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November 4, 2016
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December 7, 1998
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Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-007898001001900003-8 Summary of Information E.E.I.(a): Target personality "A" is involved. )ie acts as a "go between"; a middle man as it were. He is tall, wears glasses and has dirty bland, curly hair that is tghin. He has a asses appearance. He is being handed somethin He, in turn, p this package on to somebody else. The package contains some sort of scheduling data. The pages contain lotsiof numbers. They depict locations and official schedules. These are reminiscent of patrol or maneuver schedules used by the police or the military. There are also sheets which are reminiscent of''topographic maps. One "map" in particular has been highlighted and marked differently. It depicts a location were three valleys converge, farming a single, flowing water course (see diagram). This location is very important. The contours of the terrain seem to be of particular importance to those involved. This individual is not trusted but is regularly used for such matters. He is in it only far the bucks/oppo'rtunities. He is a fast talker, a salesman and mercenary. Watches and/or clocks are significant to this man. He travels alot thriough small, coastal towns. He is slick; he "would try to sell a b~.ble to the Pope' is the perception he gives others. He "gets'..-off" on being the middleman. He has a peculiar drink that he drinks when he meets contacts. This drink is not typical to what is generally ordered in the setting where these meetings take place. The individual from whom TARGET A receives the package has dark hair and brown skin. He has on a green uniform with a red outline or patches. I strongly get the feeling that he is associated with the concept of "military police" in some way. E.E.I.(b): TARGET B, I perceived, is a control name far this tasking. He has dark hair and is of a moderate built. He has been suspected in the past but is currently "clean" . He has purposefully laid low for some time. His role in the past has been to finance or help find $ for operations. E.E.I.(C): TARGET C is central to this operation and, is very high up. He spends a lot of time on a large boat remin}scent of a personal yacht (see diagram). He plays the image of bung disinterested but is a major player. He is shadowing or survei]~ling this operation. He is slowly heading south to the location of the objective. **(Viewer's note: at this point in time, my throat really tightened up and it was impossible to swallow. This physical sensation has been indicative, in the past, of the target being Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-007898001001900003-8 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-007898001001900003-8 (2) very associated with illegal drugs, particularly hard drugs.)** This individual plays for keeps. He gives no second chances. Many within the operation /network wander 'show other players tolerate this guy. He is arrogant, mean end talks down to everybody. A certain latin faction has considered killing him. However, those involved who may have a problem Stith his personality do not have one with the way/method he runs his'. operations. He is a stickler far precision in these things. TARGET C has something to da with schedules. I have the perception that he gets the stuff that TARGET A receives as the go- between. There is something odd and very unsettling about these guys. I have the overwhelming feeling that they were directly or indirectly "ex" intelligence types. TARGET C fancies himself to be a super spook or super counter spook. Somehow,, at sometime, there is the concept of intelligence associated with their past. This is an octopus of a network. The levels at which payoffs occur are numerous. At all levels. The term "harbor officials" was singularly identified in the session. TARGET C is involved with numerous acquaintances from a former time/life. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-007898001001900003-8 Approved F~r Rya.~4000~38Y~U8~-~~F/~r-R[~F~'"96=0U7~9~t~001001900003-8 Co~~u ' . rj l ~.! G c.. F W lk~J'F 2- C~ u. k 5 ~ ON M~f' /~ ~ ~ F~ ~/1-esN~Unlc~ "~(LG F i " e.~' o~E2r~ i~'S Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-007898001001900003-8 0