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November 4, 2016
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November 1, 2002
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December 7, 1992
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Approved For Release 2002/11/18: CIA-RDP96-007898002300240001-0 SESSION INFORMATION A. TARGET DATA: Task/Target No. 92-132-T Session No. 01 B. PERSONNEL DATA: Source No. 049 C. Monitor's No. Beacon/Sender Na. SESSION DATA: NA NA Date Task Received 4 DEC 92 Session Date 7 DEC 92 Start Time 1400 Stop Time 1501 Method Used Aids/Distractions (PIs) Pre-session Hunches (AVs) Date Summary Returned CRV Sinuses An ambush at the initial deployment location. 7 DEC 92 D. EVALUATION DATA: E. Viewer's Estimate ; Evaluator's Estimate SESSION SUMMARY: The following concepts and/or scenarios were perceived during this session: 1. There will be a situation where several indigenous types will be clustered in wait near a street corner (see sketch). Their intent is to fire upon and ambush the lead elements of the first group of personnel associated with this operation as they deploy from the ocean side of the city. I sense that this will occur very near water or the ocean. The names associated with this street corner are LU or LEO and GABE. 2. The concept of an open window within a stone block building or wall. There are groans and coughing coming from inside. There is an image of a wounded male with a big weapon reminiscent of a .50 cal. 3. There is something associated with a large, dark bird. 4. I see an unnaturally large pool of dark liquid reminiscent of blood on a pot-holed cobble street. 5. A high ranking military person will be shot. 6. A group of Somalis will help to round up the hoods; they will have several ritualistic lynchings of criminals. Approved For Release 2002/11/18: CIA-RDP96-007898002300240001-0 Approved For Release 2002/11/18: CIA-RDP96-007898002300240001-0 7. There will be racket launcher attacks on troops within the northwestern area of a large city. It will be in an area where there are several deeply eroded ditches or canals. There will be a red and yellow wall or building nearby. 8. Several rebel factions will unit against the U.N. farces based purely on economics. 9. There will be drownings associated with these maneuvers. 10. I see a small group of troops, as first, volunteering to stay longer in order to help. They will be deeply touched by what they see. They will be very determined to right this great wrong. They will be the core of a volunteer group whose numbers will increase over time. They are not vigilantes, but will target and carry out operations against "bad guys". I can sense a quasi- splinter type group of troops organizing on their own. 2) Approved For Release 2002/11/18: CIA-RDP96-007898002300240001-0 Approved For Release 2002/11/18 :CIA-RDP96-007898002300240001-0 "tir ~~ ---~~ .~ t11.. G Gt. c~...~,,,~ Approved For Release 2002/11/18: CIA-RDP96-007898002300240001-0 TASKING SHEET SOURCE NO? ~ ,J' DATE? 4 DEC 92 SUSPENSE: 7 DEC 92 1500 hrs 1. PROJECT NUMBER: 92-132-T 2. METHOD/TECHNIQUE: Method of choice. SG1 B 4. ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF INFORMATION: ----Describe the scope and nature of specific and significant military/civilian/political activities or events for the time period ending 17 Dec 92 and affecting (but not limited) to the followina? o The United Nations. o The US military involvement, if any. o Third world reaction/involvement. - --Conceptually surface the name of a the most significant person, lace or thin will be hi hli hted and associated with current SG1 B events of Submit sketches in support of vaur findings/ 5. COMMENTS: ----Optional Coordinates: 179338/032176 Approved For Release 2002/11/18: CIA-RDP96-007898002300240001-0