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November 4, 2016
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May 15, 2000
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February 3, 1987
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Approved For Release 2000/0818'9 :-DI'A-RDP96-00789Rq. V19?R--8VERNMENT memoranc DATE: 3 February 1987 REPLY TO ATTNOF: DT-S (Ops) SUBJECT: SUN STREAK Utility Assessment Report Project "1-2" (U) TO: DT-5A FV4'cr/oou ,Key-'Y' T/a/vso, J SG1A taskedduring concerning um ponse to a request for information four separate SUN STREAK sources were to 23 December 1986. 2. (S/SK/WNINTEL) The following is provided as raw, unevaluated information. These sources have provided reliable information in the past but the veracity of this data cannot be established by this office due to the lack of sufficient target background data. a. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Source #003 was interviewed twice and stated substantially as follows: Source's first opinion of the site was that the.-sit e low, Aoljd involved a wide open, austere area, with ar, s., wi window and a person observing. individual was observing an experiment or pro ect, and was, satisfied that things had progressed according to plan. Design modifications were involved, and evaluation of parameters and effects were being conducted. The Project involved a long, shiny, smooth, cylindrical o ect. Ra id vertical movement for a long distance was,invo ved, wh'-in at a oin ecame falling down and,around. There was a sense that initially the ob'ect was subject to some specific sort o.f _imus, which at aMgiven point ceased, followed by skipping, bumping, heat, shaking, whistling, and controlled descending--not falling--which culminated at apredetermined WARNING NOTICE: SENSITIVE INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED HANDLE VIA SKEET CHANNELS ONLY SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED CLASSIFIED BY: DIA-DT DECLASSIFY: OADR Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : ,-00789RO0200021 Ut cFR) tot-tt.e Approved For Release 2000/08 : IDP96-00789ROO2000210002-5 location in another flat, austere area, with the object intact. Something seemed to be able to lengthen or abbreviate the length of time of movement of the object, but the object still must inevitably come down. The object seemed to be hollow, enclosing something, and sugg ted the smell of -#h air inside rcraft. The site also suggested some sort ofocket,or rocket M Source's second opinion of the site was that the site involved an event composed of stages: planning: preparation; co duct; and evaluation. Wiring the course of conduct- on uc o Me-p-MTOCI 7,---a movin object received input which was informational in nature a d directed, controlled, and verified status, having something to do with parameters, "supervising" and a strict "performance envelope. " After the first part, when impetus f 8r the no longer present, the information flow reversed; output involved response/reporting. Periodic input during second part effected attitude, perhaps course or orientation. The entire project had the sense of "quasi-legality," as if people at the site felt the activity would be frowned on by some third party if it should become cognizant of it; that it would evoke a feeling of betrayal or unfairness, as if the activity is occurr g even -though the ins igators said it wouldn't upon mutual agreement. But the people involved felt the necessity to conduct it nevertheless: i.e., "the ends justify the means." No further information was provided. b. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Source #018 was interviewed twice and stated substantially as follows: Source's first opinion of the site was that the site was a wide open, spacious, flat area. There was a lar&e structure a the site which had a dome above it. Struts seemed to be incorporated into the dome. Source 'felt that the site was inactive at the time of the interview but that in the past an explosion took nl e.ewithin the--large, domed structure. This explosion did not result in the destruct n of the structure. Source's second opinion of the site, having been asked to examine a point in time of activity at the site, was that an object at the site seemed to suddenly radiate outward pressure. This pressure did not exist i"~'mmediately afterwards. The object then started toward a dormant stage but was still active. This std did not seem like a sudden explosion, but i e an exp os on in slow 000 motion. Some time shortly after the slow expo osion, the site carried an impression of things falling inward. Before the slow explosion, the site had a very tense almost Approved For Release SEVIr Approved For Release 20S&R A-RDP96-00789R002000210002-5 vibrational or jerky feel to it. No further information was provided. c. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Source #021 was interviewed twice and was unable to provide any information which could be construed to be relevant to the tasking at hand. d. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Source #101 was interviewed twice and stated substantially as follows: Sources first opinion off' the site was that the site involved a stuuay inside a t , five or six story, buildin with a beni~C or right angle in the middle. The concept o study was described in various terms including: (perplexing, a Gordion's Knot which has no beginning and no end, a study to facilitate something else, and the concept of predictability) This study had been going on for quite a while with no end in sight. There were, however, certain milestones and suspenses which must be met. Sources second opinion of the site, after having been asked to elaborate on his first impr sions, was that inside the large building there was a secure area with double doors and closed circuit TV. In this area there were four or five people in a working group as opposed to a decision making group, although-he two functions tended to blend together. There were two main characters. One was about 60 years old, balding, thin, short almost elfin in appearance. He was very enthusiastic with a tremendous amount of energy. A second man was large, fat and in his fifties. He was very deliberate and does not become excited and cannot be rushed into anything. All the men here were civilians, although there was a military flavor to the study group. The study was composed ofm"many sepaarlte studies, each a complete entity unto itself. These sepa& studies were brought together here. Some of these studies were prepare i-n diffierent languages. The groundwork for this study/project has been gonngg oii for a considerable period of time. In the room where the men were located there was a table and on the table there was a box like dev 9e. Coming ou of or going the box (the concept was unclear) was a bri n_ violet light. This light both pulls in towards the box and at he me time slams away from a box. The elfin man thought that this device, a force or light, had the potential to do about anything ...?? inside the box was a taste that reminded source of magnesium or magnesium powder. The ~ spect to it was apparently box which had a violet _ jght a being examined/te y the men in the room. It appeared to be oblong shaped with openings at each end. Light from x the bo did not just radiate ou form the box, it poured out. The light poured out ins ead of just shining out* Approved For Release 2000/08/ r , M P96-00789R002000210002-5 Approved For Release 2008t-4XA-RDP96-00789R002000210002-5 This light was extremely bright and the men in the room appeared to be wearing darTened glasses or goggles while viewing it. The light seemed to be pouring from the box while at the same time being vacuumed or attracted strongly back into the box as though a o or o ,7ec were trying to escape four or five gravities. Words used to describe the effect of the lig t 1n=uTed: purifying, filtering, purgatory, a parallel to plastic an smoothing. Source provided further technical descriptions which may or may not be relevant. Since this office lacks sufficient background data to attest to the veracity of, this technical information it is not included herein. Also, Source #101 is essentially a non-technically oriented individual who may lack the proper points of reference to adequately relay the somewhat obscure descriptives pertaining to this target. 3. (S/SK/WNINTEL) The above SUN STREAK sources do not a ear to have corroborated each others descriptions of Without further background on the target, this office is unable SG1A to draw any conclusions or make recommendations on further actions in reference to the exploration of SG1A 4. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Direct access to raw transcript information is limited to personnel with SKEET access only. If access to this information is necessary, contact DT-S (Ops) directly to arrange for an appointment to review appropriate transcripts. SKEET transcripts are not releasable outside the confines of the SUN STREAK office. 5. (S/SK/WNINTEL) Enclosed herewith is an Intelligence Evaluation Sheet. Please annotate one appropriately for each source (make necessary copies) and return the sheets to DT-S (Ops) within 30 days of receipt of this report. Care and diligence in annotating this Intelligence Evaluation Sheet will aid in the refinement of SUN STREAK assets and thereby enhance SUN STREAK's ability to provide further information of intelligence value. SG1J 1 Enclosure Summary Evaluation Sheet Operations Officer Approved For Release SECU