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November 4, 2016
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November 18, 2002
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February 17, 1989
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Approved For Release 2003/01/17 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000400900001-8 .111.1111allimmi SUMMARY OF INFORMATION HHUb! USMC LTC William (F,;ich) Higgins is currently located in the immediate vicinity of a school located in the area of Daflivah. Se2 ENE! OSHRE 1. He is being moved intermittently from one place LTC Higgins now realizes that it is hidhly unlikely that he will be executed. This belief coupled with his military training has helped Higgins gained a salient, psychological advantage over his captors. He has gained such an advantage with one of his c.a.ntorc.i3. This "captor" plays a signific.ant role in eventually facilitating the release of LTC An "arab leader", believed to be an Iranian national and described as the "Arab with American brown glasses," will active role in the release of LTC Higs. An whose name phonetically surfaced as "Werner/Wanier/Ra- nier" is involved as a negotiator. (OPS CMTS Th.:: name "Werner" previously surfaced as a phonetic rendition of a person described a .c Li. this is the first time that the an "Ranier" surfaced as a possible variant of Werner.) The "Arab with the American brown glassed" is a political moderate among a group of This personality is projected to eventually issue the order +or the release of LTC Higgins. LTC Higgins will sail to Port Said, Egypt, via the Red Sea. The vessel carrying LTC Referral Review by NIMA/DoD Approved For Release 2003/01/17 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000400900001-8 .? Approved For Release 2003/01/17 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000400900001-8 Higgins will sail amid a group/convoy of ships. (OPS CMTS Previous reporting indicated LTC Higgins sailing to Tunisia and Egypt upon his release). Decause of his somewhat large, conspjcuous physical stature, Jesse Turner is placed in a crate when he is transferred from one ? ---luro-tr ..ocation to the next. T..irwrr continues to be disliked by the capI: ors who have made a special effort to keep him from sight. Turner is in chains in a cell. However, h- does r-fi:CPiVf.Y. medical attention on an intermittent basis. His release remains pi'ojt.,!cti,!O to follow that of Tracy and Reed. The notion resurfaced that ierry Waite will eventually obtain his release based on a clever lie that he perpetrates among his captors. Waite will be among the laGt to be released. He will be released beforo T-rry Anderson. obert Polhill is on the move but remains in a separate location from the other hostages. (OPS DECU').:;E of his perceived poor physical status, Mr. Polhill repuirLI,Aly remained g the same location for Quite some time. This is a .firSt indication of movement on his part.) The release of the hostages will occur over a period of several months. it would appear that LTC Higgins will have Sr opportunity to be released before Easter. (HPS cMTS perceptions of a predictive nature have been highly inaccurate in anticipating dates of releasP.) Approved For Release 2003/01/17 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000400900001-8 Decassification Revi by NIMA/DoD Sur (Tyre arab 17111--7'.'r-rMazi'Pat r-(I\ r ?? Li-Avtrizra at I (i. 0 W ? ' 366 ?4:'Abba edaFir.44Release 0,031 / Ikharaib tiCtatat Mays 1.71:3qp-1.3p 96.941...,79R11100 iyah Vat or4r - L rar., AI Tlar au a ba awr TtPaasiilah D Shulaa 522H, -69 at- 493 Kafr ir A ro 7 - , Mayfadun, / - ( N i / IM.:zra'at al fa' Mazia. Nabi fbAtIftt, v? Mal at Sir ayy. Rabt Ih_at alias Rashidleh Ar Rastudiyah Ras 17 r Al Gulay Al :LC) An raabni tlY+346 . , 1.1Etibuatinl'I ::"-Vi \:1-;tinniya $iyaliah "\--"----.'. tkilanaart- Jubblzir :)? 61- Suwayd 68 + 323 --- Zibqin 2 a.----`----- - - - ? - bal TaYr , ..., 4./ ---,5-- a ayyid N....-fftriarydrhin', _...--"--- )-... \ ' i Majdal Zan - - ?6 ? \--c--3'' . / Rs af Sh#rna -`,-., i vahr M Ir.'''. .'-'-'-' `-- ,.."--,, -, Bayt f- Lif Aba \ t .a,_51.1-11i,.rr:o_.r\\ 352 ---Shash ,-..., r ^-- . , $alillanr , (-.) ''' ayr 1 Snil-yr '(? "(abandoned) , 727+ 'Ufayyah .. $haky- Marfa )ibbayl .------- 'T Tail ad .. +748 ' Qawza'lh