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November 4, 2016
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May 2, 2000
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December 22, 1986
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1-}/-1(?t G r Rdetimezo _0/ _OIXONVIRDP96-00789ROOST-1FAR-77 /30s? , DATE:, 1)C-- 6P6 SANCTUARY /334 SESSION : .pt TARGET: SOURCE: FINISI4 COORDINATE: L0'0661/4-60 s-ssr- FRONTLOADI Af6/4 rpagars Remetiec& Tb -T fr Om") GO 17 6..Q YoU Al gagi1/44 ruiete le. 11-C4ra R-15mCfriesre_r7, Ayarave 0,4 7-Ftfed--- IVAI0 livtryclaki ittroivb Bacrei -tertim 1:4 be43-re motritlf c-tose.r Ay)) diescri.tv)(9 t Con-eppyrts" att 1,4 * UEree gutcg 4Ciernehibi. lirkm-srjictfoLce, very Go orrn viva Rxt.. 8 Aim utas r7)-ter- reloycattern 6e/ova ThetrAti? la mare 0.111 14 Mr& Serce-le NOTES'. 0 'FRET beer 6r Mama ? du 7 0 Ala lencurn 07-ct+tat20 le.manees- Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001601240001-7 DRAFT : IN PING: poor: CORRECT OP S: Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001601240001-7 t?r 48066/ 560 5es- leour)'41 cter\acir/ marstue etrcki moverocri t 6rt,c5.Y, Attly /rbili;-11 oreituib hReoat "rielon4vIAR). ouTst6E, bescAkeE 7he arta, 15> op6iv ()pew tivovivr) kreely)co are41 .tr-c()Cari-f-rton fotql`., CiecA) ace' edescilLe. 001"-- 'Ilard Mairtelp Oticvitt9 Tetio6otor 711" iobever, 6P- ,/atoe oct/4 DV2 J'?",lereee- ChkCrc1 trArcr; ene GOrem 6149 cr-hvc,Ivrei plan woevriet4 pep/e1 m(rv-i-45., asd*celDtAw wt.-7)N mail gqvcire Sciar 341.' S..'9Vet.fr- 4 kSIfiN cre_A;--15) Alsor,c-taltnet CheA 4144 * A inctql#frg-ra,(.. 0'04 thareivient7 Than I-fard a:04 ii-c1r14' IM-Ctc.4 6 1701 11114r.- NoTher) Goariel k29 witi4e Wermel/ cart,19 keid ci?45? Nerheo {-e4etiT care PatAC'e_ cec.ar now- ovl c-frtichire. /iv /9- atrak, inourrnekeita-ei .quare, o/rede. ,r51)24c. Irtai4Potar, Sect, 27eureti 61-0-nyi (4.91-1/fi rtroilined'r, ApprovedrFor Relette 2000/08708 : CIA- P96-0' Approved For Release 2000/08/08: CIA-RDP96-00789R001601240001-7 2. ) The target was the rustic home of Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President of the- United States. Now restored, the structure lies within a tourist park near St. Louis, MO. A secondary target was the Gateway Arch, a tall curved arch signifying the gateway to the West. 3. ) Source began by describing a structure in a breezy, hilly area with a generally open feeling about it. This structure was correctly reported as being "square, sloping, monumental, fenced in by a "short (low)" fence, divided (room? or perhaps the effect of the stacked logs?, and associated with a Source further correctly described the purpose of this structure as being someplace to visit to, "look, to wander about," and to view "awards, medals and displays". In a trip back in time, Source correctly associated this structure with an important person Who, "wore a blue uniform and was associated with a terrible war (the US Civil War of 1860+). 4. ) After being returned to the current time period, Source was "moved" to the secondary target, the Gateway Arch, and correctly identified this site as being, "circular (the curved effect of the Arch or possibly the adjacent sports stadium), dedication, high, overwhelming, modern, two halves exactly like making the whole, a mirrored image (which very accurately describes the actual symmetry of the Arch). Some unrelated descriptives concerning the Arch were insignificant and had little affect on actual target recognition. 5. ) Based on the very concise descriptives given by Source there can be no doubt that she was able to successfully acquire the proper sites and accurately describe the major components of the targets in such a manner that an analyst (or the Interviewer) would have no difficulty in correlating these perceptions to the actual target. SG1J EVALUATION:: 6 G8-1';', DAC Interviewer Approved For Release 2000/08/08: CIA-RDP96-00789R001601240001-7 , Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001601240001-7 lEsice-t6 DLe_ .?(emet-tijp 711?' ra-urde ?It 5'1,arti 640'1 'ins. Min ed , bwts-teityl, bed/ i)tvi,Sweioet, Pur pace- G3 Ixa eirve.frir. to-a. Wonele/ti )1;1416 Paust. More- urki4e, rxe fnic-441Art- 4" Norbe)(pei, (nederAr) colne)plce.?? --+ atrel p 1;141) (ectiLl ainati-AZ Thc_dettr kDarr-ri:444 :Of Coth., 6 ro ottAia rd toy) j) dre heti-) / ci I Is lalatilny oletSp(c a IS:, SI qAti(t, ezelitcAni;1f fnii VQL rcafthe,7h zie, Ntr Acettiv doy-L'F herr man7 Irrpotp-7611-; loar d fi,4446,c4yievql, 'tr ti i-t4A)- eth-te5 CZ 07r e 7j eARTY-tatel, *ertliq50/ Pcad_re, Mc-V" rkt -60043- arta, arrovy4 ?he., LS*L4Are, arve,+vt, Peo 0-(014, 6ci tia-err trim Cire_ar Gitaltios,-nevruulo P0.4 a gat-0 ItEk41 CO 16/ 76iir o-y\ cifuelvn_. 22.4e. 194 -60 Sgek I/O ear le) /e6 60 Aar* in411 ardie.5) dciplcee grovie?eri 654t74 .1.1/1 in I dila, CA:r ha fitothefr /Gehkauchf 22 kc f& ? De Lr-cf. to Pncto Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001601240001-7 1 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001601240001-7 Atm Sctevri-1 tri-earelv (DoJail-p prole:krill uoydert-745) -04 CIO& 2/Ct-ify2y, ?rhea IP) iel-eW`C111:11,1 411Y1,( tkilete fr41a2P atc