8915 SESSION 05, ERV, VIEWER 011

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November 4, 2016
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March 2, 2001
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April 24, 1989
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Approved For Release 2001/04/02_ CIA-RDP96-00789R00$50021-0012-1 ~NOFORN PROJECT SUN SSTREAK?. WARNINGNOTICE" INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED ------------- ----------------------- ------ 05 ---- SESSION NUMBER: PROJECT NUMBER: DATE OF SESSION: 21 APR 89 DATE OF REPORT: 24 APR 89 START: 1420 END: 1440 VIEWER ID: METHODOLOGY: t/ I . 011 __________________V ____-___________-- ___---__-__-------------______- 1. (S/NF/SK) felan known as To access and describe the current location of a SG1A 2. (S/NF/SK) VIEWER TASKING: "Reaccess the target person and provide his presently used name and geographical location." 3. (S/NF/SK) COMMENTS: a. Inclemencies: None reported. b. 011 used "psychometric dowsing" (hands on the map). There were no odu frration: despite attempts. The essioMondn NocEEI wase frustration than produced. c. Summary of Information enclosed. 4. EVALUATION: 2 encl.: Viewer's summary Tasking sheet HANDLE VIA SKEET CHANNELS ONLY SECRET/NOFORN CLASSIFIED BY: DIA (DT) DECLASSIFY: OADR g.:.r NOF ORN DOCUMENT SEPARATOR SHEET Approved For Release 2001/04/02 CIA-RDP96-00789R000500210012-1 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000500210012-1 WORKING PAPER 8916 8904 2t vol SOS SUMMARY OF INFORMATION AN ATTEMPT AT MAP DOwSI NG To LOCATE -n4 F- TARGET PESONALI Y PRODUCED NEGATIVE RESULTS, C t-'~nr~^ Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000500210012-1