EVALUATION OF PROJECT 94-267-0, 94-268-0, 94-269-0 AND 94-272-0

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November 4, 2016
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March 3, 2003
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October 27, 1993
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STARGATE SG1A SG1H 10/27/94 , and Subject: Evaluation of Project 94-267-0, 94-268-0 IU~ 94-272-0 TO: DIA PAG-TA Fm: DIA LNO @ JIATF EAST 1. Intelligence information indicates that a series of smuggling operations is underway involving the shipment of multi-ton quantities of cocaine from Colombia to Mexico. The supplied tail number II was from an aircraft that had previously been associated wit this activity. 3. In project 94.272-0 (second session), Source B was redirected and was asked for the aircraft ETA and exact destination in Mexico. This information (even though we cannot confirm it to be true) was very much appreciated in that it does provide the actionable type of information that JIATF-EAST requires. OVERALL RATING BY PROJECT AND SOURCE PROJECT 94-267-0 ACCURACY OF INFORMATION Source A POSSIBLY TRUE Source B N/A Source C POSSIBLY TRUE INFORMATION VALUE Source A LOW VALUE Source B N/A Source C LOW VALUE ,; TARGATE Approved For Release 2003 '~T 18 l1 - DP96-00789R002500250001-7 Approved For Release 2 5 /o1 WMTA6-4789R002500250001-7 w! STARGATE PROJECT' 94-268-0 ACCURACY OF INFORMATION Source B PARTS POSSIBLY TRUE AND PART UNTRUE Source C POSSIBLY NOT TRUE INFORMATION VALUE source A Source B Source C LOW VALUE OF SOME VALUE LOW VALUE ACCURACY OF INFORMATION Source A N/A Source B POSSIBLY TRUE Source C POSSIBLY NOT TRUE INFORMATION VALUE Source A NO VALUE Source B OF SOME VALUE Source C NO VALUE PROJECT 94-272-0 (SECOND SESSION) Source A N/A Source B OF VALUE Source C N/A SG1J Approved For Release 12003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R0025002 0001-7 DIA Liaison @ JIATF