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November 4, 2016
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November 12, 2002
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March 22, 1990
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Approved For Release 2003/09/11: CIA-RDP96-00789R000900440005-0 iI /NOFORN A vessel associated with the call sign 1 -1 9007-II 900322 S: 01 V: 079 is a SG1A medium sized cruise ship. The name of the vessel phonetically surfaced as the "Visby." This vessel is currently located at geographical coordinates 46 Degrees North and 138 Degrees West. See ENCLOSURE 1. The "Visby" is carrying a rather large load of hashish which can be found in "a sectional compartment" with luggage. The "Visby" will sail in a southerly direction and off load the drugs at Seaside, California. See ENCLOSURE 2. The ultimate destination of the drugs is Salinas, California. See ENCLOSURE 2. A man associated with the call sign can be SG1A described as a middle aged man with silver hair. He wears blue jeans and a black and white pin stripped shirt. He will give the call sign out to two younger individuals; one whom will be a female. The names of individuals associated with the call sign phonetically surfaced as "Collier/Callier" and "Shaw" and "Freedman/Freeman." HANDLE VIA STIPPLE CHANNELS ONLY Reviewed by NIMA/Dod =OMOPMWNOFORN CLASSIFIED BY: HQDA (DAMI-PO) DECLASSIFY ON: OADR Approved For Release 2003/09/11: CIA-RDP96-00789R000900440005-0 CsoNds of c4u n us .........? .............?...O. P Otlw capkmo ................................ ? k"r"Nonal BounduNs ...?..?...._.._ ONwrRoundadss ....................... -.- CPYRG1 rr ? Ap d r e as& BIyE. 3/09/11 I DP9 ?Anm.wi - 'Q789F Db FYI^??~ "?" ~SN..r w pP C? w ixt H edlwd KUN~ ix . ~ l l I PllttbmH I 1 ~ml H^""' 6 P ?? w .. ` J sly J~ f Cs s Ku mmth Falls R nwn G, '~rOrv . . < ,, [ i` ~ Hv bir o 4 J .. a 'Pr Y Mu~an. , _~ . Mow takePE~" Wdal OQ 9dh.?. m 4 ~~ G r (1 PacHk p /1 o5a 8nRlowUH ~ llnwn Ciry ?'s ?a 'pa1,t IHI~$ ~ p $IR AN!"i??~-t`' ,. _ una ya t? VV0l O'r~o ho Q i O.OOF E QNT t,E.M` oriaur y 1 * - ' Cl.rr Ergfe Ra .a Ia. INNn.frAe ?? ^a M'?^^ I^ ? gMrr ?e j aY1 n ,,y ?? (,~ ,~ Poo 7 s r (7354 m.1 r