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November 4, 2016
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November 12, 2002
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April 4, 1995
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memorandum REPLY TO ATTN OF: SG1I 4 Apr 95 S-23,023/PAX-TA PAX-TA PAX-TA Monthly Activity Report - March 1995 (U) PAX 1. (U) Personnel: - Per NMIPC (P-AS1) our authorized strength remains at 11 with six personnel assigned. Approved For Release.?003/.01/T?9"RRft96-00789R002500230002-8 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Intel Tech, has been accepted for a position in J2S. Her last day is 31 Mar 95. With her departure we will be at 45% of authorized strength. 2. (U) Administration: - No change. 3. (U) Training: - None. 4. (C) Travel: - None. 5. (U) Transportation/Logistics: - Mar 95 mileage report forwarded to DAL-2 on on 4 Apr 95. - GDIP funding for PAX-TA facility and base support to include supplies closes out on 30 Sep 95. REPRODUCTION REQUIRES WARNING NOTICE-INTELLIGENCE APPROVAL OF ORIGINATOR SOURCES OR METHODS INVOLVED OR HIGHER DOD AUTHORITY FURTHER DISSEMINATION ONLY AS DIRECTED BY PAX OR HIGHER DOD AUTHORITY CLASSIFIED BY MULTIPLE SOURCES DECLASSIFY ON OADR OPTIONAL FORM NO. 10 (REV. 1-80) NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS G SA FPMR (41 CFR) 101-11.8 Approved For Release 2003/01/1gr A 6-00789R00250023000B48 Approved For Release 2003/01/1 00789R002500230002-8 6. (S/NF/WN/SG/LIMDIS) Operations: - Supported CENTCOM regarding an exercise they will conduct in the near future in CONUS. Two reports provided to the DIA HUMINT representative to the J2. No evaluation feedback as yet. - Additional tasking received from JIATF-West. Requirements being tasked. - Monthly STIC-C meeting canceled due to member(s) mission requirements. - 14 Mar 95: briefed the STIC Information Technology Working Group regarding the status of the Technical Intelligence Collection Review (TICR) - 21 Mar 95: provided an overview Project STAR GATE briefing to Dr. Benjamin Adams, Deputy to Mr. Lin Wells II, Deputy to the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy) for Policy Support. Accompanying were ORD/CIA designated Project STAR GATE progra , and Comptroller's Office. Also present was HIGGINS note prepared as to results and forwarded to PAX, PA and PC-D. - 21-29 Mar 95: CIA independent contractor, reviewed an annotated the PAX-TA 11,14 aphy of documents that was prepared by with the assistance of wi a used for documents to be forwarded to the "B Ribbon" panel for their review and preparation of the final report. reports directly to I I CIA designated Project STAR GATE program manager. is expected to return to our facility on 11 April 95. is the Activity POC for this REPRODUCTION REQUIRES APPROVAL OF ORIGINATOR OR HIGHER DOD AUTHORITY WARNING NOTICE-INTELLIGENCE SOURCES OR METHODS INVOLVED FURTHER DISSEMINATION ONLY AS DIRECTED BY PAX OR HIGHER DOD AUTHORITY 2 Approved FoPPMe l ! T@IA WWO-MMO 99130002-8 STAR GATE Approved For Release 2003/01 6-00789R002500230002-8 - 31 Mar 95: Draft background paper for DR provided to Chief, PAX for his review regarding a CIA request to declassify DIA sponsorship of Project STAR GATE to include, where possible, published reports and findings. Approval of the CIA request from the Chief, ORD could facilitate the efforts of the CIA designated "Blue Ribbon" panel and the efforts of the DCI Declassification Committee. - 31 Mar 95: HIGGINS note on Project STAR GATE highlights regarding the program transfer, and the transfer of documents forwarded to PAX, PA and PC-D for information. attended Technical Intelligence Collection Review (TICR)/Community Steering Group meetings in his capacity as the "Community" S&T issue coordinator for information warfare. The purpose of the Steering Group meetings was to finalized the draft for coordination within the DoD and the Community. Also attending the meetings were SG1J as the representative. y role in is final process has been to fully coordinate proposed changes with both SG1J Bottom ine: TIM report shaping up as a "comfortable" document that DoD will be able to live with. Also key has been the efforts of SG1I Chief, CFM. - In-house proficiency enhancement training will be conducted in the absence of any customer requirements. (S/NF/SG/LIMDIS) Future Highlights: - 15-16 June 95: STIC off-site at (U) Other: - None. SG1J REPRODUCTION REQUIRES APPROVAL OF ORIGINATOR OR HIGHER DOD AUTHORITY FURTHER DISSEMINATION ONLY AS DIRECTED BY PAX OR HIGHER DOD AUTHORITY WARNING NOTICE-INTELLIGENCE SOURCES OR METHODS INVOLVED SG1H amewaRqFJ~ Approved FoPfglelg?&$/I! T@IPFRBP6M0ftlgM30002-8 STAR GATE