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November 4, 2016
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April 20, 2000
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August 6, 1986
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.Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-00789R0021~00350009-2 ~o ~ ~--T ~=NrS ~U,V STREA/E sT~~-yS iC~ t l T `~ /p 55 C S t ,~f c'!~/T ./v~ ~~ ,S ~'-a'aR F ~Q7-7-~,y r~u.c/ a C'OM'Ro c c,F v~k ~ arT g ( ,~~~ o Sr ,~ ~ ~ CGiv r ! v dN ~7 ~ ~ ? ~c ~' 7 ~ p pNtovN7 GF' bnl(,eGRoUNO DAY~1 ?/zov/O~P -Fa12. ~NlRA7ndyAG T,~)S,~ p 1/- pNa C.y ST ~'05(7-~u,U /Cd`,So A S iZ v ;pe , ~~ Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-007898002100350009-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-007898002100350009-2 ('a M,M FNTS , c ~-0 C: ~~~ ~ P A iT I UN'A ~ t~J OR/c t N o ~oouM~N7-A7`(C~N: e CAPS r'~~Ai~lrUrtS (cl,ti, /?~~rcr7~~u~ ~ rR~~iA e CESTIMA'~) R~~lNR/ CI1"~ ,~4 ~ tM. OlC rypF GF UlS, flZc~}~'LT. - ~- Purc2rN7 sTior=F -- ~c~tiriA C. n a ~~ r-~vvig ~v u s ~= r ss ~ ~- ~ Oar-~~r,,e~~ a ~ ~ ~ ~. / i Roc ~~~ vet Fs (ors .~~ N ua c, ,a~'c /~c4 oP~~~rrait~}A ~ Tad S/c- f'RoCC'?~F~S ~ 4.~-r r Chi ~ ~ ~R?'~~ 5 r~~`6/~5: v 'E7FT A (L(ciJ ?.ecv~CT /?~CoRaS o S ~ ~ j'R-G c C~ /~ u /t N c.~P/)A TF SW;v~'y ,acc R/t7l ~~ni/c 7a OPS t-trrnxcicA` v vP~~1T~ fZ/~ /sSvFS~~clx- ~-/ia ccNs.U~.z.4r/ate o ~ E Cl ~!'~ I C !T y ITS c/ts (-~-~ ~ i'a sT j e bR r4~O r7~ DA~?,tl n vARlo~$ 0~50,/,t.~?( I~SuCS ._ co~~~vy~e~ck pcAtig t= ~c.c.ow^ v~- ~?il~-rti~iUG ~2ccrtav5 o C~~aN~iFr~~T/y~t.J yr i~Fsvcr~3 , v 'fit D~tP LQ'71TE` E VA C PSG c EUUR ES r`~~u ?~ f' ~vC~c V `h 11..1` y ~ S S EsSM ~'.r/7` / c~ ~S Q v.4 (_. TA 5,~5 - N AD ~~tibcuN ms's' '7'"aQ ~ G F7S ~ d ~ACot/. ~(1 gS7~C?` ~/ C A +-i LU~(/Ej AiN T2A LEC Eas ~ (,7 ~STiQ ?/C ~ (cv /77~J SrC'~ S'7X) ~~ W/PE I/~QRIETy -- I~R~cty -r't}t r?a-vl~c~~ ~.~pPRoVE, lRl021T/~C= rc-ras~ G7zou?'/REP~s. a ECRRI fiy ,? Appro~te~o~~R~@~~~~O~O~b8'1'0~~ G'~~~~~~6-007898002100350009-2 -- ~w `ro rz., /~Cc~ 9.v N srrv,vs Approved For Release 2000/08/08.: CIA-RDP96-0,07898002100350009-2 /~ ~ CGivIMENpA r~C~~1J 3 ~ ~ GAYS ~~rE~c /~T ?~r; ~'lc~~-D~ ~~cr Galin ~~ 86.~. e ,A ecC~ tFR~T~' ,4C 1`'1`aiUS l~e~ 'Tie.~ySiT~dy 7z~ l~~. - J-~ ~ c / ~a~1 /c C'l~` .4 (. c MA tJ-~R oo ~~ ~Nrl T%c/ -. c~oeu~C'-vr ~c.c ~v.~~.~ ~Sc~ ~ssvr'~cGT,r~oEx~r~Gtis, _ ~-~raROV~Er R~~vr~c~ o% ern ,o~c~,n RASE ~r~,~M, ~J~., _. ~Q T'/~,lOrSC w t`rERC' Cl.v/T r S dd rc F~cPC~cfiU ~ 3C'' " ,^, Dt~'!~ ~cEt~ RF'VlE-,/ ot` s'6SSRa~v P,coCC~'P~~tES - . --_ , ~~ ss c~~FR~ rrG..v'a ( 4~v~cr~=iF,rs ('~H,r ~ c.~~-~~r ,CCCCA2 LrNK. T~ ~D /Ur"N/'S, sv~f~srr--~ ~noTu - 'f !-tea 1~i15~~ E7aKr~R ~p ~A~AC d~ NolsC` ~~RCEs l'C CUMM~ N/I~QTlUiU$. ? co~r~nr~va-rC ~EM~4./.f~/~G M.a~a~ As~~c7-S of= 4Ps ~A~ PkG'. ._ w 1 r w 5R~ s?`A FF, c71~ TI~-if c/(- C Cr~k S , p?`~rGS ~. Wli~1c/yG~VViGtl~' vly 0~ t Cr Y' `f .MQ P cam/ c-R c.A y ~4RS~-RAC7' C ~c,trac, /_c,-S D~rT ) crass ~', ~n ~. ~ C' ~,~1 f' c C T~' .A LC. E d~ C vArlvir/ t'G1~P S /~'~ CE DvRFS _ ry~c~uFE R,ECCfLPS r-cR~-,,o-r- - w ua Ic,.vocv S r-v N~ ~ ~ w NF,r/ ? r~ BoVC-' w~c.c. Cojv7-R/l3UT~' l ~,' - ~''l ovr~uG. ~NTa ~"fi r Nvc rryGoo T~o,~ S - lr~suRr s?ltvvG? cl~v/c ~ ~/~~/7T is liyFAcl` Approved For I~e~ease 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-007898002100350009-2 - plRFcr ?,cP~rlu~ otF sRV (~ r.,~d~cr~~E~ Approved For Release 200/~~.T~IA-RDP96-00789R0021003500a~9- SUBJECT: Criteria or Measures of Ef.fecti,veness to Assess the Varlue of the Program. ! ~~?~Z~ 1. Historically, from 1978 to 1989 over 50 percent of the missions assigned to the US Army's Operational element were evaluated by the intelligence user as being of value. In the other less than 50 percent of the cases the user either did not provide feed back, the information was already known from other intelligence collection systems or the information could not be evaluated. 2-Ss..z~ The DIA Operational. Group will begin a two year evaluation in January 1986. This evaluation is not to prove that th~? phenomenon exits but rather to determine in what areas and against what types of intelligence collection targets the technology can best be used. The evaluation will involve aver 800 sessions targeted against approximately 36 different types of intelligence targets. The evaluation will provide verified statistical data an the effectiveness of the technology in collecting intelligence across a wide spectrum of intelligence requirements. ~~_Z~ 3. It is not the mission of DIA to address basic research issues involving the underlying mechanism of the phenomena. The three year DIA program known as GRILL FLAME established that the process was a real phenomen''pp~~~~~~~,,~~~~nd it is now the mission of to evaluate~_f:he~intelligence potential of this p enomena. ~ SG1A Approved For Release 2~QDl~~/98 : CIA-RDP96-007898002100350009-2 c-c ~T Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-00789R0~2100~09-2 C Approved For Release 2000/08/08 :CIA-RDP96-007898002100350009-2