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November 4, 2016
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April 24, 2000
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December 15, 1986
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Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00788R002000760002-5 Weather Today: Sunny. High 50. Low 34-36. Winds west 10-15 mph. Tuesday: Partly sunny. High around 50. Winds light, Yesterday: Temperature range 21-39. Details on Page 82. 110TH YEAR; ? ? No. 10 ? 1986, The Washington Post Company MONDAY? DECEMBER 15, 1' Nicaragua Holding American as Spy Prisoner Said to Be Congressman's Brother. knowledged role in delivering arms to U.S.-financed anti-Sandinistal forces. The Reagan administration de- nies any connection to the rebel. supply operation. State Department spokesman. Bruce Ammerman, said it is impos- sible to identify the detainee or his; job because the Sandinista govern-. ment has refused to permit the U.S. consul general in Managua to visit, him. Ammerman said he had no in- formation on whether a Sam Hall worked for any part of the U.S. gov- ernment. Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Mk guel d'Escoto told reporters Satur- day night that Hall admitted spying on Sandinista targets for a previ- ously unheard-of private U.S. grou called the Phoenix Battalion. There was no description of this group or its leadership, nor whether Hall's claim about it was being taken se- riously by Sandinista authorities. D'Escoto said Hall was captured with sketches and maps hidden in his socks. Hall first claimed to be a writer, the minister related, but lat- By Edward Cody Washington Post Foreign Service MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Dec. 14?The Nicaraguan government has arrested as a suspected spy an American who is believed to be an Ohio congressmen's brother. The American, whose U.S. pass- port identified him as Sam Nesley Hall, 49, was arrested Friday morn- ing near the Punta Huete mtary airfield, about 12 miles north of Ma- nagua, Sandinista officials an- nounced Saturday night. A spokesman for Rep. Tony P. Hall (D-Ohio) said today he believes the captive is Hall's brother, a self- styled counterterrorism expert who the aide said has been a mercenary in Angola and Rhodesia, now Zim- babwe. Hall, who has yet to be charged formally, joined Eugene Hasenfus as a prisoner of the Sandinistas, ac- cused of illegal activities in Nicara- gua in support of Reagan adminis- tration policy against the Managua government. Hasenfus, from Mari- nette, Wis., was sentenced Nov. 15 , to a 30-year prison term for his ac-. fiSISM" 63-q UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Sam Hall, brother of Rep. Tony P. Hall (D-Ohio) and thought to be captive, in 1985 photo. en admitted that he was gathering intelligence for the private group. According to D'Escoto, Hall said the Phoenix Battalion specializes in military, espionage in consonance with U.S. policy. The Punta Huete airfield was constructed during the past two See NICARAGUA, A33, Col. 1 0o3 Press Curbs Aimed at a7Gatiips fr.; awl 'e Rnihn B3 Wa/ The Cen has been with detaill data from reconnaiss sist Iraqi IN terminals war betwe cording to The info to Iraq for the same p istration w to Iran in American I gain influe Iranian go In Augu the initiatii ing a direci Baghdad Ii with bette lite inforir firsthand It receive th ellite phot( bombing i damage at This sour, informatiol duct of the CIA Dii met twice ben and a; senior Ira, the new , and to era Iranian in said. Iraq has cision air recent mo terniinals, THE WASHINGTON POST Lo Nicaragua Says American Caught at Air Base 'VON lal 40' " A 4 ? la a I UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAVREUTER Nicaraguan Foreign Minister d'Escoto shows a copy of Sam Hall's passport. Ir . NICARAGUA, From Al years as Nicaragua's main military airbase. U.S. officials have said it was prepared to handle MiG fight- ers and also could service the larg- est aircraft in the Soviet fleet. But the Sandinista government is not known to have acquired any Soviet- built MiG jets and no large Soviet military planes are know!' to be us- ing the facility. D'Escoto said Hall's objectives demonstrated the truth of frequent Sandinista assertions that the Rea- gan administration is planning an attack on Nicaragua. "The type of information that was being regis- tered by this man, like bridges and airports . . . only helped confirm the seriousness" of the Nicaraguan .predictions, he told Mutual Broad- casting System. Sam Hall, a former Ohio state legislator and Olympic diving star, told an interviewer last year that he has helped train Miskito Indian reb- els fighting the Sandinista gover- ment as part of a U.S.-backed in- surrection. Sandinista authorities said Hall's passport showed? he came to Managua on Wednesday from Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras and headquarters for the main rebel group. D'Escoto was quoted here as saying he came on a commercial flight and took a taxi to the air base. The passport also carried visas from Israel, El Salvador and South Africa, officials said. "I do not share the same views on U.S. policy in Central America as my brother, but I love him and pray for his safety," said a statement is": sued by Rep. Hall, who has strongly opposed U.S. aid to the rebels. In an interview last year with The Asso- ciated Press, Sam Hall said he was working with Civilian Military As- sistance, The U.S.-based private group, headed by an Alabama veteran named Tom Posey, has organized aid for the Nicaraguan rebel organ- izations and coordinated travel to Central America by volunteers ea- ger to work with the guerrillas. Officials of -private American groups known to support the Ni- caraguan contras said in interviews that they had never heard of Sam Hall or the Phoenix Battalion. Joyce Downey, executi-- direc- tor of the U.S. Council for World Freedom, in Phoenix, Ariz., which provides food and medical supplies to the rebels, denied any connection between her organization and the group named by Nicaraguan offi- cials. Staff writer Michael Weisskopf, in Washington, contributed to this report. C:111 GLASS IN YOUCC11011 31 Models 09 Size OP 01 416 S bIIs Chui LOG HOLDERS-40 ELS 6ryCESSORIES--FU NE FOLDING SCREENS MODEL FIRETOOL SETS? ODELS JEFFERSON LIQUORS 5307 GEORGIA AVE., NAV SALE ENDS 726-Vl2 DEC. 20 CASH& GAR Y 121010 ANCIENT AGE 99 EVAN WILLIAMS 079 OLD FITZGERALD 80? R99 CANADIAN MIST 49 CANADIAN CLUB tfp9 C.ALVERT EXTRA SMIRNOPP VODKA C69 GILBEY'S VODKA VELICOPF ? 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