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November 4, 2016
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May 12, 2000
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February 10, 1989
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SECRET Af44Y-/S Approved For Release 200 MSA~9RW &W07 Kf*(f6'4?% MCNT- DATE- '110 FEB 1989 ANO 1 DB-5C memorandum SUBJECT: Evaluation of SUNSTREAK Reporting on U.S. Hostages-(S) TO: DT 1. (S/NF/SS-3) SUMMARY: While a complete and accurate evaluation of the use of SUNSTR A K reporting on U.S. hostages cannot be conducted until additional hostage releases occur, preliminary findings indicate that the SUNSTREAK program does, indeed, represent an additional source of positive, hostage-related information. At a minimum, SUNSTREAK reporting stimulates analytic deliberation, may help focus and guide collection efforts, and forces reevaluation of extant theories and methodologies. Moreover, experience with SUNSTREAK hostage-related reporting over the past year revealed several instances of startling corroboration of other intelligence collection disciplines (on both locational and health issues) and an impressive logical consistency amidst the complex factional morass that is Lebanon. In short, SUNSTREAK reporting, even in the absence of corroborating evidence that could be provided by a released hostage, is assessed to be as reliable and accurate on locational issues as many other sources of hostage-related information emanating from Lebanon_ The SUNSTREAK program represents yet another source of information and stimulation for the intelligence analyst. 2. (S/NF 5S-3) LOCATIONAL DATA: On the issue of locational information, SUNSTREAK reporting has been remarkably logical despite the complex and dynamic nature of Lebanese territorial and factional strife. The odds pinpointing a hostage location that would be completely illogical in the Lebanese context are great. For example a location that fell in an area controlled by the Syrians Amal`, Druze, Lebanese Forces, or Israelis would SG1C 3. (S/NF/SS-3) On at least one occasion, SUNSTREAK reoorti SG1C WARNING NOTICE: This information restricted to those with verified access to SUNSTREAK L?vel 3 (SS-3). CLASSIFIED BY DT DECLASSIFY ON OADR SECRET OPTIONAL FORM NO. 10 (REV. 1-60) GSA FPMR (41 CFR) 101-11.9 5010-114 RMW Approved For Release RE?MMO~T0gF0 EI6N NAT ONA8S ROaQ4 OQ `75 (364) Approved For Release 20%Jid~WEf&P0789R000400930001-5 4. (S/NF/SS-3) HEALTH INFORMATION: While no accurate assessment can be made at this time on SONSTREAK reports dealing with health dynamics--swings in physical and mental well-being--the overall picture presented by SUNSTREAK is consistent with judgments made by the Intelligence Community. Moreover, the health dynamic portrayed by SUNSTREAK reports espite periodic news and intelligence reports that certain hostages --had died, SUNSTREAK reports have consistently and emphatically assessed all the hostages to be alive. DIA agrees with the assessment, and recent reporting strongly indicates the same. 5. (S/NF/SS-3) COMMENT: Our initial assessment is that SUNSTREAK reporting shows great promise on the issues of hostage locations, but, much l !pot tial for ctin future ntial ev t Furthermore, reports or sequ generate as a resu t o f ocusiim on a single ho tae (rather than the hostage issue as a whole) appear to have a higher degree of accuracy. SG1J 2 SECRET SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED Approved For Rele QQ(ftgL8 t6Ct*J%R q A$ 1000400930001-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000400930001-5 f a4:::Vp - lop Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000400930001-5