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Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002600050004-5 SAP REPORT FORMAT CLASSIFICATION DEPARTMENT and/or AGENCY Unclassified Program Nickname and Classified Program Title i FY 1996 SA REPORT ? Resource Summary: (President's budget, dollars In thousands) >o, 0 RIIPI Prior Approuriatino lne# Year, k`Y1995 1996 FY1997 FY1998 FX19 9 2000 2001 RDT&E Proc by program element t) O&M MILCON y Estimated total nrozram cost: RDT&EYProcurement In Constant 1990 $ (exclude . ,fU' manpower and O&M)* ? Frogram desc tfon: (key, objectives of program)** ? Program acpolfshmets: (actual progress toward objectives) ? Basfs for budget request: (why funds are needed in FY96; where the money is going) ? u t' lent : (ratio male for continuation of SAP status) ? Maior inifestonesF N/ Nif not applicable ? Mnlor contractors: In dude city and state 'N/A If not applicable ? Delivery schedule N/1lf not applicable _ ? eduction facilities: Include city and statejN/?if not applicable Action Office: Phone: CLASSIFICATION Copy w of __ Copies Page _ of __,,,, Pages (DO NOT FILL IN COPY OR PAGE NUMBERS) Instructions: Formate 8 1/2" X 11" bond paper; all margins 1/2", except left edge which sbouad be 1" o indin ? 12 pitch font (12 characters per Inch) Times New Roman typeface. Precede all paragraphs with classification markings. Identify all abbreviations on the page on which they occur. Be clear and concise. * For continuing technology base programs compute total through FY2001. Other programs include all RDT&E and procurement from program initiation through completion of production. ** Comment separately In the report cover letter on any programs with similar technologies or missions to the specific SAP covered in this report. Please do not ppK naT in ./ 'ik~c bi ~d~2gb1'f M0 are made. Approve o Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002600050004-5 GUIDANCE ON PREPARING THE STANDARD SAPOC SLIDE UPPER LEFT HAND SIDE: ? Photo/ line drawing/ artist sketch of item being developed. If a technology, an illustration of the technology application. ? "A picture is worth a thousand words" UPPER RIGHT HAND SIDE: ? Program status. ? Important Issues affecting program status or progress. SOWER LEFT HAND SIDE: ? BRIEF program description. What is it? Where is program going? What need does it fill? Why is It SAP? ? Highlight major points and successes or problems LOWER RIGI T HAND SIDE: ? Include current FY and next 2 FYs as a minimum. ? Include most recent or next (whichever is closer) milestone or DAB level review ? . FY total Includes all types of S (R&D, Procurement, O&M, etc.) ? Schedule bats should be accurate to the month if possible. FORMAT INSTRUCTIONS- Slide is black background - Words and lines are white unless otherwise specified. Page setup is 9.4 by 7.4 inches. Box Is 9.0 by 6.6 inches centered on "the page. All fonts are HELVETICA Classification is red (RDS), bolded, 18 point. Major headings (STATUS - ISSUES, XXX YYY PROGRAM, and BUDGET & SCHEDULE) are bold, 14 point. Bullets are 85% of character size - color yellow (YW8). Program narrative and Issues arc 12 point, non-bold Budget & Schedule headings are 14 point, non-bold. Budget & Schedule detail is 12 point, non-bold. Follow-on slides use the same layout, letter sizes and color scheme except quad chart format not required. Slide generated using Power Point software. Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002600050004-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002600050004-5 SECRET- XXX YYYY SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED PICTURE 37,4k RTE' PROGRAM PROGRAM DESCRIPTION. BRIEF NARRATIVE FORM. 57 CfTE i s a uha1S P%Srvm i cusin3 on ,? # D, Aare; S5 sSi .,-t anot op-cra4bvis lh Elie arCl~ 0~ fOL~rQD5ycAl/ *BULLETS FOR HIGH POINTS 5Tf 7 iS 0 STATUS-ISSUES BUDGET & SCHEDULE TASK FY94 FY95 FY96 GO-AHEAD A DESIGNIFAB INTEG/TEST DEPLOY BUDGET NAVY 10 so 2 ARMY 52 40 2 TOTAL 7 $62M 70M $i 0M SECRET- XXX YYYY SPECIAL ACCESS REQUIRED Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002600050004-5 -~- T --~ ) N Q C)- t j, L- I Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002600050004-5 BUDGET & SCHEDULE TASK FY95 FY96 FY97 CT CONDU BUDGET K) DIA 'TOTAL Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96 ^^'- 0^~060004 5 J c e~ s~ 4 ((A f E L) Aql)-5 ? Approv~jeRee 08!08 1Q-6-007898002600050004-5 rte ' GtJ~ /3 Additional Guidance for FY-TG-TWP-Annual Report to Congress - The FY96 Annual SAP Report initial inputs are due to OSD by 15 December 94. Required report format is attached, including a program summary "Quad Chart" which OSD requires to enhance the annual reports. - Annual SAP Report will serve as the vehicle for the annual revalidation and approval by the Deputy Secretary of Defense. - In cases where FY96 budget figures may be pending PBD action, use the DIA position in the initial input. PBD changes will be incorporated into final reports prior to delivery to Congress. - Any SAP being terminated or unfunded must be clearly identified. DEPSECDEF will direct submission of termination or revalidation packages for SAPs so identified in his response to DIA's annual input. Financial Summaries must be submitted with the annual reports using the attached format. R1/P1 numbers have delayed report preparations in the past. Again, report DIA numbers; revised numbers will be submitted prior to delivery of final report to Congress. All PEs should be reported in the resource summary, stating the additional funding source by component name and PE which support the SAP. Subcompartments should be covered in the program description. - Submit data for "Quad Chart" in draft, along with a photograph/drawing/sketch. PSD will coordinate production of graphics. Ap oved For Re