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July 8, 1988
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DATE: REPLY TO ATTN OF: SUBJECT: Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : UNITED M memorandum ? 8 JULY 1988 DT-S SUBjECTr SUN STREAK Report 0005 ? ORANCH CHIEF, DT -8 1. (S/NE/SK.) During the period of 2 February 1988 13 June 1988, five remote viewers conducted a total of 41 SRV sessions in an effort to address the requirements concerning an event. These requirements are enclosed at TAD A. 2. (S/NF/SK) 003 was tasked to first provide information on the leaders of state. and diplomatic activities of one of the groups associated with the event and second to describe the event. He reported as followsN The leaders meet in a large, ornate, solid structure that has elements both ancient and modern. It seems picturesque, like it could be a sight-seeing attraction if it weren't- being u5ed on a daily basis for more serious purposes. There is a sense of it being non-US. The leaders are part of a group which in general is cynical, ruthless, ambitious, machiavellian. There is a sense of religion permeating everything but top echelons are more "going through - the motions" than truly religious, exploiting religious fervor and net of those under them +or the power they can thereby control for their own machinations and political manipulations. For the. most part they believe they are doing? what's right. But that's because they don't think the thing's they do are wrong. Physically they are usually not fat, are dark complected, have somewhat wizened features with dark, almost pitiless eyes they are male, dour, harsh. Internal structure and loyalty base are stable, but leaders have a feeling that everyone external is out to get them.. Friends are made conditionally, always with the suspicion that they turn on them when interests dictate. Nations they trust most don't share contiguous borders. Except in rare cases, alliances are opportunistic and not expected to last. The U8 is viewed as an antagonist. There is a short, thin, pinch faced person with argumentative and strident voice who is speaking vehemently, arguing, and persuading. It's "like" he's trying to convince someone to do or see things his way.,. He has power over his own particular responsibilities, but can mainly only influence, not command, those among whom he is now. This person is a bit of a zealot, and is promoting some course of action that others see as rash or perilous or ill-advised. He's a good salesman, though, and some fear he may persuade undecided one to give his plans majority support. There is one overall key figure-who carries most weight but whom those present regard as somewhat "out of it" or arbitrary, who might be inclined to make controversial decisions because of a whim, but which would bind the.6,91W6a16, (REV. 1-80) GSA FPMR (41CFR) 101-11.5 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R0019007411001-0 * GPO : 1984 0 - 461-275 (272) Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001900740001-0 support of it. The zealous person is bemusedly accepted by this key figure because the zealous person is a "gung-ho" "hard- charger," whose goals and Weltanschauung are quite similar to the key figure's, though the latter iS marginally aware that the zealous person can get carried away and be preposterous in his demands. Still, the key figure is likely to listen to him because he likes what he says, often agrees in principle, and regards the others present as worry wart wafflers. The leaders are debating about a course of action involving violence and military involvement?directed against external target/targets of apparent national size. The zealous, argumentative "advisor" (above) is for the plan. The plan has a potential +or physical and diplomatic harm to their own interests, and therefore the cooler heads present consider that, though there is an acknowledged chance for success, the potential damage might outweigh any good that might come of it. Still, they're intrigued, if cautious. on a continuum, they're a little right of center, the zealot way towards the left end. (He senses the need to be extreme to balance out the others). There is somewhat an overall sense of paranoia. Indirect or devious action is the best course of action for operations. Political and personal issues are involved like some personal animosities are mixed in political adversarial relations, making the situation even more volatile, unreasonable, complex and difficult to resolve. Personal pride and a distorted sense of honor i5 involved in squabbles and this bleeds over into the present situation. To a considerable extent it involves turf and power struggles as well as image/face. The event involves an explosion. Something that was intentional, designed, planned and successful though only a qualified success "like" trying to get somebody specifically but wI:: wasn't there after all. A small group. of people wearing light olive or tan clothing are planning an activity that involves violence and an operation. it something they've planned and will go through with regardless. They are viewing the target location from a slightly higher elevation. There is a considerable distance between the launch point and impact but still within sight of each other. They launch/ fire something-- allowing +or travel time, distance, arcing/trajectory and impact. Impression of a smooth, cylindrical, tapered, swiftly moving object moving rapidly through the air. An airport is involved in the event. This occurs at a time of limited visibility. Visibility conditions are chosen because some light is necessary for mission accomplishment but low visibility aids in successful attack then escape. There is a solid connection with the intended goal. The sense of satisfaction is high because the target structure is regarded as highly protected and hence essentially safe. The structure which is hit is dark, neutral in color, with tall parts, frameworks and steps like a ship. the structure after the incident reveals billowing, dark smoke, licking flames, twisted structural components, debris and a very large, ragged gap in the roof. The people outside are. dismayed. and disoriented and others are moving towards damage control/recovery/rescue. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001900740001-0 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001900740001-0 3 (S/NF/SK) Viewer 911 was tasked first to describe the societies associated with the event and then to describe the event itself. He reported the following :1. ii4? fl?? 1 ciii the event involves a conflict between two societies. The first is a relatively peaceful, happy spiritually oriented people. They lead a simple but happy existence. They seem to be more closely associated with the target area than the other group. The people in the first society are very religious and spiritual. However, their concept of God is very much different from ours. They perceive God as the great mystery, a force that governs all things in the universe. They be that this force has awareness, a consciousness, something that could be described as the "life force." They seem to be very close to nature and believe that this conscious force can be found even in rocks, etc. There is a strong feeling of equality among the people. Each person deserves equal consideration because each one serves the important function of keeping the natural order of things in balance. Children are considered this first society's most important asset. Children do not belong to the family unit as much as they do to the community. It would be just as correct to address any adult male as "father" as it would be one's biological father and vice versa. These people seem to be aware of some impending danger. The second society is material oriented and interested in acquiring wealth and power. This second society is more technically advanced than the first society. The relationship be the two societies seems to be the age old story of conquering a relatively peaceful people by military force, 'F or" reasons of greed and grandeur. Excuses given Tor such actions are righteousness and destiny. The event involves a man made object/device which is metallic, silver, long and cjgar-shaped which flies very high and then moves in a downward arc to impact on the target location. A cutaway view of the object is shown in TAD D. The object has a very dense, heavy core which is surrounded by a metallic skin. the core is under tremendous constant, equal pressure. If the pressure is increased or becomes unbalanced. the matter in the core can become very unstable. The object originates from a long, metallic cylinder. It makes a roaring, rumbling, thunder-like sound. The target location is a very large, open area where there is sandy land and an interface with contained water (like a lake). There is a large dark blue black structure there as well as another at. that is a memorial or a monument. Associated with the event is the image of people cowering in houses with a terrible feeling of fear. Everything is illuminated by a crimson red Si. ight. Military uniforms associated with the event are khaki- brown with a brown leather belt. The people have an oriental look. The event itself is not as important as the lasting effects it produces. Associated with the event are the concepts of murder, assassination and martyrdom. A feeling of powerful, spiritual forces surround this event. There is something mys.tical about it. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001900740001-0 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001900740001-0 4. (S/NE/(:K) Viewer 010 was tasked first to provide information on the leaders of state and diplomatic activities of one of the groups associated with.the event and second to describe the event. He reported as'followst One leader is in Washington, DC, as a representative of his country. He is a thin, wiry man with a very rugged face. He appears to be caucasian male with darker than normal skin. The dark appearance is caused mainly by beard. There were repeated impressions that his clothing is a dark color (repeated impressions of present dark blue or purple clothing. The dark colored clothing seems to be of very heavy material and is something like a "dress". He +eels strongly acc. is right. His attitude is somewhere between "things will happen as they must, and I am playing my part", and "I'd better be prepared to take advantage of things when they happen", again, leaning more toward the latter. Overall, he doesn't really care, he just knows that he is prepared +or when the time comes, and feels sure It. is coming. This person would let a lot of things slide by without any other reaction than just observing, but when the time was right he would act with a definite firmness and strength which would run over anything in his way. His present job is as a representative of his country, but his feelings that this job is nothing more than a stepping stone toward his goal. He +eels, above all else, that he is working 'F or his own future, and little else. He comes from a scarre(:1, dry land and very thin, dark skinned people. The feeling of care and concern he has +or this place and these people is not the same as love +or someone, but more the feeling of loving pride one has in one's favorite pet animals. He has close familiarity with a country's leader's office who appears to be a US President. His tasks seem to be carried out at the highest level of government. He considers himself as "being an integral part of predestination." There is the perception that he views the violence of others as a necessary part of the progress, but that he mentally ignores the harsh realities of it. He perceives his final personal objective as being higher and more powerful than the U.S. Presidency. He sees himself as one day controlling many countries which are somehow related. His goals for his country aret a) Modernizationt of military, of libraries, and of official functions and b) Upgrading of defenses and buildings. The event occurs where there is a tall, steep mountain overlooking a harbor which is mostly surrounded by land. Between the mountain and the water is a large city. One area of the city is on fire and there are ships burning in the harbor. There is a ship sitting 1/2 mile out in the harbor. The time of day of day is when the sky is too dark to see well but it is still light enough to notice. The ship is large and tall and has many structures above deck. it's name begins with an "L" followed by either an "I" or "U". The interior of the ship has metallic rooms filled with metallic equipment. A sailor on board is wearing white and black clothing and short pants. There is a room which is tilted over. A man is trapped there, his lungs hurt deeply. He is aware of the danger of his situation but is either too confused or simply incapable of doing anything about it. The ship is on +ire and there is an explosion. People on the ship are running around in a state of Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001900740001-0 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001900740001-0 panic. The fire is basically centrally located on the ship and is coming out the top. The explosion on the ship was caused by the +ire. The fire came from the sky, falling from the sky at. a 40 degree angle. It appeared like blobs of +ire raining dawn in droplets. In following back to the cause of the +i re there was the perception o+ guns firing from one side of the ship up at a 40 degree an0e. Fire rained down on the ship from exactly the same position. The point of origin for this fire was the underside of an airplane. The airplane had. been travelling from a third location on land in a line which would take it directly over the ship. After it was hit the main section of the plane fell causing a huge splash. There was the impression of seeing the ship through a superimposed Japanese flag. It could not be U etermined wether the ship was Japanese or was a Japanese target. There was a repeated image of an American emblem on the airplane. Before being hit the airplane dropped bombs on the land. These bombs were the cause of fires and large sections of ground being thrown into the air. 5. (S/NF/SK) Viewer 079 was tasked to provide information on the military forces associated with the event and then to describe the event. She reported the followincp The areas associated with the event include a mountainous region a small city and a wide, open, circular area surrounded by trees with a small body of water nearby that is used +or light transportation. In the city is a high ranking military presence. The high ranI.:: ing military men were trying to negotiate peace. Plans are being made and secret work is being done. The event involves. an incursion between two groups. One group is represented by either a solid orange flag with a thin black stripe or a green flag. The other group is represented by a .white +lag with a red emblem in the middle. The group represented by the orange flag is backed by a foreign military. There is an older, bald, foreign military leader wearing a green uniform who is behind a plan to keep these two groups fighting. The event involves a planned, daytime attack by the group associated with the red and. white +lag. This group launches a pointed object into the other group's area. The pointed objects are long and thin and fly swiftly through the air. As they travel, the air hits the objects and makes them work better. The pointed objects had been hand carried to the location from which they were launched. The object hits the exart area that is intended. The group that launched this object are at a location from which they watch the whole effect. The group that is hit is caught off guard. When they hit the objects cause an explosion and a fire. This is in the circular area surrounded by trees. When the explosion happens some of the men are harmed and others scurry around to get out of the area that is hit. Some men leave by water. A. short man with extremely balding black hair was responsible for the attack. He smokes cigars. The end result of the event will be one of e:qpansi.on. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001900740001-0 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001900740001-0 6. (S/NF/SK) Viewer 099 was tasked to report first on the military forces associated with the event and then to examine the event. He reported as follows3 There are. two military 'f(:)lfl associated with the event. The first is a division sized element of ground troops. The leader is a military officer in his 50's, has a large nose, thick hands, is big boned, stocky, not tall, strono (almost brutish), psychologically tough, has streaked (black-grey), combed back hair, furrowed brow, does not like to wear a hat, wears a tan uniform (like khakis). The next up in this man's chain of command seem to be civilians, but this arrangement may be only temporary for purposes of accomplishing some specific or general mission. Impression of a "foreign" but politically-controlled environment. The man is an exceptionally profess.onal military leader but more comfortable in the tactical versus strategic arena. He is not a political animal, does not like to be near the "head shed". He is a loner, he has no soft spots; military busjness is his only business--it is his milieu, he does not engage in small talk. He is beyond the concept of self confidence, but not careless only concerned that the job gets done right. He is an imposing figure (not so much physically), but his lieutenants trust his experience and savvy. He spends most of his time in the field but his presence is accepted by lower echelons (peers do not seem to be present )j however, he does not participate in engagements, but is kept constantly apprised of dispositions,etc. The moral of this. first military force is good. This force is located at a site composed no a group of older, boxy structures located on the east side of a range of hills/ mountains that border a wide open vast track of land/ corridor that leads to the north/ north east toward a range of mountains. The leader focuses a great deal of attention on the hills to the West which offer an enemy cover, concealment and the high ground. It seems that the most serious security threat is posed by enemy approaches from this direction. Patrols and observation posts must constantly monitor the area. His primary mission seems to center around the security of the No corridor "out in front" of the position. The force is to hold the area and secure lines of communication. He responds to other orders from his "higher" (somewhere else). Although the mission seems tactically simple, and required assets are all present, this leader was assigned because in less capable hands things could fall apart, i.e., constant care and attention to detail is demanded- ..... one's guard must he always up. To the immediate west of the hills/mountains is at city. The city lies in a flat plain. There is water to the west, either a river or an ocean (See TAB C). The second military force consists of approximately 150 ground troops. The troops are not highly trained, but are professional and obedient. The leader is a 30 year old "officer" who receives target information 'from spies/informants. The military force is an autonomous group that is connected with a native civilian who negotiates on their behalf rhis force takes the initiative in most engagements and seem to always attack from the high ground. They prefer to travel in file formation. The troops, though not highly trained, are professional and obedient. They are not afraid to engage and will stand their ground if the Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001900740001-0 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001900740001-0 tactical situation warrants. They "do what they must do" to support a "cause" but are not fanatically attached to it. They are in the business for "the long term." Most or all of their time is spent in the field. They are well supplied with food, small arms, ammo and clothing (brown boots). The event involves action initiated by the smaller military group upon the direction of the "political controller." Ideas associated with the event are surprise, capture, concealment and strategic. The leader of the small military group is altruistic but also naive--he is unaware that his group are viewed as pawns by the political controller. He does not recognize the political controller as the snake-in the-grass that he is. The force attacks at the direction of this bureaucratic official who is located away from the area. He is expectant and the event is a card he plays. The attackers consider themselves as defenders almost as if the target represents oppression in some sense. The event/ attack involves munitions raining down on the city. The result is burning structures in the city. A large, yellowish-white structure is on fire. Associated with the fire are the percepts diversionary, supporting and productive. This is one event in a series of raids. There is also a fire on the dock in the southwest o+ the city" a perception of thick, black, choking smoke. The +ire on the dock is "retaliation." 7. (S/NE/SK) A report discussing what was learned about the solo methodology as a result of 8005 will be forthcoming. 3 Enclosures TABS A thru C Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R001900740001-0