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November 4, 2016
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November 12, 2002
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May 23, 1990
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ati Approved '~d~ c 8000900160006-0 UNITE'b STATES GOVERNMENT DATE: 23 May 90 REPLY TO ATTNOF: DT-S SUBJECT: SUN STREAK Report - 9028 (U) TO: DCSINT-PO 1. (S/STD/NF) On 21 April 1990, three remote viewers conducted sessions against the suspected drug smuggling vessel known as SG1A departed Barranquilla, Colombia, o /a May 1990 en-route for the Netherlands Antilles (Located directly north of Venezuela). The suspected load of contraband in the form of illegal drugs, is believed to be destined for the US. 2. (S/STD/NF) Viewer 095 reported that the vessel is currently jh of Aruba -at 14UH4Z21i Loving slowly on a 338 egrees. The vesSe is carrying 8-10 kilograms of he cocaine is wrapped in several layers of waterproof material in a "metal bubble" welded in place on the port-side of the vessel, near the bow, several feet below the waterline. The contraband will be off-loaded/transferred in approximately 8.days (29 May) between 2100-2400L at night at a location west of Haiti at 450 The destination of the contraband in the US is th of- Floz . The name "keye-yah", "kiya" phonetically _'- urfaced in connection with the vessel. lest irec on a about es of c Island. The vessel as smell and a quantity of !my crustaceans aboard. The people aboard the vessel feel safe and secure. The vessel is not at risk now. It recently carried contraband in the3.cs. It successfully unloaded the material and mo --an. search indicated that the contrabancr was recently off-loaded; it is projected f the vicinity of 2530N/8030W at the Florida coas City. 4. (S/STD/NF) Viewer 018 reported that the current location of the target vessel as of 1330 hrs on 21 May 90 is There are no illegal drugs presently aboard ship."---e gds just delivered were a white, acrid-tasting powder and were wrapped in plastic packages, which were approximately 2 inches by 10 inches CLASSIFIED BY: HQDA DECLASSIFY BY: OADR OPTIONAL FORM NO. 10 Approved F ~f - 0009001600 mR)(