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November 4, 2016
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March 17, 2003
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October 29, 1990
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DATE: REPLY TO ATTN OF: SUBJECT: TO: Approved For Release RETIA-RDP96-00789R000800110002-0 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT 29 OCT 90 DT-S SUN STREAK Report 90104 - G (U) DT-5 DT memorandum 1. (S/NF/SK) Three remote viewing sessions were conducted on 26 and 29 October 1990 in an effort to describe the imminent use, if any, of Iraqi "fuel-air-explosives" against US and coalition forces in Saudi Arabia. If affirmative, additional efforts should be pursued to determine the current location of the "fuel- air" explosives and to determine their target objectives. 2. (S/NF/SK) Remote Viewer 025 indicated there would be no immediate use made of fuel-air explosives. Viewer 025 was unable to determine the current location of the fuel-air explosives. The results of 025's effort are at TAB A. 3. (S/NF/SK) Remote Viewer 052 projected the possible use of fuel-air explosives against US and coalition forces in Saudi Arabia for 8 November 1990. Viewer 052 indicated three locations in Iraq, where such explosives are currently located. The sites were located at geographical coordinates 31?55'N/44?50'E, 33?15'N/43?10'E; and 30?10'N/46?50'E. See strip map at TAB B. The two principal target objectives in Saudi Arabia were Pudic Via .7v1FT C'annels Op17 Approved For Release 2003/05/15., CLASSIFIED BY: DIA, DT DECLASSIFY BY: OADR OPTIONAL FORM NO. 10 (REV. 1-80) Li-00789R0008001100020tuzRon CFR) 101-11.8 frevr Pv.SASABLE TO 701kBIGN VATIONATS tr- GPO : 1904 0- 461-275 (272) Approved For Release21BEED P96-00789R000800110002-0 1 identified as being located at geographical coordinates 26020'N/439020'E and at 24?50'N/47?05'E. See copy of strip map at TAB C. A representational sketch of the fuel-air explosive is at TAB D. Because 052 perceived the occurrence of a meeting apparently related to the fuel-air explosives, a second session was conducted on 29 October in an effort to obtain data related to specific plans and intentions. 052 was unable to identify and describe pertinent indicators. The results of 052's two sessions are at TAB E. 4. (S/NF/SK) OPS COMMENTS: Remote Viewer 052 appears to be on target; however, 052's projection of the occurrence in future time, specifically 8 November 1990, is highly doubtful. Data related to the current location of the fuel-air explosives has more plausibility by virtue of the fact that it does not address an issue in future time. 5 ENCLS TAB A THRU TAB E SKETCHES AND MAPS Branch Chief SG1J Approved For Release 2Ittlarr -RDP96-00789R000800110002-0 Approved For Release 2003/05/15 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000800110002-0 SECRET/NOFORN PROJECT SUN STREAK WARNING NOTICE: INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED PROJECT NUMBER: 90104-G SESSION NUMBER: 01 DATE OF SESSION: 29 OCT 90 DATE OF REPORT: 29 OCT 90 START: 1400 END: 1430 METHODOLOGY: ERV VIEWER IDENTIFIER: 025 1. (S/NF/SK) MISSION: Describe the imminent use, if any, of Iraqi "fuel-air explosives" against US and coalition forces in Saudi Arabia. If affirmative, determine the current locations of the "fuel-air explosives." If their use is imminent, determine and describe target objectives. 2. (S/NF/SK) VIEWER TASKING: Same as above. 3. (S/NF/SK) COMMENTS: No inclemencies noted. A Summary of Information is attached to this report. 4. (S/NF/SK) EVALUATION: 5. (S/NF/SK) SEARCH EVALUATION: m: 079 HANDLE VIA SKEET CHANNELS ONLY SECRET/NOFORN CLASSIFIED BY: DIA (DT) DECLASSIFY: OADR Approve c-( ase 2003/05/16 : CIA-RDP96-00789R00080`0110002-0 - Approved For Release 2003/05/15 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000800110002-0 'MMARV. OF INFORMATION -X.racJi +uei -air exploslve wili mut be u:.;ef:-; Agaimf ill Saudi Arab..i.a. There will be peee +or now. Approved For Release 2003/05/15 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000800110002-0 Approved For Release 2003/05/15 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000800110002-0 sECRET/1\11:::. OCT 90 PRuJEC1:: 90104-G. ENCRYPTED COORDINATES 98425B/54908S. BACKGROUND Requastor is DTA (DT). MM:NTFAL ELEMENTS OF INFORMATION a. Describe the imminent use, if any, o+ Iraqi "Tuel-air ::,::xplosives" against US and coalition -forces in Saudi Arabia. b. IT a-f-firmative, determine the current Inc,M:.ion oT the "Tuel-air explosives." c. IT their use is imminent, determine and describe target objectives. Approved For Release 2003/05/15 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000800110002-0 (0101 1650291 ML J5 Zan)an (goverAnale) 579,000 12 `laid (govern, ate) 356,218 . ,0(0 flasi361 A73 J7 1 41 ,111 1811yr, UN Li Nalan14 370 114 5.1eana( asiallueta11 18 111( JO beandb 01011013.295 J2 10W1.119 000 12 Khonlan 1 054 12 111050115 114 Ja Saveh 17.555 93 bream 7 000 078501110 19 874 55 (Jach Saran 65 ))h0I0V0(1., 414 ,030 04 Neyshabur 59 101 L2 Samnal 31 058 43 Zeman (lawn) 99 967 Approved For Release 2003/05/15 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000800110002CPYRGH 38?A 40 TuhWYM if dir 16 TrIT ?U 001uhagS rrn . o NakhIchevan MMus WEST OahuiOa Jolla ?pato Murat ?41e0Batrnan fV fr a s"" m,a? o an?ehior m at ardiao N-eo.aybin cur De Oa. ? e? Tel KNOW( .1 el41--;V35. pt Ask) Mosul Sinig Siirt ? Dzherall ,l BAKU Alyat-PrIstan. ? Saryany 52? 56? we` Oldobad ne EAST Ahar Suf1an alkhriztou ^ T'A BRT?Z eV " tik lOtumiyeh?2,Dahkhv,areq(a)h'Stg-Vrt 1.3377V A." u""*" )Mlane. ?Ardabll ..4shrevlyell% thy ADCOPulr "at Lenkorarf "'RCASPIAN andar.e AnzaIi (Enzein Kbornan Ile A oneMrS::::er Gonbade Now Shahr Aro! Bab BISIC:Bnianrti:57:11:10:.- ? Babol ? m A ,z AND L oparnober Fignid ?.. ? 51301 M Karaio T61810h? ,? ? Ma. Deh R.41"1?Ri"'" ?r.bemnax:ot Kirgiqswolmait'4, 00015 Shahpur .6.5anandal ? Chrrarnan (8)n8010 41565,, Qom (Sum) So I P is A :c ;61 krirla;: ulw ? ,....! ... 0. !far al Hab e -s. .....?--11---rarkri,i,_ i' e ,..r?-? 1,.. ArR,,Rz.,,,,h.,:,;:. ,1 z ? -, ...." e- \ Shithath ,.? In 04e../ hfrf ear V-1" K .1.1. Ik'n ,' -? %i,_1.,,,,,A"' .1,-, uhcor ---- 1. ...' 01. ....-* An / f AN NAr i..b.r, I " lish KERMANSHAHAN 'h'82721"? Eslarnabad P8 N.. a \ ' : A o Bornterd 011.m...t. , ,... lasht r ... a ....AIM ) Kuh Vaaj 180 1 (28 arj Khorramlba(zeg d13.2 0Ke ,43 ,1.h i , a m at4,.. 41 14,200 H. (4328 m. oMehran 55?,,....?. .,,,Lorestan a Abdaanaril ).. Cl Shalg -4/1-mire Y Y r &tray. ha a Samawa As Brannan 4.c'Thj Az Zubaep , MUTHANNA S A Orts Bus ..... ?Dezful Rele,. hush Shu hta Mauled Soleytnan .h ,o D'6t.e Azadegan Haft Ge 201 Veys ? "lre ReinhO'rmo. ; .11,040 fl, (3365 m./ 60,06Ka,han Delijan 0 Khvor o ander' ord KA ...... ? i,,o bd 0 .a.a 1144294 m.) 0 _,,')1.,,k _ . Kuhpayeh . . 1,494021,ft . Shahr Kord aYatttl B a k hti\ari atrang' z eh \ r e Shahreza i L Gevehuni a Kura Kukala-r1 74,101 ft. (4298 In.) 1 Y. Krst ? Nautral KUWAIT Al Kuwai HUZESTANa shuaeg., arla-PaeshurAg gaoane a. a ri TIIS01 0 ? 0 ada, fit6.oen?, ft!/1.4 Zak 423:',X;ci,'?Cr9^ -epeylem Ba (0AI 11.43219m4.) u iyan I. 00025.5. N? F 0 Kazerun an Farrastib ncl '4ZSINdieke t' aI Ahmed! - 090 ,3040 Abdtie omiog. I Cul. Bul 73,00411. (3965 03 ODeh Bid azd 4O75 nJ 81 -mg1,11..aogBr aef0q (7;f144" K 3 e.7Turan 71,391 adhe.h. oR" oz.." BUSHEHR Jub06 0 Iran and Iraq CONIC PROJECTION SCALE OF MILES 25 50 100 150 SCALE OF KILOMETERS 0 20 ao too tso 200 Capitals of Countries Capitals of Provinces Capitals of Governorates__ ........ (:) International Boundaries.?....? Provincial Boundaries------- Governorate Boundaries Scale 1:8,160,000 Abu 5a6r19a0 411 .' Lan, Strait of 13.81861111"'" Pdar-e R"1 Khan Karl 'c'enabits of fifteen provinces PkqaIq called ostans. Attached to seven of these provinces are eight governorates. Approved For Release 20