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November 4, 2016
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May 3, 2000
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July 24, 1990
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?Approved For Release 2000/08/08 CIA-RDP96-00789R001100460002-8 Feedback on JT4-077-90 (24 July 90) OOB: (240953 JUL 90): Two ships which were in port in- as of 23 JUL 90 were detected as being involved in drug activities. They are: 1. A ship from San Juan, PR (no name obtained) which left this morning (24 JUL 90) and was in route through the canal at the time of session. This ship is carrying a fair-sized quantity of dark brown, gooey "paste", and is headed for southern California, somewhere in the region near San Louis Obispo. 2. A ship from San Pedro, CA which will be leaving this afternoon (24 JUL 90) and proceeding into the canal. The name of this ship (name approximated from indistinct sounds) is "Calabash" / "Cala " / "Caliente ". It is carrying a small to medium quantity of cocaine. There are no specific port facilities which are regularly involved in drug smuggling activities, but there is one person, in charge of some kind of weight/load capacity checking who is "on the take" and who regularly looks the other way when he discovers drugs aboard ships. His job is such that he finds these drugs (or is acutely aware of indicators to them) quite often, and the smugglers know that he can be dependably bought off, so they prefer to have him work their ship. OOD: 241515L JULY 90 On 23 July 90, there were two vessels in that were carrying drugs. They are both still there today, but one is preparing to get underway now. They are both aware of each other, but it is unclear if they are working together. The people at the port facility seem to be aware of the drug operation. One of the vessels has a large, dark red hull and a white superstructure. The superstructure has two levels. One level is tall and rectangular and the other is a shorter, square shape next to the rectangular one (see sketch page 12A). This vessel is currently loading wooden containers and is still in port. Possible names could be "Dominique" or Rominique". The other vessel has a black hull and a yellow superstructure. There is a yellow, rectangular shape that could be one smokestack. This shape has two small, narrow, light blue lines around the top of it (see sketch page 17A). This vessel is not as large as the other one. It also has a hidden comartment inside of it. It looks like a black grate that hangs from the ceiling on the inside. Two people are currently carrying a black box or container. The vessel is preparing to get underway OOF: (24-25 JUL 90) There are/were 9 vessels within a portion of- within the vicinity of a series of docks or wharves (see diagram). Two vessels (labeled #1 and #2) are involved with contraband drugs. Vessel #1 has a rusty or faded red hull and white super structure with large rusted areas where the paint is peeling. It has one large mast- SG1A SG1A SG1A SG1A Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001100460002-8 .Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001100460002-8 like object and two smaller angular objects on deck. This vessel has a central hold area where frozen fish or meat is stored during shipment. In between the solid layers/blocks of fish/meat and ice are layers of small packages wrapped in what resembles white freezer wrapper paper. The words ANTIQUA and MARYSPORT are associated with this vessel. It's destination is the west coast of Mexico. Vessel #2 has a dark blue or black hull with a white super structure which sits far forward. There are one or two masts present on deck. There is a hold area within the center of the ship where barrel-like containers are lying on their sides. It is an area of the ship that is dark, rusty and has an oily smell. Forward of these containers is a dimly lit section where boxes are stored. These boxes are hiding an area further forward which contains smaller, flatter boxes. These boxes are holding small, gourd-shaped bottles of greenish glass lying on their sides in an alternating pattern and surrounded by heavy padding (see diagram). The liquid conatined is highly volitile and yellowish in color. It has a dry "feel" reminiscent of acetone or solvent. This liquid is used in the manufacturing of some type of illlegal drug or substance (either a "designer" drug or steroid). It needs to be handled very carefully. There has been at least one death associated with the transport of this substance. The name DICK CARTER or CARSON or CARLSON is associated with the substance/operations. This ship's destination is Los Angeles. The substance is bound for a clandestine laboratory located elsewhere. OOG: (241130L JUL 90): The ships in port are red, black and blue in color. A white vessel is in the poorest condition. Fishing vessels and work related crews are among the group. The little red one is for the purpose of fishing at sea. This one is the first to leave port. None of these vessels are currently carrying drugs. A large blue vessel which can be reach a hyper speed is associated with drugs and will leave this port zone on Thursday at 10:30. This vessel is not as huge as the black one. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001100460002-8