of gas." The final product was stored in long, dark, padded, and narrow shelves. Ultimately, it will be sprayed under considerable pressure and in great quantities in a manner somehow related to the concept of "growth and planting." Viewer summaries dated 21 September 1987, 28 September 1987, 30 September 1987, 2 October 1987, and 9 OctoberJ987 are at TAB C. I WARNING NOTICE: SENSITIVE INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED HANDLE VIA SKEET CHANNELS ONLY SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED CLASSIFIED BY: DIA, DT DECLASSIFY BY: OADR Approved For Release 2000/0 8 ? . -,'86-00789R000200150001-3 S . L~. Approved For Release lodo 4 ? 4lA4DP96-00789R0002001 5 OOO1-3 b. (S/NF/SK) Viewer 011 described the target building as a tall, angular, vertical, grey-white-appearing structure located in a predominantly level area with a hard surface. The pungent odor of an unidentified chemical permeated the area. The perceived presence of an acute sterile environment, a laboratory, microscopes, glass rods with cultures, were indicative of activities normally associated with medical or biological fields of endeavor. The end-product leaves the target location by truck and is subsequently transported by ship. Upon arrival at an intermediate destination, the end-product is again transported by truck to its final destination, a secure area comprised of long, single story buildings (TAB D). The end product is stored in ribbed cylinders (TAB E). This final product is comprised of a mixture of liquid gas and a fine powdery substance described as oily, slippery, like graphite, yet resembling talcum powder. The raw material is a hard, lumpy, clay-like mineral. Two other ingredients used in the process include a gray, metallic powdery substance and a liquid that appears to be a synthetic chemical that is used as a highly volatile solvent. In a subsequent session, Viewer 011 perceived the end-product as being transported from the secure area in a large white van equipped with shelves and a heavy gauge wire-mesh divider. The final product consists of a somewhat firm, yet powdery substance that is cylindrically shaped in the form of small, heavy pellets TAB F). Viewer 011's summaries dated 22 September 1987, 24 September 1987, 2 October 1987, and 13 October 1987 are at TAB G. c. (S/NF/SK) At the very outset of his initial session, Viewer 018's attention was quickly and forcefully focused on a "pile of grey, powdery substance" having a sour, bitter, taste and stored in a large seemingly, empty room. The target site was located in the near vicinity of a port/dock area. Viewer 018 perceived the presence of two structures. The first was a tall building of ribbed, greenish fluted metal construction. A second, smaller structure was observed nearby. A ship and a conveyor belt were observed in the area. The powdery substance was processed into a greenish, appearing substance and subsequently stored in cylindrical containers designed to cushion the product from shock. The substance was normally transported by truck and stored in "run-down buildings that resembled quonset huts." Ultimately, the substance was fired in "a line c;)f tall trees" in an area located in the vicinity of the storage site. Viewer 018's summaries dated 28 September 1987, 5 October 1987, and 7 October 1987 respectively, are at TAB H. d. (S/NF/SK) Viewer 003 perceived the target structure as being located in a wide, sloping, open area bordered by a metal fence and wooded area with nearby canal or stream (TAB I). The presence of flood gates was also noted. The main structure made of concrete/cement, resembled a bunker. Doors to this building were recessed in metal. There was an apparent array of pipes protruding from a cement courtyard and used as conduits for an existing ventilation or electrical systems. The presence of a Approved For Release 2000/0O789ROOO2OO150001-3 Approved For Release 2000/a8% 8 : IA -kbP9b-00789R000200150001-3 second building, two or three stories high, was also noted in the target area. Access to this building'was gained through an underground tunnel. The principal activity was technical in nature and involved the combining of substances for the production of a new end-product. Direct human contact with this end product could be harmful. The English language was not spoken at this establishment. An effective implementation of stringent security procedures was in evidence. There was a distinct presence of a technically oriented "cooling area" and a "packaging area." The end-product was noxious, life threatening and stored in metal containers. The target site was one of very few such similar sites in existence. Viewer had a post-session impression of a wheel-line rounded device (TAB J) utilized under a thick and protective, transparent shielding. It consisted of two glass tubes shaped like hourglasses, fixed at right angles and joined in the center where internal and intense light pulses were active. In a subsequent session, Viewer 003 determined and described the presence of a large stainless steel and technical apparatus located in a white/grey, rectangular structure. Related drawings are at TAB K. Operational activity consisted of condensing, containing, filtering. Viewer 003 added, "Titration, catalysis, retorts and pressure may be involved." Extremes of cool and hot temperatures were considered essential to the process. The technology is considered a "breakthrough procedure." Caustic, corrosive, noxious, hazardous subs+.ances, along with the concept of fermentation are procedurally involved and require special handling and safeguards. The end-product is a highly dangerous substance; it is denser than a normal gaseous substance, yet less dense than a solid or liquid, somewhat of a "gelatinous" substance. Three substances are combined to produce the final product. The first is cool and sharp, the second is benign and flat, somewhat inert and neutral in temperature, while the third substance is warm, brownish, soupy, and caustic. The mixture of these three substances causes a curdling, a sense of "sloughing off." The wearing of protective clothing is associated with the processing and the use of the substance. The final product is sprayed and provides a filmy coating that adheres to hard surfaces so as to form a chemical barrier. "Micron-sizing" appears to play an important part in the procedure. A conceptual drawing of the apparatus utilized as a spraying vehicle is at TAB L. Viewer 003'ssummaries dated 23 September 1987 , 1 October 1987, and 7 October 1987 are at TAB M. 2. (U) COMMENTS: Detailed data in transcript format is available for review at DT-S. Request a customer evaluation of this collection effort. The results of Project 8713 and Project 8714 will follow by separate correspondence. SG1J LTC, USA TABS A THRU M Branch Chief Drawings and Summaries Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : I 007898000200150001-3 Approved For Release 2000ID8I08' ClA.RDP06-00789R000200150001-3 V Approved F Release C I C P' 6-00789R00k60150001-3 Approved For Release 2dod/b8Ib8:4d1A RdP96-00789R000200150001-3 _J Approved For lease 200c- 'P6-00789R000200150001-3 3 0. 1 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200150001-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/08: CIA-RDP96-00789RO15 01 Approved For Release 2000/b ' -)R 9 -00789R000200150001-3 V J` Approved For Release 2 0 0 010 810 8 A-OP,96-0078980002 p150001-3 Fr --) Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000200150001-3 7 0/Q r U Approved For Release 2000/08/08: CIA-RDP96-00789R00020015 Q ~ e Approved For Release 2000108/Q8.:. CIA-RDP96-00789R000200150001-3 l ,:0 1.,.1 1:37 0111"i::E_ of S %O7? 711 c3 )" ~:' AT FIRST 3. FELT THAT ]. WAS IN A VERY LARGE, NOUWD OPEN AREA AND I COULD I....1- A LARGE GROUP OF F'II::N DOING HAND PHYSICAL i,ioi, AND THEY LOOK FD TINED. 1 I::I.:L L THAT THERE WAS (-1 LARGE BODY OF WATER NEARBY WITH OLD RUNDOWN S7R1.JC FL.IRE/5, l 1..Jf F(JRi:;::S NEARBY. AWA Y FROM THE WATER AND THE STRUCTURE THE AREA i WAS I"I(:JI I.? N(`TURAL WITH [Rf::_L_::::i AND GREEN AND ??LROWR ?I,....UPINB HILLS. ()].R, LWJii9 MLJLI4 ilIl].h:1i HERE. Ca'?.'f::1-.A1- L_ , I FELT ..I_HA l' THE AREA WAS DAMP ESPECIALLY NEAR THE ('Ji= f I: I:: AND TI-1f_ AREA WAS VERY BUSY AND I I-I(-1D THE FEELING .1-L-i(1T I PAS ?r IN A CITY OR NEAR , CITY BUT- AT TIMES IT SEEMED QUIETER THAN A LIT Y. 1 FELI THAT THERE l`"'y9 ONE STRUCTURE THAT .. _ l WAS VERY THIS S,[RUiOI!Jf.!::: WAS WEAR WEAR WEAR 44E l::,y fc:_Fi f`il`.N' :C ~f WAS L~Ji=~~ OLD AND RUNDOWN AND SEEMED 10 I::il= MADE OF RED BRICKS. "1-HERE WAS A WINDOW UN FOP WITH BARS AND IT SEEMED I COULD ONLY SEE THIS STRUCTURE FROM (y SIDE VIEW. 7. COULD SEE = Illy! I . NB HERE AND MEN C PHYSICALLY REMOVE SHINY" ! motes. Lr i_jt r t,3` I I.-IL N WOULD I it- 17-1 Cf.-:: U1. I ! II?.Sl- CiLL EL.1 AND .f RRNSF-ER :1l 1L.1"1 ST UCI L_IRf- . THE MEN NEVER BROUGHT ANYTHING INTO THE S FRUCTURE. I WATCHED THE MEN WORKING AND AT THIS POINT I D]L"U NOT KNOW 14 1 WAS WATCHING THEM l'~~i_~F;l~:. , ON EHI ' NLr'1F 1..{';!.1L)_.:1Fi ON i THE WATER. r~.(('J~~'~_ N,, 11-S _Y' IiJ1:S f-t OR 1L~D -SHARED L i = J?i0 IF LOOKED AS THOUGH THEY WERE , - JTRYING U Approved For Releas%,0,1 y:RDP96-00789R000200150001-3~ Approved For Release 2000/08/08-:- C4A-RDP9G-00789R000200150001-3 1.INI WI:..I t:, I-I'l (`-,1411) 1 '1 [-J' s L > ~I .:.i1: ,',J'I1) [:;I=I`d I Ir (1;1,::x)1 I F WI ID ;I ILY' V 5: J J{I.1 ?;:i G[:jl_Jf_U 1:)I ': I f_fJ 1 Mill zI_ f11::::1~ IJI :.I=il=: ON -1 1 IL i=. 11)1-:'9 (-ih.IJ) F 111::_Y 141:1 11 J F. v L..('I'11:) (11,11) 9 = 1 1 117. ( Y 1: I I(.3 l _ J I ' s F;[:) I._ I._ : f . P,I[a UV., (`,1`111:) 1)[::)1Jk17 !:Jr I F`t' 1 I,I[?:; '10 1 ? 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