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November 4, 2016
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June 8, 2004
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August 19, 1993
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Approved For Release tttKtf-RDP96-00789ROO2500240006-3 SG1J SG1J MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD 19 Aug 93 SUBJECT; Input for Dr. Anita Jones Paper, DDR&E (U) C NF SG.LIMDIS) Background. On 19 Aug 93, I was advised by that COL Paul Sullivan, DDR&E, (703-697-5776) would be calling me tor further data on the STAR GATE ram. The data would be in addition to the data provided to on 18 Aug 93. 2. (S/NF/SG/LIMDIS) Phonecon between COL Sullivan, SG1J 1255H, 19 Aug 93. - COL Sullivan advised that he had been tasked by Dr. Jones to prepare an information paper for Dr. Deutsch regarding her impressions and recommendations for continuation of the program. COL Sullivan advised that Dr. Deutsch had sent Dr. Jones a note that he had received the STAR GATE briefing and that he had found it to be "very Interesting" and that she should make arrangements to receive the briefing. Subsequent to the original Deutsch note, other queries were made to Dr. Jones about the program ("What are you doing about STAR GATE?"). Hence the request from Dr. Jones for the briefing of 4 June 93. - COL Sullivan further advised that the information paper would address program history; program execution; key personnel involvement and alternatives. The alternatives are: (1) No change; (2) Reducing the program to a monitoring role (foreign assessment); and (3) kill the program. COL Sullivan advised that Dr. Jones would recommend "No Change" in program status. - Questions posed by COL Sullivan: Question: Who owns the billets and who pays for them? Response: DIA owns and pays for the billets. I further advised that the Congressional plus u was for R&D program funding onl H Question: What DIA PE code covers program expenditures? Response: I advised that I did not know and stated I would ca 11 back with the data. In a phonecon with I was advised that the PE line was 0310301L, General Defense Intelligence Program. The base project code was "Base: S&T Intel". In a return phonecon, I advised COL Sullivan Is secretary of the aforementioned data n 11 1 RCRIP96-00 3 ILLEGIB roved For Release 2004/0 Sol E VqARIAI N< 1..P>I:. TO 'ORGYG~t ~1ATIODiAL ~~ ? " regarding PE data. r'? pS? sIFY ON Approved For Release 2004/04/ 9 : IA-RDP96-00789R002500240006-3 Question: What does the contract cover? Response: Contract covers basic and applied research effort and its application for in-house investigations; and foreign assessments. COL Sullivan then stated that all three pillars: basic and applied research; foreign assessments; and in-house investigations are "blended". My response was yes. Question: If DIA does not request funding for this program why the plus up? Response: Congressional interest. Question; Who are some of the congressional personnel involved? Response: Senator Cohen of Maine; Senator Glenn of Ohio; Senator Pell of Rhode Island; and Senator Inouye (phonetic) of Hawaii. Congressional staffers were Mr. C. Richard D'Amato, Mary Marshall (SAC) and Gary Sojka (SSCI) and Pete Dorn (SSCI). COL Sullivan implied that Dr. Deutsch might want to discuss the program with these individuals. Question: Can DIA continue monitoring foreign SG1 H assessments) Response: Yes. I advised COL Sullivan that we had developed an all-source collection strategy and that we had traveled to Europe and Asia to put it in place. Question: Why no Congressional money in FY 93? Response: I state that I had no real answer except that the monies allocated in FY92 were two year funds and would carry us through FY 94. Question: What monies do you expect for FY94? Response: No idea until the Congressional language is received. - COL Sullivan thanked me for the data and advised he would contact me if he needed more information. mOT RELEASABLE TO FORE?GN NATIONALS 0991S Approved For Release "6-00 Approved For Release 2004/07/0 4- LL 14 SG1J Chief, PAG-TA 3-107 ,1rA;, Wt TO FORETCIv NATIONALS p koved For Release 2004/07/09 : A-RDP96&f 0 f L06-3