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November 4, 2016
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March 9, 2001
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January 27, 1993
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Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 93-153-P 27 JAN 93 072 01 Monitor Training/Control Source Target personality is a 33-35 year-old male recently and currently separated rom a female mate. He is currently living in McClean, VA. He will be turned in to authorities as a result of parent-influence, a mother or brother or both. He is driving a Country Sedan station wagon brown or yellow in color and bearing VA Tag WY 404 or NZ 402. He was refused employment with a contractor and blames the CIA; hence, the shooting. He is from a family from West Virginia. He is about 5'11" to 6' tall, normally wears a brown military-like jacket He has a tatoo on his right arm that reads "Server Fi." He is a former marine assigned to an exotic spot such as Okinawa or Guam. He has been employed as a salesman and served in a series of like position. He is currently driving a small white (Isuzu) truck as a runner of (auto?) parts for a company phonetically known as Ellisum. He used a Browning 30-30 caliber rifle to commit the aggression. He will be apprehended on 30 Jan 93 at about 1425 hours at his place of employment by local police supported by higher echelon police force. Additional phonetics include "Baledo/Oxsford/Oxon Hill/Robert- Roger Calderi. Related sketches are attached. Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 ////or ime/ a/4/ Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 ./7 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R0024005101-9 ipo TASKING SHEET SOURCE NO: DATE: 27 JAN 93 SUSPENSE: 27 JAN 93 1500 hrs MEMOS 1. PROJECT NUMBER: 93-1531 (CONDUCT OF THI TASK IS OPTIONA 2. METHOD/TECHNIQUE: Method of choice. 3. BACKGROUND: The target personality is the gunman who killed two persons and wounded three others with a rifle at the entrance of CIA headquarters on 25 Jan 93. 4. ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF INFORMATION: ----Determine the target personality's current location and his immediate surroundings. ----Describe the target personality's motivation for the shooting. ---7,-0-7-e-tet-A12402,4tir.e;ba) cvide a physical, psy ?logical, and professional profile of the target personality. 5. COMMENTS: ----Optional Coordinates: 550189/263386 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 SESSION INFORMATION A. TARGET DATA: Date: 4 FEB 93 Task/Target Number: 93-153-P Session Number: 02 B. PERSONNEL DATA: Source Number: Monitor Number: C. SESSION DATA: Session Start Time: Session Stop Time: Method Used: 072 None Lucid Dreaming Distractions/Hunches: None D. EVALUATION DATA: Viewer Confidence (H/M/L): M Evaluator's Estimate: E. SESSION SUMMARY: ----The result associated with the gunman during the final outcome of this problem involved an explosion of light surrounding the individual himself. Note: Analytically this led me to believe that the gunman committed suicide, or was struck by gunfire from an external source (police?). Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 TASKING SHEET SOURCE NO: e 22 DATE: 4 FEB 93 SUSPENSE: 4 FEB 93 1500 hrs 1. PROJECT NUMBER: 93-153-P 2. METHOD/TECHNIQUE: Method of choice. 3. BACKGROUND: ----The target personality remains the gunman who killed two men and injured three others during the 25 Jan 93 shooting outside the Langley Park entrance to the CIA. ----Your sessions of 27 and 28 Jan 93 are available for review upon request. ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF INFORMATION: 4. ----Describe the nature of the target personality's current and near-term activities. 5. COMMENTS: ----Optional Coordinates remain: 550189/263386. Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved - Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 96-153-P Review 025 ----No further criminal action taken by gunman. ----A friend will divulge necessary info to apprehend him. 049 ----This incident is associated with the Persian Gulf. 079 ----The rifle leads to the killer. ----He may have money to help him travel. May be paid by terrorists. 072 ----Gunman wore a brown military-type jacket. ----Drove a brown/yellow station wagon. ----Also drove a small white truck (for work). Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release CPYRGHT 4x44.44---A7 71:#-Ord 1/4/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 estcoRTMan Sought - By Patricia Davis and Bill Miller Washington Post Staff Writers A ki 4407- grant livm as charged yeaterday t capita murder in the Jan. 25 shootings outside the CIA's Langley headquarters and an international manhunt is underway, Bryant, special agent in charge of Neighboi the FBI's Washington Metropolitan gal immign FiPlrl (Wire aairl at a tulurs ccrfAr_ s qui, I. . ? cuc.e ax unty po ce ea - quarters. "Mr. Kansi will be put on the FBI's top 10 list." Officials said they have not yet determined a motive for the shoot- ings. law enforcement officials id. Police haver* rcr tic The warrant charging trra? lieby Kansi and are still searching for as issued shortly after, a the dull'''broWir -afirmeetTOROW eselnell ? r gu Ghias Ahrr from Kansi. Because was killed shootings, with capital penalty tape the electric Fairfax ( ney Robert attended th there no trpit,ous y criiii6 'in t Kansi appea fai hesr Horan sal this countr3 "liajfvjrwag ft, resembling a Toyota COrolla e *se d froth 'alba - or Ford Escort, that witnesses de- ifyesterday and !rearms ex- scribed as the vehicle used by the it.erts concluded that it had fired the suspect. casings found at the scene of the Neighbors at the RAiirel Glade shootings. Two CIA employees apartment complex, in the 12000 were killed and three. other men bid& of Laurel Glade Court, where were wounded. Kansi lived said yesterday that they -.?"There's a worldwide manhunt believe he drove an allik:olored sta-, being launched at this time," Robert tion wagon. Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 - WIC4LML3IJA hintUitla 1 10, 199j Pik:L[4011,a WashinglOti (See Liwc on ,t4) proved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP9?_-00789R002400510001-9 Worldwide in CIA Shootings cribed Kansi, a le- Naftiro:14 60' _ ooks ike a very 5 said hello," said ho lives upstairs than one person jig last month's E charged Kansi lier. The maximum fiction is death in rtwealth's Attor- Aran Jr., who also w-3 conference, said ri,..'':4,&7.4.4has diareeTifith any -ountry, gni* does Live ever been in a I Kansi has lived in - :airily a couple of years" and that police have been told Kansi attended college in Pak- istan and is known to speak English well. There was iirrevidence that Ka n T sr' ember of of any radical gr i iliaeriever been cm- ,. Ii1O -by thrCIA, he said. Bryant, the FBI special agent, said there is no indication that Kansi had any affiliation with any terrorist group. Fairfax County Police Chief Mi- chael W. Young said Kansi appears to have been operating alone but, he said, "there's a lot more work to do." Authorities followed several paths to the suspect. First, accord- ing to police, Kansi was reported missing three days after the shoot- ings. He had not been seen since the day of the shootings. Thent fpkir days ago, police received.i_tip fr Kait,OD-roommate;pilso Pakista h? allowed police' to search his apartment. At the same time, federal la w enforcement officials were studyiqig gun purchases. They knew from past experience in such cases, iin- cluding John Hinckley's atteraptQd assassination of President Reagain, that killers often purchase thedr weapons within a relatively short time of their crimes. Officials of the federal Bureau (of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms de- cided to check purchases of assaudt weapons in the Washington area un the last year. From the markings made by dile gun's firing pin on the shell casinggs See SHOOTINGS, A16, Col. 3 MIR AIMAL KANSI ... charged with capital murder CPYRGHT Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Approved For Release 200A/116402NtsraNERADIE961-00789R002400510001-9 CPYRGHT Approved For Release \, ? 1^-\ Manassas ) PRINCE WILUAM COUNTY Li FAIRFAX COUNTY PKWY. 4 GLADE DR. HOttle" Ot StiSped on, Laurel Glade Court _ 411111.11111111111k, MILE BY DAVE COOK-THE WASHINGTON POST AK-47 ASSAULT RIFLE An AK-47 assault rifle has been recovered by police, who say it is the likely weapon used to kill two men and wound three others outside the cm two weeks ago. ? THE AK-47 is a compact weapon of Soviet origin. It is supplied in two versions, one with a rigid butt and one with a double-strut folding metal butt-stock. The military version is fully automatic. . Maim& Capacity: 30 rounds 4Mtiritir 5114rAMOggg; Length: 24.4/34.8* inches Firing rate (semiautomatic): 40 rounds/minute NOTE: The AK-47 and variations have been made in China (typo 56), Finland (M60 and M62), Germany (MPIK, MPIKS), Hungary, North Korea (type 58), Poland (PMK), Romania and Yugoslavia (M70 and IM70A). * Stock folded/stock unfolded SOURCES: KRT Graphics, Jane's Infantry Weapons THE WASHINGTON POST 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Mo found at tics expt types of 50 ATF 735 gun and Mc 1,305 dc The de, showing their ph type of v They those gl dealers i "It wa a hayst volved ii only thii ATF names them w missing gaily pu one of ers che Inc. in ( the shot Beca in Resi license ords at Motor ' They weight the des to the s Acco, learned that wagon witness "We report - the gun ment tion. Cond could nt ning. A phone porter. store, Jacksor "Model Amur dy Boo THE Wollikporbviedfor Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R00940n5100.01-9 hunt Begins for Suspect in Shootings at CIA NGS, From Al hooting scene, ballis- new it was one of 11 -ma. Over three days, ts checked records at Ts in Prince George's nery counties, plus in Northern Virginia. must keep records tames of gun buyers, description and the n purchased. I that about 700 of ad been sold by the last 12 months. looking for a needle in said one source in- search, "but it was the had." ala then gave those iirfax police. One of nsi's, the name on the ms report. He had le- ed the gun for $800 at orthern Virginia deal- David Condon Guns illy, three days before )lice knew Kansi lived hey checked driver's chicle registration rec- Tirginia Department of es. d that the height and anzi's license matched on given by witnesses ags. to a source, they also . motor vehicle records nvned a small station the one described by .ed the missing persons he tip information with d Young, whose depart- Iseeing the investiga- Avner of the gun shop, reached yesterday eve- son who answered the : store hung up on a re- as on the door of the e 14000 block of Lee :hway (Route 50), said Military Firearms and .s" and "Please No Mud- Racks of guns were visible through the store's barred win- dows. Along with tl,itaTinco AK-477, type rifle, poliErffund?clOthes that fit the description given by wit- nesses, a source said. Witnesses said the suspect was wearingiatajackel and The source also said shards of glass were found on the clothing. Two men were killed and three were wounded when a gunman jumped from a car swinging the high-powered rifle inches from their windows as they were waiting at a red light in front of the CIA's Lang- ley headquarters. All of the victims were in two 4 "We married the missing persons report and the tip information with the gun.? ? Police Chief Michael W. Young left-turn lanes that lead into the agency's complex from eastbound Dolley Madison Boulevard (Route 1123). The red light was about 500 feet from the gates of the 258-acre CIA complex. In the few moments it took for the suspect?described by police as tm,yhite male with a dark complex- Jon between 20 and 30 years old, 145 to 165 pounds, with a medium build and dark brown or black, me- dium-length hair?to shoot and speed away, drivers in cars and buses ducked behind dashboards for cover. Killed were Lansing C. Bennett, 36, of Reston, a physician and in- celligence analyst for the CIA, and kank Darling, 28, also of Reston, vho was assigned to tasks involving overt operations. The men lived ess than a half-mile apart. Two other CIA employees seri- usly injured were Nicholas Starr, 0,, of Oakton, an intelligence an- iy5tond Calvin Morgan. pi. of Vienna, an engineer. Both have been released from Fairfax Hospi- tal. A third wounded person, Stephen E. Williams, 48, of Fairfax, an em- ployee of AT&T, was slightly in- jured. Darling's wife, Judy, was in the car with him at the time of the shooting but was not injured. Although both of the men who died lived in Reston, Horan said, police -n k -of an Onneg-, tion they ad toK?i. Bennett's wife, Inga Wells- Bennett, praised investigators yes- terday. "A lot of people have put in a lot of hours," she said. "I'm amazed they found something." Barrett and Jo Anne Burka, who were at the traffic light when the shooting happened and provided police with a description that led to the release of a composite drawing of the gunman, said yesterday the sight of Kansi's photograph on tele- vision frightened them. "Looking at it, psychologically, sent a chill down my spine," Barrett Burka said. "I can't say I recognized him, but certain things were familiar. The fuzzy cheeks. The smile. The almost benign appearance of him. We felt a certain amount of relief, and a certain amount of anger," he said. Staff writers DeNeen L. Brown, D'Vera Cohn, Robert O'Harrow Jr. and Pierre Thomas contributed to this report. CPYRGHT Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 Puzzled Neighbors Say Shooting Suspect Was-Qtifet By D'Vera Cohn ' and Robert (Marrow Jr. Washington Post Staff Writers MrAimal Kansi was described by neiglibOii at his Reston low-rise apartment complex as a quiet man who did not seem remarkable in any way until he was named yesterday as the suspect in the methodical shooting rampage last month that killed two people outside CIA head- quarters in Langley. Police said Kansi is i',28year-olc Pakistani citizen who had been in th(. country illegally, hut had been grant ? ed legal status under general inmi, gration aninesty?ftgliFd rwoit Pei?? !tilt Ind was employed Tri package .cotniert He had never been a CIA einployee, police said. They said h might have left the country, but that that has not yet been determine( . Kansi is now the subject of a work.- wide manhunt. Kansi's name came to light short y after the Jan. 25 shootings, poll( e said, when his roommate report( d him missing from their ground-floor unit at aure a e Reston, about 15 miles west of Washington. A privately owned subsidized de- velopment with 200 unit, Laurel Glade is a well-kept three-story htiek complex in the Hunters Woods section of Reston. The apartments are near the U.S. Geo- logical Survey and in the same neighborhood as Dogwood Elemen- tary School. Rents are moderate; a two-bed- room unit goes for $650 a month. No one answered the door yester- day at the apartment rented in the name of Ahmed Mir, a man neigh- bors described as being in his thir- ties. Resident manager Sandra Sly . said Mir had rented the one-bedroom unit since October 1991. Although police said Mir had a roommate, Sly said his lease did not allow room- mates. Other residents of the building said they were not sure they recog- nized Kansi as their neighbor from I the photograph shown on television. Several of them also said two or more men occupied the apartment. 'Occu- pants were quiet and reserv s, though not unfriendly. Ghias Ahmed, who lives upstairs from the apartment where police said Kansi lived, said his neighbor "looks like a very regular guy" and often said hello. Ting Sourivong remembered Kansi differently. "He is so quiet," Sourivong said. "We never talked to him." Authorities did not release much information on Kansi or Mir, but neighbors said they thought one man drove a taxi and another worked in a grocery store, One of the men, ac- cording to one neighbor, drove an ash-colored station wagon; police have described the gunman's car as a, medium-brown station wagon. Neighbors said they realized something was amiss on Monday, when police stopped by the building severs two men who appeared to be under- cover officers watched the buildiig from across the street in a van. Neighbors said they were puzzb and terrified at seeing Kansi's fac on the evening news. "It's v( scary, especially happening in t u neighborhood," said James So rivong, 20, who lives across the lull Sly said her tenant, Mir, is a r sponsible man who paid his bills o time. She said she felt sorry for hi because of the notoriety attache( someone mentioned in connecticio with such a high-profile case. "The gentleman that lived tl,e13 was a nice man," she said about MI "I never had a problem." 6 -o Staff writer Patricia Davis 4.4 contributed to this report. CD 6- WOO 1.900VZO Approved For Releas 200110411V9 .Inni-OltlirMa62400m000l-9 KANSI -POLICE SKETCH Dates in the case of Mir Aimal Kansi, who police say killed two men and wounded three others outside the CIA's Langley headquarters: Oct. 2, 1964: Kansi is born in the provincial capital of Quetta, Pakistan. March 3, 1991: He enters the United States through John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Feb. 3, 1992: Kansi applies for asylum in the United States. Feb. 12: The Immigration and Naturalization Service grants Kansi a one- year work permit. Though it was renewable, Kansi never applied for renewal. Jan. 16, 1993: Kansi buys a Beretta .25-caliber semiautomatic pistol, an East German Makarov 9mm semiautomatic pistol and a Colt AR-15 .223-caliber assault rifle at David Condon Guns in Chantilly. Jan. 22: Kansi buys a Chinese-made Norinco AK-47-type assault rifle and ammunition at the Chantilly gun store, trading in the,AR-15. Jan. 25: Five people are shot, two fatally, while sitting in cars at a traffic light outside CIA headquarters in Langley. Jan. 26: A man police believe was Kansi flew from Washington to Pakistan Jan. 28: Kansi's roommate, Zahed Mir, reports Kansi missing to Fairfax police. Mir tells police he last saw Kansi on the day of the shooting9, Jan. 30: Kansi calls Mir to say that he will not be returning to their Reston apartment and that someone will come for his belongings. Feb. 6: Mir again calls police and tells them he believes Kansi may have been involved in the shootings. Mir's was among about 2,500 tips police received during the investigation. Feb. 8: Police search the Reston apartment. They find an AK-47-type rifle and several other weapons. A jacket and pants fitting witnesses' descriptions of what the gunman wore also are found. Shards of glass are on some of the clothes; car windows were shot out at the CIA. Feb. 9: Authorities announce that ballistics tests show Kansi's AK-47 rifle is the weapon used in the shootings and that Kansi has been charged with capital murder. Feb. 10: Manhunt spreads worldwide for Kansi. ings, particularly because he seemed search warrant, investigators found so quiet and reserved. "We're an Chinese-made AK-47-style rifle shocked," he said. "You picture some under the couch in the apartment Mir kind of animal of a person. This guy is and Kansi shared. They also found a [apparently] the opposite." suitcase loaded with bullets and 11 Police are not sure how long magazines for the assault weapon, Kansi lived in Reston. His room- the affidavit said. mate, Zahed Ahmed Mir, 39, who Yesterday, law enforcement offi- reported Kansi missing three days dais still sought motives in the CIA after the CIA shootings, has been shootings, focusing on Kansi's no- renting the apartment since Octo- tive province of Baluchistan, where the . ? H Approved For ReleasrMiulgliggrplpep6-919 ;i1?44b410eVioA0 pressed by the federal government, all Isuex mat paluem ma:; 11E3 e pc 'Mkt Ples a`Pg! ,s,um.spied pI em o oadAloo Ins pies aq _Tommie aq lsmae saanq patuaouo. pamapualu! ?sp sdotis apt, tumspied se jp aiatil aiati UI an!! Aum 7 -Un[eamod p. JUJLt" BY OAYNA splayed her 81 st, whether sh t in 1 in each case .t attack occt )Cd the sus! FingerpattOd For,4yeipri;IAO. ciff:1414tilisC I Class Found on Car, CPYRGHT Shell Casing CPYRGHT and Robert O'Harrow Jr. Washington Past Staff Writers By Bill Miller SHOOTING, From Al our leads as being eliminated at this point." Sources said yesterday that the bgerprints will be most useful if They are of sufficient quality to use n a computer screening process, if :hey are indeed those of the gun- man and if the gunman has been rrrested for a felony. The FBI has mr its computer only the prints of )eople arrested for felonies. Mil- ions of others exist in paper files, which must be searched by hand. The CIA has planned a memorial ;ervice at its headquarters today or Lansing H. Bennett, 66, of Res- on, a physician and intelligence Analyst, and Frank Darling, 28, of Aeston, who worked in covert op- erations. Security was especially ight again yesterday at all en- rances to the romple:, cf Bennett and Darling were in their cars at a stoplight on Dolley Madison Boulevard (Route 123), preparing to turn into the CIA en- trance, when the gunman suddenly ( merged from a car and opened fire shortly before 8 a.m. Monday. Two ther CIA employees, Nicholas Starr, 60, and Calvin Morgan, 61, were wounded. They continued to liow improvement at Fairfax Hos- ital, where their conditions were t.pgraded yesterday to fair. The third injured man, Stephen E. Williams, who was treated for soperficial wounds and released Monday, works for a CIA contrac- t )r. All were stopped at the light. Franklin said police now believe tie gunman stopped his car?de- s xibed as a dark, medium-sized a itomobile?directly behind Ben- n3tt's Saab in one of the turn lanes. After the shooting, witnesses said, 1?. maneuvered the car past Ben- n W's and continued east on Route, Fingerprints believed to be those of the gunman who killed two men and wounded three others outside the CIA's Langley headquarters Monday have been discovered on one of the victim's cars and on a :shell casing, sources close to the investigation said yesterday. Based on the size of shell casings left at the scene of the bloody rush- hour incident, investigators also have determined that the gun used Monday was one of a few basic models of the AK-47-type assault rifle. Each carries 10 to 30 rounds of ammunition and is available at local gun stores. Investigators have been canvass- ing gun stores throughout the Washington area in hopes that Mon- day's gunman had bought his weap- on recently, police said. Although many hurdles remain, law enforcement sources said the fingerprints, if they match those in FBI computer files, could provide a major break leading them to a sus- pect, or could at least help them target or eliminate people who are brought in for questioning. Fairfax County police Capt. Da- vid Franklin, head of the depart- ment's Major Crime Division, de- clined to discuss any findings yes- terday. He said there has been no "final analysis" of the evidence. "We've received a lot of good leads," Franklin said at a news brief- ing. "All of these leads are being investigated. I personally feel that we're making progress, but it's a slow and tedious process." Franklin said that since the inci- dent, police have received more than 400 calls with information on the incident via a special 24-hour- a-day phone line staffed by inves- tigators. "There are a lot of people we've been given information about," he said. "I wouldn't characterize any of See SHOOTING, Al2, Col. I .23 Then h nich d, IcaN ing details. Police found at least se e INIE9&HOW8c9R0 least one that yielded a fingerprint, sources said. Authorities said the shell would have been touched as it was being loaded into the gun's clip. It was not clear last night from which car the other fingerprint was retrieved. Depending on their quality, the rints can be entered into the FBI's omputerized fingerprint laborato- y, which has prints from more than 5 million people arrested by fed- ral, state and local police depart- cuts. Leslie J. Wallace, a spokeswoman or the FBI, said the bureau also aintains fingerprints of more than 2 million other people, including Il military personnel and other fed- ral employees, some police, and orkers in places such as banks hat must register prints under fed- ral law. The length of time it takes to entify a fingerprint depends reatly on its clarity, Wallace said, dding, "Under ideal conditions, it an take two to three hours, but it uld take up to two to three days r even longer." FBI specialists in computerized ngerprinting were not available to :plain hct'c the compi:zc:- ngerprints. But other specialists id the computer reads lines, loops d other fingerprint features and lects potential matches that then ust be reviewed visually by lab- atory analysts. The computer can view millions of fingerprints and lect 25 candidates in seconds. e private consultant said that en partial prints or smudges, al- t ough less desirable, can be en- nced and run through computers i a search for a match. Law enforcement sources said t e dimensions of the shell casings I them to believe that the gunman p ?bably used one of several basic k ds of semiautomatic Military- s le firearms: an SKS, a gas-oper- a d rifle with 10 rounds, or a vari- Those who track cases lot ma a on of the AK-47, the most widely violence said the choice of fireari a the AKM. Both the AK-47 and suggested that Monday's assault w d assault rifle in the world, such well planned and that the gunman h AKM carry 30-round maga- a strong mission?possibly, one sa) a war with the CIA. In addition, t zi es. Such weapons have been ! d in other recent multiple shoot- fact that bullets were fired metho s across the nation. ically into car windows, rather th, t S !I 001-9 kind the victims and dozens of wit- nesses, many too shocked to recall details. Police found at least seven shell casings near the cars, including at Least one that yielded a fingerprint, ources said. Authorities said the r hell would have been touched as it was being loaded into the gun's clip. k was not clear last, Fo which car the other 41 gwas retrieved. CPYRGHT of CP Authorities said they plan to sprayed indiscriminately, indicao w pictures of the guns to wit- that he knew how to use an assat sses in the CIA shooting in hopes weapon, they said. pinpointing the kind of weapon "Mass murderers are looking d. accomplish a goal," said James Ali GHT Fox', a criminologist from NortheaE ern University. "The goal is to g reynnge "na. r-we rnriA ?, Nothing is more efficient than a fir killed, the sweeter the reveng r Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R00240051'00044r1Y a semiautomati t-te came prepared for battle." e..11 8,/ 7,8* CPYRGHT Approved For Release 200-11,4/0Z : CiA-RDP96-007891102400510001-9 , )11.* NGTON POST AK-47 STYLE ASSAULT RIFLES Before the 1989 U.S. ban on importing certain assault weapons, U.S. companies AK-47 brought more than 130,000 AK-47 assault rifles and similar weapons into the country each year, according to the National Association of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers. Gun dealers still may legally sell the weapons. AK-47 AKM SKS AMMUNITION: 7.62mm 7.62mm 7.62mm CAPACITY: 30 rounds 30 rounds 10 rounds WEIGHT: 2 pounds 1.4 pounds 1.7 pounds LENGTH: 27.5/34.2* inches 34.5 inches 40.2 inches MUZZLE VELOCITY: 710 meters/second 715 meters/second 735 meters/second FIRING RATE: 600 rounds/minute 600 rounds/minute 600 rounds/minute EFFECTIVE RANGE: 300 meters 300 meters 400 meters MANUFACTURER: Not in production In production Obsolete in The AK-47 is a compact weapon capable of selective fire. It is supplied in two versions, one with a rigid butt arid one with a double-strut folding metal butt-stock. 111 The AKM is a modernized and improved version of the AK-47. It is lighter and has a greater muzzle velocity. When supplied with a folding butt- stock, it is the AKMS. N The SKS is a gas-operated rifle of conventional design. This weapon was replaced in military service by the AK-47. NOTE: The AK-47 and variations have been made in China (type 56), Finland (M60 and M62), Germany (MPiK, MPiKS), Hungary, North Korea (type 58), Poland (PMK), Romania and Yugoslavia (M70 and IM70A). * stock folded/stock unfolded SOURCES: KRT Graphics, Jane's Infantry Weapons THE WASHIKTON POST Approved For Release 2001/04/02 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002400510001-9 ainst Odds, Trauma Team Saved Life, Limb Of Langley Victim 5;) -;..41. Morn siffieied at least one 0 . Dgunshot wound to his left arm. 0 edicaI authorities said the bullet .0 ..' traveled up his arm and. lodged be-'' 0 0 Itind his ear. ' The two men were wounded by a NI , 0 - gunman who fired at close range as D ? -..-they sat in their cars waiting for a .) i,Aight to change on Dolley Madison :0 Boulevard (Route 123). Two men D i ill ed at the scene, while a third mo- ...... . ? I. torist was treated at Arlington Hos- 33 ft pital and released. 3) t , 3- VICTIM' S From 131 ' 3 * v r -t cnticaMlof theweljp.arra--ri-"'""'C-4' ct rp y 5 liatrnal Capital trustees for appar- .. dagy.standing by while the compa- ay went downhilll-The. rep9rt ac- 0 :used the trustees of nof itaking heir jobs seriously, and of hecom- ag concerned about the company's ondition only after they realized D ley could be exposed to legal lia- N lity. Yesterday, former board chair- co an Charles P. Duvall, current lairman Peter J. O'Malley and rrent Chief Executive Benjamin . Giuliani admitted that mistakes o d been made. DifVall said the trustees did not o 0. Si.drr underwent nearly .fz .flours of surgery . at; Fairfax Hospital, fion Monday. Morgan was in the operat- ing room a fewhpurs. Starr,. who con7 ..senteetcl'allOWing his doctor to dis- cuss his ease; :underwent additional surgery yesterday afternoon to re- dress his wound, Trask said. When he recovers, Starr will have some impairment in his left arm because one of its three major nerves was severed and another nerve is not working, according to the doctor. Because of the blood loss Starr ct ,15amtill(71151,-tOPIni- sional collage that was given to Gamble upon his /retirement, though he said he personally, rather than Blue,Cross, paid about $2,800 for a r.efirement dinner for Gamble. Giuliani said he has "made thou- sands of decisions" in his tenure at :the company, but ."none of them embarrassed me more" than autho- rizing payment forthe collage. Duvall, who left the board Jan. 1, called the collage, which featured images of golf clubs, passports and other travel-related items, "a met- aphor for the corporate culture of senior management under Mr. Gamble." 2ulpunj ponupuoo uo "uoIspap 21uptelop s! ilS PS5pli9pa1g lanpuoo s,Aueduloo *hut cta nligro 10=0 suffered, hospital workers put out an. Urgent r.all Monday morning for donors, especially those with his :rare 0-negative blood type. More tliaff:: 250 people-four times the usual donor pool?showed up, cre- ating a two-hour backup at the Blood Donor Services office. Anoth- er 200 people gave blood Tuesday. David Gens, an assistant profes- sor of surgery at the University of Maryland's Shock Trauma Center, said the key to saving severely in- jured people is to get them to a good trauma facility quickly. "Minutes are important," espe- cially with substantial blood loss, Gens said. "If it's true [Starr] ost his entire blood volume, then 45 minutes, for example, might have meant death." While praising the efforts of his trauma staff, Trask said there was nothing particularly unusual or he- roic in their efforts to save Starr's life. "This happens in trauma centers almost every day," he said. "It's just that they're usually not working at the CIA. And they're usually not shot with an AK-47." ,, . ,-.......,,...,14... atiu t'..i,ky meat 'bays: ., , . . .' , ,. : . . . -.. . , --, '? i' Fiat payment required on acceptance of highest bid; . . ?A .uctioneer: :".';',-- .. ' . -.., . .' ,, ? - ,.. ? lielfitel /goblin ' ORIENTAL Rua LPUIPATION CENTE ircetiQfls From 495j Route 7 Wct, ill Kswm turn. te, NIW T,irt4-Waskkii#,CO.yi right -on. Spring Ildf Rd. to.1524.1):1s the ,l'ost x)in There's good news for health-conscious cookie consumers in Wednesday's Post Food section. -Japun paval seg Ito suolleS 000'00Z Parlupso ue dn 2u!utop s! maw ooexad, E '1E1S 21.4.11101 la/AM n-nn1um 1..17 MI }111t1S0D pu4 _ ? sgrow xls 2upiel Si Apeasie !pp& `Th:Ine luopuadopu! am Jo amp; ain loop ow smoim lnoTeht aqj, ntranTlfral 11 ini in effirr', woovel: 90 ipg investigators Looking for a Marksman Weren't Too Many Shots Wasted,' Source Says By Patricia Davis and Bill Millet Washington Post Staff Writers Fairfax County's chief prosecutor ad others investigating last week's hooting outside the CIA's head- uarters said yesterday that they elieve the gunman is a skilled larksman. "From all the evidence available, nis was a very efficient gunman," aid Commonwealth's Attorney tobert F. Horan Jr. "He certainly ,as well armed." "It's obvious to those of us in the usiness, there weren't too many hots wasted," said a source close 3 the investigation. Horan declined to discuss any ev- fence in the incident, but sources said ,the gunman fired at least 10 rounds;* hitting the five victims v.zOic (limb. A vt.11....v b4Id Ulu gun- man, who parked a brown compact station wagon behind one the vic- tim's cars, fired shots as he moved toward the front of the line of traffic waiting to enter the complex, then continued shooting on his way back to his car. Two men were killed and three others were wounded by what police have described as an AK-47 type of semiautomatic assault rifle shortly before 8 a.m. as they sat waiting to turn left from Dolley Madison Bou- levard (Route 123) into CIA head- quarters, in Langley. Four of the vic- See SHOOTING, D5, Col. 5 I Hillary Clinton consoles victims' families at CIA service. Page D5 CPYRGHT CPYRCHT-- tims were CIA employees and the T1YR4.P96407188R00240051 While investigators suspect the gunman may have a grudge against the CIA, they still have no motive for the shootings. "Some people want to say this is a real crazed wacko as op- posed to some cold, calculating hit man or someone with a mission against the CIA," Horan said. "Any conclusion is pure speculation." Police sources and others familiar with firearms said proficiency with an AK-47 type of weapon, a military as- sault rifle capable of firing 10 or more rounds, could come through practice or military training. Edward Ezell, the firearms cu- rator at the National Museum of American History, said it "was pret- ty amazing" that the gunman was able to hit so many people in such a short time. The gunman's apparent choice of only male targets, bypassing at least two women, showed that he had some skill with the weapon, Ezell said. He added that the events demonstrated some preparation by the gunman, rather than a spur-of- the-moment shooting. However, some gun experts said it doesn't take a lot of expertise to shoot someone with a rifle from as 7,Iose as three feet. "That's point-blank range," said ';layward Long, owner of the Blue Ridge Arsenal, an indoor firing mnge and gun shop in Chantilly. 'Anyone can do that. It doesn't take skill. That weapon is not all that :!.omplicated to use." Long and two other area gun shop officials said skill usually is re- quired when shooting an AK-47 type of weapon at a distance. But others noted that the gunman was firing under stressful conditions, in a hurry and moving. They sug- gested he might have prepared for the shooting at a firing range. Law enforcement authorities called the owner of Clark Brothers firing range in Warrenton, Va., last week to ask if anyone matching the gunman's description had practiced with an assault weapon recently. The range, about a 90-minute drive from CIA headquarters, is open to the public. "It does make you perk up and take notice," said Steve Clark, the owner. "The composite picture is pretty much anybody, unfortunate- ly. I'd like nothing better than to turn in somebody like this." Meanwhile, Nicholas Starr, one of the three men wounded in the shooting, was released from Fairfax Hospital yesterday, 11 days after he "From all the _ evidence available, this ' was a very efficient gunman." ? Robert F. Horan Jr. commonwealth's attorney. ^ a wouna to his upper arm th?. vered the bone, an artery veins. "He certainly has come rfdi way," said Art Trask, chief of tt ma services. He's in "good spir and adjusting to the obvious Trc lem he's still got to face." Fairfax police and FBI agen some teamed in pairs, contintre: wade through the more than 1,51 tips they have received since shooting. "There are too many tives here," a source said. "We' just following up every phone call. FBI officials also are analyzing' fi gerprints found at the scene ,9n cartridge casing and one of the v: tims' cars, sources said. Police continue to investiga whether a 29-year-old man,': Iv chael T. Murray, charged spray-painting CIA-related grafi on streets surrounding Vienna? w involved in the shooting. Accordil to sources, there is no eviden that he is the gunman. Murray said yesterday that .1 was not involved in the shoe& but he acknowledged that he''.w the one who painted graffiti, in.thi ing the words "CIA," "Crime' -a) "Police," in December and Januar3 "It's a criminal infrastructure have been trying to expose," Mt ray said. "The best way to tai down a conspiracy is from the edg out " he said in explaining 1,vhy 1 Approved For Release 2001/04/02 :rakIIS *P4Kt iittAlkgtVknnstital AltrAreets around Vienna The 60-year-old CIA intelligence Staff writer Robert O'llarrow Jr. to