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November 4, 2016
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June 8, 2004
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August 25, 1993
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Approved For Release 20041[T9":'IA-1#8%-00789R002500240008-1 WASHINGTON, DC 20301-3010 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY L ' : _ 0 ' 33 08:38 R2112T T1 MEMORANDUM FOR UNDER SECRETARY OF DEFENSE (ACQUISITION) FROM: Director of Defense Research Engineering PURPOSE: INFORMATION--to provide background and DDR&E recommendation on continuing Project STARGATE SUBJECT: Project STARGATE 5 AUG 1931 (s) Hifil Genesis in FY-86 Congressional committee action. PY-92 Appropriations Act directs that program efforts be directed/divided between foreign assessment; basic and applied research; and operational activities. Funding history: FY 86-89 - total of $6.35M (Army); FY-90 - $0; FY-91 - $2M; FY- 92 -- $2M; FY-93 - $0 (all by congressional adds). FY-94 budget request: $0. Does not include DIA,s costs for direct personnel support to the program. (S) Execen: Majority of funding (75%) is executed through SAIC to support a Menlo Park-based research effort. The monitoring effort is a collaborative effort between the contractor and DIA personnel, but could be performed by DIA alone. DIA support consists of ten personnel, including three e?operational personnel." (U) HJl_J,.Jntprgst: Main supporters have been Sen. Cohen (R- ME) (ardent supporter); Sen. Poll (D-RI) (also strong supporter); and Sen. Glenn (D-OH). Sen. Inouye .(D-HI) is reputed to be supportive as well. (U) Atjtives 1. (U) No change; finish spending the Congressional appropriation. 2. (U) Reduce the effort to monitoring only - i.e., terminate the SAIC research effort. 3. (U) Terminate the program. This would leave DoD in a poor posture to respond to a foreseeable "press situation." Prepared by: Col. Alan P. Sullivan, x7-5776 COORDINATION: None. Classified by: DIA Declassify on: OADR Approved For Release 2004/07/09 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002500240008-1 SECRET-?LI DIS tte 4994 ffi 5W 0 g 11 r Sheet. 9.: GL~-RQQ96-0078900240008-1 1 1-7 ,art eut of Defense LyEFMqSE CHI ENGPZMPXC E1O1 he NubWO Washbigton, DC 1 U1U Offtm- 6 693-7167 -IFAXI (703)