EVALUATION OF PROJECT 94-267-0, 94-268-0, 94-269-0, 94-272-0

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November 4, 2016
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March 3, 2003
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October 27, 1993
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f~STARGATE SG1A SG1H 10/27/94 Subject : Evaluation of Prvjec-=~~_~.~~'~"268-U, 94-269-0 f and 94-272--4 Tt3 < DIA PAG~-TA Fm : DIA I,Nb @ ,7IATF' EAST 1. intelligence information indicates that a series of smuggling operations is underway invr~lving the shipment of multi-ton c,~uantities of cocaine trorn Colombia to Me.xica. The supplied taiY I7ulltk~er- was tram an aircraft that had px-eviously been assaaiated with this activity. 3. Yn project 94~-272-0 (second aessian)i Source B Was redirected and Was asked for the aircraft ETA and exact destination in Mexico. This information (even though we cannot confirm it tc~ be true) was very much appreciated in that it dues provide the actionable type of informat.iart that JIATF-EAST x'equires . OVERALL FZATTNG BY P'RdJECT AND ACCUI~,AGY C-F INFf.7FZMATION Saurce A POSSIBLY TRUE Saurce B N/~, SouroE: G FOSSI$LY TRUE INFC7FZMATION VALUE Source A LbW VALUE Source B N/A Souse C LOW VALUE rTA~GATE Approved For Release 200~i4- R 96-007898002500250007-1 ~ STARGATE Approved For Release 2003/04/18: CIA-RDP96-0 7898002500250007-1 STARGATE PROJECT 94-25$-d! AGCURAc:Y OF INFORM,ATIaN , Source A POSSIBLY TRUE Source B PARTS paSSIBLY TRUE AND F'AFZT UN~'RUE~ SQUrGE'. ~ POSSIBLY NOT TkvE INFC7RMl?1TIC7N VALUE Source A LOW VALUE Souxc~ B OF SOME VALUE Source c LOW VALUE FRO,TEC'I' 94-259-0 ACCURAGY aF INFORMATIC7N Source A N/A Source B p(~SSIBLY TRUE Sour+~~ C POSSIBLY NOT TRUE INFUI~MATION VALUE Source A NO VALUE gpt,xrce g OF SOME VALUE Source C NO VALUE PROJEG'T 94-Z72-0 (SECOND SESSION) Source A N/A Sou7rCe: B Off' VALUE Source: G N/A Regards, SG1J Approved For Release 003/04/18: CIA-RDP96-00789800250025 007-1