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November 4, 2016
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August 31, 2000
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April 20, 1990
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Approved For Releasgl PIVP a-fQp~#f00789R000900250006-0 UNITEb STATES GOVERNMENT memorandum DATE: 20 APR 90 REPLY TO ATTNOF: DT-S SUBJECT: DAMI-PO TO: SUN STREAK Project 9019 (U) 1. (S/STD/NF) Four collection efforts were conducted to determine the current location of a target vessel identified as SG1A the ' to determine the nature of the contra an a oar s p, if any, and to determine the destination of the contraband. 2. (S/STD/NF) Source 003 identified the target vessel's current location as an area in the Windward Island at geographical coordinates 20 30' N / 73 40' W. The contraband in the form of drugs was transported in the form of "oblong blocks" wrapped in dark brown/grey paper. The contraband appeared stored forward of amidships, above the deck line, in the superstructure, area. 003 had the impression the vessel was a container ship. On 24 April 1990 an off-loading/transfer of the contraband appears likely; however, 003 perceived the current location as also serving as the off-loading location. 3. (S/STD/NF) Source 079 perceived the current location of the vessel as 21 N / 80 W, an area adjoining the Camayan Islands. The target vessel is projected to sail in a westerly direction, around the Florida Keys, and will sail north along the Atlantic Ocean. The drugs were ultimately destined for Augusta, Georgia. "The off-loading" should occur within several weeks." The names "Flora" and "Charles/Charley" phonetically surfaced as call signs related to this target. 4. (S/STD) Source 095 identified the target vessel's current location_as 21 30' NI 82 25', an area located south of Cuba and CLASSIFIED BY: HQDA ~A~ryrr?,G~ DECLASSIFY BY: OADR STIPPLED/NOFORN SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED OPTIONAL FORM NO. 10 (REV. I-SO) Approved For Release 2001/03/07: CIA-RDP96-00789R000900 tlfi(` )'O'-"'` Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000900250006-0 /STIPPLED/NOFORN north of the Cayman Islands. 095 indicated the vessel was not carrying contraband. 5. (S/STD) Source 025 perceived the vessel as being in the vicinity of Belize at geographical coordinates 17 N / 86 W. The contraband appeared to be "a cocaine-related substance stored ion cold metal containers." The drugs "will be unloaded or transferred to another ship, phonetically associated with the letters/expression, "Cou", at geographical coordinates 26N / 59W, north of the Virgin Islands. 6. (S/STD) A copy of map indicating current locations of the target ship as perceived by the sources, is attached for your info. SG1J 1 ENCLOSURE Map Branch Chief STIPPLED/NOFORN Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00789R000900250006-0