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November 4, 2016
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May 22, 2000
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February 2, 1989
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Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-007898000600920001-4 WF1hhIT~iG itiCJTTC;k.; TIVTI'LC_TGEI~ICr SCJLJf;CG:S ,~IVD ME'1"MODS TNVCILVED F'h:OJECI? NUMDE>*; n 89ra4 SESS T (.lltil IVLJI"IDER e t=r l DATE OF SESS:CON~ Cj2 f~~l:~ i~~ DRTE O~ RC:F='Oft"fa t'2 F'L~S ~`~ ST(~F;"!": 1121 FNDs 111 MM~:THODOL.OC~Ye L'FtV VTEWCh TDw tur:J 1. t ,/~iF/AFC) MTSSTO~i: To access and describe ~ target structure shown in overhead pl~nto imagery. 2. tS/Nh'iSk~:) VT~.W~:R TF~Sk::TNG~: "F~ccess anti t:Jescrit~e the target site a?t encrypted coordinates: 42SC~1~:~!8.~~41~1." _. tS/NF'/SF:1 COt~IMFI~TF;a a. done declared. b? C}t.f3 accessed only the outside top of the structure. Descriptors of this area were sufficient to prove site contact, and {a~>:~ was moved inside the h~.tildinr~. c. Due ~l-.o other scheduling, D~'~~ was not allowed the customary "coal down" time, and had only approximately 45 minutes for the session. f~lthougi7 all FET was addressed, finer details of the site were not pressed. Due to the map room being occupiedp only a rough search was conducted tree rough map, page ';a. of the ?kranscript) . d. Summary o~F Trtforma?l:ion enclosed. enc l ? V:i ewer ' s :summary Session transcript Tasliing sheet hiRhJDLF_ VTA Sl~::E~l? l:;NI~NNF:I_S Olui_Y ~/ 1~IOi= OFEtU GLASSTFTED E~Yb DTA tD'f) DF.C:LASSTF=Y: CI~Di=i Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-007898000600920001-4 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-007898000600920001-4 ;.'~ 1. i'< E'r?? :L I"r V i:7 .~ '~'!:? ?ai Gj ?i:i't:. P" t..t S" i:: l..t !"' C~? VJ :i. 't'_ Iyt L:a'L I"t Fra I^ ?iii't:. I'" l..t C:: i". t..E I"' ti?? "ii !~ C? i:il 1"' L;a }i ., ~::1't:: Y" t..l t::. i': t"t Y' E'? t".:a ?~ :L r'i i : ti? a`" Ea': 55't':. :i. ?:ii .t c':t ['.. C,~ te? a '?' :t e?l't:. ""' I"' t:a C:a ~~ E::?? t :I g lnt :f. i". I"1 V' l:'~ N" :i. LJ t_t?ia t:J i. '?~ ?~ e?? r? ~ r?} ?t:. r" ca ca ??~ 1. c+'~i Ei%' 7. ? } 4 ,::t rY rl ~::t 1'" E,a t..t a r ci r:?? c:! ., r? i I:a !:a E::?? c:l I::a ca P' iw i. ~a r?Y s::l Cx? i c:a t::: 9. xa ?L F-? t:l ' :i. 'L ~ t::> i:a m t~~? tea I?~ t;~ r ~+ i"Y E: r? F.~ t;a r? 1"a E-: rya r? 6~ a y i ~:i ;:~ ?:~ #:. r? t_t L: is L.t r?' t?~ ?1:: h"t :a i?: :i. %:a to c ? r?Y i~ t:a w :I. 't. h7 ~l"a F? ii:l:1. 1"' t:'tt? iYY;i. ?iii?:^i:i. 1"YL~ :i. i".~:: i'"t?.aC:i~' ~~ ~ I'Yic' t'st_ti'"f'"t::Yl_[1'"t{::I:f. I"YCj?=s eitP"4i? i'.,t??.i. c"1i::L ~l~'.I. i::? :I. E%? a::l t~: iikt'1 f:l ii# t..t?iii't". C?.?:? F" (~' ~ ?ii t.,i f;:) t:;J F:? ?i6's'f.::1. V i:i? t::a'l~ i"1 t.J te? 4~ E:?x Y"'t" a Inl :1. 't:. ("1 Y" C:Y t..t i;,:) t'1 I"Y :l, .I..t >~ii :L r'Y 't'. I"a ti"! 1"a Ei' c~ 1'" F::I :1. ?i~ ~:. it i"Y L:. k' ,~ I~ I'3 :I. 't?, tii'' .l. ?:ir ii:l Y' ( :i. YYY t:a C} I"' ~:, diit 1"i ~'. L.: C:a ,l. t:'a r" I7 fi:' 1?.. E?}? y iid r I C:I :4. 't:, :i. ?iis ::# I'" C. !" 3 l.t iYY i::a E:: Y w i::a ?{~ "a f a t a .a ~I t ?~ I"l tt? Y" E?a , tip' r?i t;' c1 { t l Y t :I. YI li:t {::: i;.:l. '/ :I. 't:.:i. icy f I a r" :i. t?a F'Y 'l:. ~ . t' L'a E ? 1'" E., .~ ,, .? ,... t? :::: (- .. ,., , .3 ~I ?t i'r at i'_ :i. r?Y v La :I. k.' e?? c?W t~? L:a (:~ N:? I'?