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November 4, 2016
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April 10, 2000
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August 28, 1987
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A Approired For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96--00789R000300620001-01 041WWWWVNOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY PROjECT SUN STREAK (U) ERV SESSION PROCEDURES REPORT WARNING NOTICE: INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED CONTROL NUMBER: 8709 DATE OF 'SESSIUN: 2e Aug 87 REFERENCES:: None DATE OF REPORT: 31 Aug 87 NICKNAME: TARGET COUNTRY: UR SESSION NUMBERgr:05 MISSION STATUSg Continuing TECHNIQUE UTILIZED:, ERV SOURCE IDENT1:FIER: 003 ' 1. (S/NF/SK) INTERVIEWER TASKING: Tasking as listed in the previous sessions conducted with this Source on this project has not been changed or re-directed. This session was concerned with 1fb.illace- 11).--of 'the tasking package, the 'question of whether the technology of the US Stealth system were used to develop the Soviet counterpart and the methodology by which the Soviets were able to acquire that technology. If is it believed that the technology were acquired by nefarious means, the Viewer is to be tasked to identify those means to include specific personalities. (S/NF/8K) SOURCE TASKING: Source-was told this was a continuation of the last session and that He was to continue to focus His attention on the unusually configured aircraft that He reported an in His previous session. He was further told that this session would address another phase of the total tasking package but this specific tasking would be provided during the actual session and not during the session pre brief. During the pre-brief Source was also told that this session would be conducted utilizing the Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) technology and not the Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) technology RAYwhich He is more familiar. During the session, Source was provind the same encrypted coordinates as in all previous sessions, 137500/112794, as per ERV protocols. 3. (S/NF/SK) INCLENENCIES: There were no unusual occurrences or anomalies which may have affected the data provided by the Source during this session. Source did not appear to suffer any distress or misgivings about this session being-conducted in the ERV mode and in +act seemed to be eager to practice the emerging skills that He is acquiring in the ERV technology. ApprovejUgrallellw8,34000/RNIN.:aMpfn089R000300620001-0 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000300620001-0 mOMOMOWNOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY 4. (S/NF/SK) SUMMARYN Source furnished-the attached summary which was prepared following the session and submitted to. the Interviewer ' wiI hin 24 hours after the session. The completeness of the typewritten summary has been compared to the Interviewer's notes and all omissions, changes, and/or corrections have been verified as acceptable by the Interviewer. The information provided in the summary was found to be complete and did not require further modification, clarification or additions by the interviewer. Source - did provide some very detailed post ..... session sketches)which are at to this report +or reference purposeiL 5. (S/NF/SK) COMMENTSN The Interviewer feels the need to go on record by stating that the data obtained in this session may have been driven in part or whole by the phenomena of Analytic Overlay (AOL). Out of necessity in facilitating the early response to the i specific questions addressed in the tasking, it became necessary to phrase the questions utilized in the session in terms which were somewhat unorthodox. The traditional limitations on the non use of specific interrogatives during a session were maintained to the - ?-- greatest extent possible, however it did become necessary to "load" the concept of an illegal or unauthorized transfer of data in the Sources mind enable to set the scene for His descriptives and hopefully, accurate focusing on the concept. In doing so, even though the terminology was carefully couched in soft words such as, "possibilities exist", "focus your attention on the possibilities", etc., the Source may have formed a completed scenario in His more conscious mind, driven by personal bias and suspected/expected facts which carried over into the altered state of consciousness and were delivered up as remote viewing data. ft cannot be stated with any A real assurance that this did nor did not happen, however the data reported by by the Source was no-t-Oe for its "AOL" type terminology. 'T Additionally, the nature of fhe reportins-aZAring the session led the , Interviewer to caution the Source on at least one occasion to cease 7 labeling and an and to report only His impressions. Implied but not stated during the sesSion was the fact that Source's tone of voice and use of complete_senten-cesvnd paragraphs, I nterlaced with "reminds me of","it's itki9,..", etc., tended to ---- aler t the Interviewer-T.-3-TlTi fact 1I ca was slipping back and forth from an altered "right brain" state to the more analytic "left ,J , brain" state. The general impression of the early session, possibly0/ li 1 lw ? before AOL took over, is that the technology was. in_deed_passed. to the Soviets by unauthorized means. Other than this fact , the Interviewer r.):4 is reluctant to place any further credence or Thlportance on the other , specific scenario related in-. incident. SG1J Interviewer ApprovaplA gteasik120.0*?Ap.p :?%ettlip?9MF89R000300620001-0 Approved For Release 206/00331:1$411\mDp9y-00789R0003006200014 ' Aircraft no. 2 has a very sharp nose; there's something on top of the tail, rod shape, going forward. The body of the airplane is kind of "squished flat," one person +lies it, and there's some sort of forward sweep to the wings?mostly slanting backwards, but something goes forward, slanting. The leading edge of the wing is fat, rounded. The seat the pilot is in can come out, like some sort of ejection seat. Crew compartment is designed for +unction, not particularly for comfort or appearance. There is room +or two, but it will work with just one. It's fairly narrow, cramped, lots of controls, instruments, dials, red lettering. Curved part comes up, opens up--there's lots of electronics here. [altitude test.] Numbers are high--6Z,000; 72,000; 04,000. At altitude aircraft handles very smooth, direct; but pilot can't make sharp moves. You have to plan maneuvers far in advance-.-long range. You can't force it In c+ hi,gher because of major problems; it won't work right. It_es(4t skips along the underside of a surface. It starts to fart or lose power when you try to go above a certain point, and drops back down under it. The?.deAgn +or no. 2 aircraft _borrows form some other source, 1,1;gdthey got their ideas from somewhere else, plagiarizkmr.- Much of it is not original; and there areigaps in , tfte:rFiTerMation borrowed; also, the people who made #2 thought Fthey-knew better.than the? original desjT-6ii7,-7, They changed it to fi.-Eheir concepts, leSsening-the efficiency or efftiveness of the technology they were adopting. Information was derived from papers, di,agrams, books ..... -especially a large book, which may have been obtained 'throw some sort of negotiation process, bartering. C?lt seemS-_to have been of by someone, in a suit. He wi-el l , It or-gi i t r m ve o soethin n g he ca get out of it. ( :It's ..Ci, a/pi oduct to him. Something:to be l'Alarketed. MegcAicjrts, kept very private; the information comes from some place perhaps his place of work?but he is not supposed be using the information the way he is. He is anxious, cautious, nervous; he knows he Could get in trouble, but sees it as a challenge, exciting, a chance to "get over" and profit in the process. People who are ultimately responsible for the data would be upset, dismayed. The "customers" were skeptical, cautious?they had to be convinced. The person with the data had to talk them into it, had to prove his validity. He knows what he has, and is the persuasive type; he has to convince the others he is what he says he is. He's very verbal, likes to talk, glib, wants to think he's important, and wants other to think the same. He has a round +ace, doesn't wear glasses, darker hair. He has __. legitimate access to information and can get more. He's trusted Where he works with thiS infermation. Where he works are papers spread out, people making marks, looking at big books, using things to measure on the papers, to make marks, and to change thilis. There are cabinets with lots of drawers, things kept in order to be referred to. Lots of precision drawings; dividing things; fluorescent lights; cool, light colored room; windows; machines with something a Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000300620001-0 "6/ Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000300620001-0 typewriter keyboard, only the machines are much bigger than typewriters. Several people in the organization. They go in and out--go elsewhere to work, to execute part of their responsibilities. This is liRe_a reference place where people come to check on things. Than in question got the information from this office, from the actual/official originals; he takes some things and copies others. Doesn't want anyone to know the stuff is gone. The people who rightfully "own" this stuff are very jealous of it. It not altogether complete yet; new developments, new shapes -1:111Le things are in a state of flux, but it's organized and there's a7-7-75dnt to it- its aimed at a cause. As this applies to no. 2, it's they had a basic picture with some elaborate detail in some porrn:Ths; but in the areas where information was lacking, they tried to fill in the Jolanks with their own interpolations and extrapolations; they tried tos miMe the information fit into their own preconceptions; "We know what's best already." Any reverse flow from no. 2 to no. 1 is minimal it "liJj_W.' no. I already existed., and the onl_y application of inkp Or5Q4Avt.166a... , MALI CA oviA) 01A-4- - aaewoimx -(6 z -7)120 ce peacsa_ cSdvm.e. puppee___ con, to ck2c,I4 7)-14-3 ? 7YotAi W ivuccp'v, 46(;#4 1ii ?-y-ret.,1 7) LI 1iu4 AQA.f. iv\ 414 t.b ovrte Mt? ova totki nte 1.11/11 a Syne, p&p s 1167 CrYvkplaa ect/fpreklesa44/00 /0 cyt cc- /Orty 14