FEEDBACK ON 9009-4 (JT5-007)

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November 4, 2016
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June 17, 2003
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May 8, 1990
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Approved For Release 2003/07/14: CIA-RDP96-00789R000900410042-2 Feedback on 9009-4 (JT5-007) l j1 u. V V i J V V --- -.2 u v v -Entire shipment (9009-3) came through I I from a SG1A small mountainous town where growth and processing was handled by a very thin elderly man. The shipment went through the base station on its way to a good looking, well dressed woman in a large port city to the SW. Possibly SG1A SG1A -The is involved in drug shipments. -the drug handling activities of the station are not controlled SG1A by the directly, but the government keeps track of all the drug activities in and makes money from SG1A them at every stage of the operation, well as placing certain loose controls over every stage of the operation (growth, processing,transport, sale, etc.). 079: 081400 May 90 20% -Question 1. Yes, during the third and fourth week of April. -The base station has been involved in the past. -No, this station is used by radicals or subversives. 095: 081245 May 90 15% -No, it is not involved in this operation. -No, it is not involved in narcotics shipments. SG1A No, it is not a controlled station. The station is foreign overnmen controlled/sponsored. The SG1A activities of the base station are aginst the I- j SG1A SG1A The tation itself appears to involve a all number o men and an intricate moveable radio (impression that the base station is not stationary and that movement is often on foot). Approved For Release 2003/07/14: CIA-RDP96-00789R000900410042-2 fiPf~-/STD Approved For Release 2003/07/14: I - D 6-00789R000900410042-2 r1t::r:t:13 f;E"CfiJ:I:X:) UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT memorandum DATE: REPLY TO ATTN OF1 SUBJECT: {:aLB\l 1i3 "f"1::~{:;::~ll:: I:c;; ~?tar,..l. ;t,?0 ci 11 TO: .. X:; r (a l\l t" I...I (::i X:) ..L .,?. t:y .. 025, t"} 2 ) fs 'f's'I"T.:)'/I IF" (?11::?r? a.. :L':irigfi, t:.wc:) r?-?t::??IYrt::0.-.e vi. ewe:?r's (:14: C:ia1"1t:aiAi:::'t:.iS??i:a ii!. 't i::?'L?.