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November 4, 2016
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March 27, 2000
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September 8, 1989
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Approved For Release 2000/08/08: CIA-9-89R002600170003-3 8 September 1989 Ms. Jean Smith HQ USAMRDC Ft. Detrick Frederick, MD 21701-5012 Please find enclosed three copies of a request for a modification to the Security Classification Guide. In retrospect, all the experimental data, results, theories and protocols collected or developed under contract DAMD 17-85-C-5130 are not inconsistent with what is generally available in the open literature. For example, as a result of the meta-analysis task for FY 1989, we found that our quantitative measures are statistically inseparable from those resulting from experiments conducted in open laboratories. Therefore, in my opinion, removing the requested paragraphs from the Classification Guide does not compromise our program, nor does it reveal a specialized capability. The requested minor (3 of 10 paragraphs) change is consistent with this observa i If you have any questions regarding this request, please contact A timely response would greatly appreciated in that it would assist us in the documentation for FY 1989. Should this request be granted, please mail a signed copy to us for our records. Thank you for your help. Best regards, Edwin C. May, Ph.D. Director, Cognitive Sciences Program Classified by: HQ, USAMRDC (SGRD-ZA) Declassify on: OADR UNCMAED N SEPARATED f'.. M CLi SS!FIEo ENCW UR :~ SRI lntemattonal GF-0323 SRI International SR I COPY NO. ? , ,[_~~_PROJECT SRI 1847 4181 1291 333 Ravenswood Ave. ? Menlo Park, CA 94025 ? (415) 326-6200 ? TWX: 910-373-2046 ? Telex: 334486 ? Facsimile: (415) 326-5512 Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA- 789R00260017,3-p'~p.1'l . bl Approved For Release 2000/08/08: CIAM 789R002600170003-3 SRI International Memo To : Commander: USAMRDC Date :8 September 1989 From : Dr. Edwin C. May Oqr Location : G-201 Subject : Modification of the Security Classification Guide Cc: SG 1 A (S) Currently, the security guidelines set forth in the Security SG 1 A Procedures Guide and in the Security Classification Guide for the Enhanced Human Performance Investigation contract (Contract Number DAMD 17-85-C-5130) mandate that all data, results, conclusions, and potential military/intelligence applications are classified SECRET or SECRET/NOFORN (Security Classification Guide, Paragraphs 11-20, Pages 5-9). (S) Paragraphs 15, 16, and 18 of the Security Classification Guide SG 1 A (shown in Table 1) dictate that experimental results, theoretical speculations, and experimental protocol information are to be classified SECRET. Dr. E. C. May requests that these paragraphs (15, 16, and 18) be removed from the Classification Guide. It is understood that all other paragraphs from the Security Classification Guide shall remain in force. Reference Paragraph Topic 15 All RV performance data generated by the User Agency Contractor which is not already in the public domain 16 All theoretical, technical and/or mechanical advances which explain the fundamentals of, or significantly enhance, phsychoenergetic per- formance 18 All Information that is developed that concerns the limiting or lessen- ing of RV or RA capabilities. (S/NF) I approve the removal of paragraphs 15, 16, and 18 from the Security Classification Guide. Classified by: HQ, USAMRDC (SGRD-ZA) Declassify on: OADR Aa~.A.I'~ A YL`4dBr ~!!~~V~e xw.ii~ spj ~x1l"%?`4 ' RFT Approved For Release 2000/08/08: CIA- 9A%-jp qfl, 011 1-y Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002600170003-3 SECRET WARNING NOTICE RESTRICTED DISSEMINATION TO THOSE WITH VERIFIED ACCESS TO THE PROJECT NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS SECRET Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002600170003-3