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November 4, 2016
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January 9, 2003
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May 10, 1989
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Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001401930001- SECRET/NOFORN PROjECT SUN. STREAK WARNING NOT ICL IN1EA1 .IGF1 F: AND METHOL_ 1F :):J:(::] NUMBER: 5265 SESSION NUMBER: 01 DATE OF SESSION: 9 MAY 89 DATE OF REPORT: 10 MAY 89 S T R "I" 0 9 4 4 END: 1052 METHODOLOGY: SOLO .VIEWER IDENTIFIER: 018.. 1. (SINF/SK) MISSION: Conduct search and identify :target site via event and personalitieS. 2. (S/NF/SK) .VIEWER TASKING: Viewer 018 tasked with requiremehts obttihed in Para 1, above. ConduCt Sear::ch using a .map of South America. COMMENTS: No inclemencies noted. A 9,,Ammav'y Information is..attached to this report. 4. ((:;/NF/SK) EVALU(TION: 5. (S/NF/SK) SEARCH: (1) Direct dowsing with an impleMent (pencil). HANDLE cyle SKEET CHANNEL ONLY SECRET/NOFORN CLASSIFIED BY: (.DT) DECLASSIFY: OADR Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001401930001-3 Approved For Release 2003/04/18: CIA-RDP96-00789R001401930001-3 SECRET WORKING PAPER Project: MOM Date: 890509 Viewer: 018 Session: 01 SUMMARY OF INFORMATION: 1. (S/NF/SK) The general target area is a city or town surrounded by lush vegetation, and high, bare mountains in the near background. The target person is a caucasian male of medium height and build and slick, black hair. He speaks good, grammatically correct Spanish (as opposed to "street" Spanish). He dresses well and has the appearance of importance. His principal location appeared to be in an office setting, but when he works, he goes out to meet people, rather than them coming to him. 4. (S/NF/SK) Dowsing was first performed on a full-color map of South America, in the World Atlas. Absolutely no impressions were gained from this map. An attempt at absolutely pure dowsing was then tried, using the back (blank side) of an 8 1/2.X 11 xeroxed map of South America (included as page 6A). Closing my eyes, I spun the paper 50 I would not know which side was north, and, with eyes still closed, began to run my pencil lightly over the blank page, feeling for impressions. Wherever an impression was felt, I made a darker mark with the pencil (see darker markings, page 6A). I then took a break. This same procedure was repeated 4 times, with breaks in between the dowsings, being careful to never look at the markings previously made. At the end of the session, I found that 4 of the marks had intersected at one point on the page. A hole was pressed into the paper at that point. On the other side of the map, the hole was located near Santiago, Chile. HANDLE VIA SKEET CHANNELS ONLY SECRET 71/ /Q4/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001401930001-3 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001401930001-3 --Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001401930001-3 CPYRGHT UMW ?Mar Na. \WINN. nom Okuta,.sl, v vartsanga. Ara.; "*IM2 tve,s..; joegoti "7::;b7,t19.1.31-tleviiV-OLOMB KI. ??- ???"?? ?Florencia ..Pasto. es .15 E u A sei ?":t? afP Mod.":4 la C. Covis.s San Fern3nd0. nII of Spam 1r114; CIA-RDP96-00789R001401930001-3 I 4 ? Tiara Ci ad 8 Ciudad Gua,. trWo oar; FRENCH GUIANA '- ?2?1')". A TL A PLOIWut 0. ? ? IOW Abaeletuba I. d e fdarajo 0 CE A Pin ERtIalor 5. Morns., to Ltd Ba c ate Caxiaa. NWeralria ocantinenatis Riber it GL-alari.R'll. Born F006to ad'... Puerto ? aldoriado atu'Orosso T,t.11 .11.49 ft. 0550 a. I *"148 OLI VIA 0E01 \ I. Cruz %Moro .Val and< r !AA. tom. C ? Soda,' Tic Ar arlakm $0kaa pun.* Mossor0. GI. J. C"'?? ? g euru. 4?Iatal P.os .1.,e?ro.s ?? ?., Scn,sa .Ca.coit P.'" 0741.13 de St : ? P re rio ::: : :: ,... 0 if 0 ?C'""G r o s cu... Go: 1, u? .7a, e,... .,.... cie o? e srn 1:: ..., .. ' ' ? a ' i cil: .../1 b7:?:141: vu liz4.1... 1 ...r... ?2'6'444.'311k Jantdria ?? ,s# ,oue.x,,,?Sr. tlo 6?,?;r,n; lisc.16 ( .... .0.o....f.ii, osrsiiiis Cele I . 'Amapa! is 1 . ? C/arus. ,i, Jatal. ItienbA,rara..:r. R.grp...0.s.:Alb :a 11.1,31"""'' : :71: :Of:M. 74 : Itie."'Un" r'ornbE Ubelnd''''..b.? do Min't 0 *Mg. C'" s..Sele I. ,"? Crov.: 017 .1::Vrret: prr_acso,icaS.,,s. .Carnpi 3 _:''''''''irj"?:'44;::1''''''''. II . M.". ? , Yoda Redo' Ste 11,.., .neijio F.......?,,, ? ... de CAW. kit * ow,. PARAGUAY L... , Santee Saa &Nati* ' .444, pon. c..... * ? Pell. Curiliba? dolts Purto 1101t] 03l a Tuck.. MINH. : .1uNa Co VONA.* .? 22.037 412.072 II. 1000080 ,,duei Seta* lageo .1 5341150 4.0 0% 'Catamarca .33 Mar C14.41. t. de, Ei 'ORalatia C6N1Ha. San Francisco. V.11a Maria. Boll V.11. *Rio Cowl? MINN 1. pa, Buenos 6 00 7:coy. Pelum80. ? santa 0150914. Q. T,,5 0l,01001 1.01001 100 444 coi6 CHILE ' La cog Campo Rela Y.Ma Pm. PI TIN Lagoa. 64'. 7503500' ken. Got. Sod Marla MANN Pmso Fun*. Cow Alta. Parenagng 000. 166saCaulail FV. er Sot VS .Sanla Maria .Alegrete fano Cachoeira* .N,Santana do Livrarnen Risen Salto ? P.1,1., 00 Pin Nes,. URUGUAY IOU. la PIA: Dolores. Am. ?Tandil Necoehm Pea .1.1 Etly .10,14 " del Plata Akt. or dm Paw Grande aildre A Risedmia Gage 500 Am< 0114. South America essnoOese?de AZIMUTHAL EOUALAREA PROJECTION MILES :e14&??c; ? Sw6Cna /MIAs Grow& *Neg. Sin* atoneeelk. Tlarradd TOP Foe Approved For 90' MALMO =ADS 5.0 (114 ? ? Capitals of Countries Other Capitals ? International Boundaries Canals 27,0neg0 ? Nammo. Min C IA- RE10 96410789R00140193t031-400. IWRTCP0SU.I.,R.itSL el***146 ? 70. C 60. Loasitok W?st 50' of Gessowkb 40' F 30' C 20' Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001401930001-3 /6;1/3 F-1 cf2,6 e 1/451/ 164)4)6-?Y A ita4 c d.-79 c)c,14- L- A )36-2os 41. o 4 "7- LA-Ai 0 iftd\-- a-24 K (Pt et A cr"4/ Approved For For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001401930001-3 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001401930001-3 e0 tt- /Ur-4'j L-4-7- 11-6.A_I S /1_ 4.54-7,-Ja / V Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001401930001-3 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001401930001-3 (--es tri?J ih-4672. r, a co-iv-) ?Clc 7'3 32./ 19 /44 ?r-dicrt-ifo'S ?op kt4 C 7? e..-cr40 gfeii/7 -7 lc ivz-c.se1,-) er-7-7=-?'/ ( S e_./6 1-14