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November 4, 2016
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March 29, 2000
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April 27, 1990
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SG1;J ~ r 2000/08/~~I'k'-RDP96-007~9-1~~024~d(~J06~'6E4 ENT ?#PLY TO 'rTN OF: z 7 APR ~ssa DT SUN STREAK (U) To: OC GC -memorandum S-136/DT Refs: a. DIA/DR memo S/NF-25-90, Sunstreak Program, 30 Mar 90. b. DAMI-ZA memo, Sunstreak Program, 6 Apr 90. c. DAMI-PO memo, Memorandum for 5 Apr 90. S G1J SG11 d. DIA/DT memo, Memorandum for 6 Apr 90 e. DIA/ED memo C-571/ED, undated. 1. (U) There are a number of things going on re SUN STREAK that I wanted to summarize for your information and to ask for your advice and assistance. 2. (S/NF) Ted. I don't know how much Lew has told you, but there's a lony audit-trail that got us where we are. In brief: a. (S/NF) After the December 1989 MI6 decision, the DR and DC5I agreed to what was bein transferred and what procedures were to be followed (ref a. and b. }g. b. (S/NF) You'll notice that ref a. says DIA retains "oversight" responsibilities. This has surfaced in conjunction with the DCSI project officer wanting TDY funds (refs c. and d. apply). Our position has been that we should not release any TDY funds carte blanche in light of our continuing oversight responsibilities, our retention of the resources, and our normal good and proper management procedures. We'll release funds when the purpose is identified in writing, meets the objectives of the DR and DCSI agreements, and fulfills our Agency requirements for (after the fact) accounting of expenditures. c. (U) Ted. We understand DCSI approached you to MIPR some $30K of DIA funds. Please do not do that or give any money from OC or DT accounts unless we OK it in writing--unless Bill advises .to the contrary (see pars 3 below). CLASSIFIED BY DT DECLASSIFY ON OADR OPTIONAL FORM NO. 10 ,t~~1:REiE'.F+SAE3L.~.1Q f?u~,E~ut~i C~irST{Ql~~~:~.J GSAFPMR(41cFR)101-11.6 so ~ o-~ u Approved For Release 2000/O~Q$~:~1~-RDP96-00789800210?a90~6~=~~-780 Approved For Release 2000/08/0 F~ CJQ-R~P96-007898002100090006-4 of this project at next month's MIB. 5 E nclosures tl ~~ 1. S/NF-25-9 0/DR, 30 Mar (S/NF) 2. DAMI-ZA, 2 Apr (U) 3. DAMI-P0, 5 Apr (U) 4. U-117/DT, 6 Apr (U) 5. C-571/ED, undated (C) cc: VP-SF OSC- PDO JONN~ ~,'B+E'f3,Bf~ICH Assi, t n Deputy Director f r cientific and ~c nical Intelligence j~a 1 i; :.~ ~n ... ..+._._ It% Y':~I.._; uc~/ IY..f iw.i. Ca.v ~~ ~~Ytna Approved For Release 2000/08/8 : ~~~ DP96-007898002100090006-4 3. (U) Bill. We developed the procedures briefly outlined above to fulfill DIA's obligations as we understand them (and I'll be the first to admit not everything is crystal clear in this matter, as you know). From your perspective, are we doing the right thing or should we change our thinking/procedures? Because we want an excellent audit trail of our involvement--as is our practice--please give us your advise/instructions in writing as your schedule permits (obviously, the sooner the better so we can nail down these loose ends). 4. (U) Please note that, per ref e., there']-~1, be a status review