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November 4, 2016
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November 27, 2002
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January 28, 1994
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Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002600180001-4 SECRET DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY S-64,008/PAG-TA The Honorable Richard Danzig The Under Secretary of the Navy 1000 Navy Pentagon Room 4E-714 Washington, DC 20350-1000 SUBJECT: Project STAR GATE (U) &8 JA% 1994 Reference: STAR GATE Briefing of 21 January 1994. 1. (S/NF) The following is provided in response to your request of 21 January 1994 for additional information regarding Project STAR GATE. - Directive, PAG-TA-1065-SL, subject: Personnel Selection and Training Procedures, dated 18 October 1993 (encl 1). - Directive, PAG-TA-1067-SL, subject: Protocols for In- House Proficiency Enhancements and Operational Procedures, dated 13 January 1994 (encl 2). - Memorandum, S-28,118/PAG-TA, subject: Feedback Provided on STAR GATE Projects 93-210-0 and 93-212-0, dated 3 December 1993 (encl 3). - Special Activity Report, PAG-TA-1058-SL, Project No. 93-202-2, Phase II, dated 26 July 1994 (encl 4). - Special Activity Report, PAG-TA-1060-SL, Project No. 93-202-4, dated 4 August 1993 (encl 5). - Memorandum, S520,010/DT-S89, subject: STAR GATE Interim Report - 8916, dated 26 April 1989 and Customer Feedback, dated 1 May 1989 (encl 6). REPRODUCTION REQUIRES APPROVAL OF ORIGINATOR OR HIGHER DOD AUTHORITY FURTHER DISSEMINATION ONLY AS DIRECTED BY PAG CLASSIFIED BY MULTIPLE SOURCES OR HIGHER DOD AUTHORITY DECLASSIFY ON OADR SECRET NT R AsAHL Approved For Release 2003/0 /~ C N9-06 fflW0180001-4 Approved For Release 2003/04/18 : CIA-RDP96-00789R002600180001-4 - Information Memorandum, S-1161/DT-1, subject: Special Intelligence Information Support Relating to the Kidnapping of BG Dozier, undated. 2. (S/NF) As per discussions withi Chief. Technology SG1J A ssessment and Support Activity, it is requested that the enclosed Project STAR GATE Knowledgeability Control Record be signed by the Under Secretary and by whoever else needs to be made aware of this LIMDIS program (encl 8). 3. (S/NF) Request that the enclosed project data and the completed STAR Gate Knowledgeability Control Record be returned to Chief, Technology Assessment and Support Activity (PAG-TA), Office for Ground Forces, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC, 20340. can reached at SG1J 8 Enclosures 1. Personnel Selection and ie Technology Training Procedures Assessment and Support (S/NF/SG/LIMDIS) 1 Cy Activity 2. Protocols for In-House Proficiency Enhancements and Operational Project (S/NF/SG/LIMDIS) 1 Cy 3. STAR GATE Projects 93-210,0 and 93-212-0 (S/NF/SG/LIMDIS 1 Cy 4. Special Activity Report 93-202-2 (S/NF/SG/LIMDIS) 1 Cy 5. Special Activity Report 93-202-4 (S/NF/SG/LIMDIS) 1 Cy 6. Interim Report - 8916 (S/NF) 1 Cy 7. Special Intelligence Report BG Dozier Case (S/NF) 1 Cy 8. Knowledgeability Control Record (U) 1 Cy REPRODUCTION REQUIRES APPROVAL OF ORIGINATOR OR HIGHER DOD AUTHORITY FURTHER DISSEMINATION ONLY AS DIRECTED BY PAG OR HIGHER DOD AUTHORITY LIMITED DISSEMINATION SECRET Approved of AWMA TP9: 6 2 00180001-4 GATE