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November 4, 2016
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March 30, 2000
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March 6, 1987
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Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R00 301)45 SECRET/NOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY PROJECT SUN -STREAK (1.3 FRY SESSION PROCEDURES REPORT WARNING NOTICE: INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED CONTROL NUMBER: 8706 DATE OF SESSION: 26, 27 Feb 3 Mar 87 REFERENCES: None DATE OF REPORT: 6 Mar 87 TECHNIQUE UTILIZED: ERV NICKNAME: TARGET COUNTRY: Unknown SESSION NUMBER: 01, 02, 03 MISSION STATUS: Continuing SOURCE IDENTIFIER: 021 1. ((:/NF/SK) TASKING: Prior to the initial session, the Interviewer was provided with a Sheet of lined notebook paper with the following handwritten tasking: "1. Describe (loceld and identify) any "new" c::L:i. vi ty in the 'industrial like' complex of structures vic: ?NOTE: This place is like Disneyland, so work slowly and carefully." Following eadh of three sessions the Operations Of reviewed notes taken during the session and provided additional tasking or directions without actually revealing the natUre, location or mission. o+ this site, i.e., "low barracks type buildings do exist so Source is at the target site, " or, "the area of the hemispheric ball may or may not be important. In any case direct the Source away from this site to other facilities at this time..." etc. During the in session, Source was provided only the on coordinates, as per Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) protocols, to preclude inadvertent geographic cuing. In subsequent session, Source was also provided these same coordinates and told in each case that She would be returning to the same site as before at which time key elements of her previous descriptives were provided, i.e., "The area of the hemispheric ball," or, "the barracks area", etc. No other cuing or descriptive data except as indicated above was provided to Source. (S/NF/S() SESSION: During all of the eiessions covered in this document, there were no reportable anomalies or incidents which may have affected or influenced the data provided by Source. (S/NF/SK) SUMMARY: a. (S/NF/SK) During the initial session, Source was not tasked to report on a specific facility at the site but was told to SECRET/NOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000300450001-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000300450001-9 SECRET/NOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY begin reporting on any facility "of interest" to the Interviewer. As a result of this tasking, Source's initial reporting was general in nature and pertained to: (1) (C/NF/SK) A tower or spire like structure, perhaps located on a roof, which may have been covered with tiles or shingles. This object was broader at the base than the top and may have been capped with a spherical object of some sort. The tower was in Source's words, "not very remarkable....just prominent". (2) (S/NF/SK) A "small" brick building, (later described in terms which indicated that this building was much larger than initially perceived), probably enclosed by a fence and perhaps guarded. The building was further described as like, "an institutional or governmental structure... .drab, boring, undecorated". Inside. the area was made up of offices and hallways with no immediate specific feeling of importance or interest...." (3) (C/NF/SK) A technical facility resembling a "refinery" with a maze-of silver colored pipes and.large standing hollow cylinders. At this site there is a stench or acrid smell like a, "decaying or sour smell". (4) (S/NF/SK) A more modern building with a curved shape and a lot of glass used in its construction. The building was further described as tall with a, "lot of powerful people" inside. It has a flat roof with perhaps another structure on the roof (an - elevator chamber, air conditioning unit??). The inside of the building was perceived as being quite modern. (5) (S/NF/SK) A spherical object perceived to be located, "in the distance" and in an isolated area. The object was perceived as being white, standing on supports and located close to the ground. In the second session Source..modified this description by stating that the object was, "half spherical" in shape with further descriptives that indicated that Source was perceiving this object as a dome like structure. b. (S/NF/SK)?,--In-tbe_second session Source spent more time describing this Spherical or "hal4 Sphericaljen:t. According to Source, the ground area-riiMed-iately\surrounding the, structure is, " pores in styrofoam". Pipes or pipe-like protuberances were perceived as leading from the structure and appeared to be, "drawing natural substances from the ground". This substance has a, "salty taste but not like. salt water, its more purr:' a sharper taste...." The pipes further appeared to be very cold, "almost if I put my bare skin against them, it would stick". Around the structure, there is an impressien of a, "radiating glow...a barrage like affect, wavy, transparent, very warm, very SECRET/NOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000300450001-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000300450001-9 SECRET/NOFORN - GKEEr CHANNELS ONLY hot, giving off heat rays....there's a'glow to it (a) pulsing (or) throbbing". A striated pattern extending from the bottom and converging at the top was aLso perceived on the exterior surface of the dome. . ? ? . . . . - . . ---, c. (S/NF/SK) Internally, within,the spherical structure'there --_,. ?...._.... was a sound of hissing and a strong smelt -of -sulphur-..: . Towards the center there was an impression o4 a round tubular hole described by Source as, "a well". This "well" was further perceived as being filled with a misty gas or cloud, "like Ozone with a smell of damp, moldy earth mixed with a crisp cool sweetness". Within the tubular section there appeared to be side branches or tubes which entered from the right or left. Some of these branches seemed to be forcing in air while others seemed to be drawing it out with great force creating alternating feelings of a powerful vacuum and a follow up impression of being, "blown out of the tubes". Additionally, Source perceived heat and a red glow associated-with these tubes, "a natural heat with a very heavy mineral or sulphur like smell". The further down one goes into the tube the stronger the smell becomes. The structure further-gave the impression of a facility being built over something like, "a cap or ) volcano and the concept of a 0bUilding that you didn'tint.c.m.d- - people to inhabit". Source could provide?-no-furth-6177.deil.n-iti-vg data on this structure except to say that it i. c:1. ) possIbly for research,-..attempting _ . _- _ (somethislgl -,-..-. Making a product. . . . 1 i ke.,,..a-'centrifuge. .).s*-4-lara.tes different prsaperties-of-gaq9.Y_AnE.iiuglc:%,$?....,.............?..miii..avit perceptioh-S were provided al'iii6;;A ?as a after thought and were admittedly probably greatly influenced by AOL. d. (S/NF/SK) In the third and final session covered in this report, Source was specifically directed away from the spherical object, as per discussion with the Operations Officer. Source's initial perceptions after being directed away from the object were of a grouOng of, "barracks like structures, corrugated walls --- I::1 y) storage buildings". Source then began describing a .., fenced area with a structure in the middle of an open area. The strLu::: ture appeared to resemble an, "erector set construction", of steel beams held together with large bolts. The structure was apparently still under construction with a feeling of dusty area \ and, "heavy equipment with large tires creating the dust cloud like --vehicles across a dusty plain". Source further perceived the structure to either, "half built or half destroyed however, the cinder blocks look new". e. (S/NF/SK) Based on the original tasking o+ determining what's ii I: this site, the Interviewer. directed Source to : remain at this "new".construction and -to p vide further details. Source perceived the structure to be built :3r1 a slope with the ',? .....," , SECIREI/NOFORN......_SKEET-C4NNELS ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000300450001-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000300450001-9 SECRET/NOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY front being taller than the back. A single front door is located a the lowest level and not readily visible from a distance since it sI ts a littler_lowerthan the ground surface. The general shape of the buildiog is squareat one end with a more narrow extension giving the i:Mpression 94 a key shape to the floor plan. At this point Source report:eml "haunted feeling as though something happened here that drove people away....a feeling of this site was selected because of what it formally was and what it meant, like a symbol...." The construction of the building is very solld and is perceived to be able, "to take a lot of weight" as though it were being built to accommodate more stories than the two or three stC) ries being perceived at this time. A brie+ attempt to perceive the building in the future provided Source with fleeting impressions of a modern multi-stoiw building. At that time in the future, internally there is an ti. c: feel, "a very sterile feel", :it the interior. No further perceptions about the +unctions or purpose of this building could be perceived during this third and final session included in this report. g. (S/NF/SK) Ali notes pertaining to Source's participation in this operation are located in the mission field dossier located at this office. 4. (S/NF/SK) OPS FEEDBACK Although there is much evidence, according to the Operations Officer, that Source did successfully acquire the general site, there is as much evidence that She failed to locate and report Ofl the actual intelligence question. All efforts possible were made to direct and lead Source to that question within the bounds of acceptable ERV protocols however, the overall results of these three sessions were, in the impression of the Interviewer, quite unimpressive. Much of the information was so general or ambiguous in nature that it could have been just as. aptly applied to Ft. Meade as it could to a Moscow slum. Perhaps future sessions pertaining to this target will provide more "sparkle and glitter" to a SG1J GS 2, DAC Interviewer SECRET/NOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000300450001-9