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November 4, 2016
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June 17, 2003
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July 5, 1990
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Approve _?~,, ho4i :RIP 7898000900190032-8 UNITE'b STATES GOVERNMENT REPLY TO ATTH OF: 5 Jul 199c) DT-S SUN STREAK REPORT ..... 9044 (U) TO: ODC.;S.iN r, I)AIil--.PD (superstructure), with 'a green bottom. " "There is something round, br?i.ght, and glowing on th:i.s vessel." Items moving downward an a device resembling a conveyor belt appeared to be the c::lorn:i.nant activity aboard ship? 3. (S/STD/NC"') Remote Viewer 01 perceived a series of activities related substantially to the target vessel p On I July 1990, there was a daytime transfer of illegal drugs to a medium- sized vessel phonetically known as "Oro Negro/Negri ta.. " The transfer took place at the geographical. :Location provided by the customer. On 2 July 1990, a slow-moving, "hand-to-hand" transfer of illegal drugs to a slow, large flat vessel, toot:: place. The phonetic expressions of "Dindar?/l3enny Dar" surfaced during the course of an effort to identify the second vessel of interest, During the afternoon of 4 July 1990, a small, yellow/green fishing vessel phonetically identified as the "Burc,lc:n/Burc u-dy/Jargon/Jor?i::o/Bor?do" acted as a go-between with the target vessel bearing the call sign Jana a third vessel found in the off..-'loading area. The vessel exng on-loaded stayed in the area for about four hours after completion of the on- memorana um I. (S/STD/NF) On 3 July 1990, two remote viewing sessions were conducted to describe the target vessel bearing call sign, Jhe nature of the target vessel 's interaction with other- SG1A vesse+in the transport of contraband in the form of illegal drugs, was also of interest. A determination of the possible involvement of a second vessel previously identified as (Project 9038) was also of interest to the requestor?. 2n (S/STD/NF) Remote V ewer? 052 described the target vessel HANIM..E VIA SKEET CHANNELS ONLY STIPPLED INFORMATION SG1A CLASSIFIED BY^ ODCSINT, DAMI-PO DECLASSIFY BY: OADR Appro SECTZ C' r,, 1 TJRqF Ygm t I r OPTIONAL FORM NO. 10 (REV. 1-80) R0009001 900 MR(41cn )1o1-11.4 5010-114 ApprovedQrtLA 20E 4A--1 -007838?00900190032-8 SG1A loading. During the period of 6 and 7 July 1990, a vessel bearing the call sign "Raba Largo" was perceived at the target site and on-loading illegal dru s vi. a small fast vessels from the vessel. bearing the call sign II The vessel "Rabo Largo" also uses a call sign that starts with the letter "M. " Remote Viewer 018 perceived the intercept and seizure of vessel (s) at the transfer point on 7 July 1990. 4. (/STD/NF) COMMENTS? Viewer 018 recently reported the apparent experimental use of the equivalent of a "psychic shield'' to avoid detection. Viewer 018 was instructed not to discuss this finding with anyone. Note that. 018 is 052's trainer; inadvertent disclosure could have influenced 02's detection of the bright light around the target vessel. All future activity will be closely monitored to confirm or disprove the use of a so called energetic shield. SG1J Approved For Release 2003/07/14 ? I~C-,~DP,~6-O~b7,0900190032-8 (~'!/ SECREVs