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November 4, 2016
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November 25, 2002
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Approved For Release 20031L CIA-RDP96-00789R002900260004-9 KEY INTELLIGENCE TASK (91008) (S/NF/LIMDIS) Will there be any significant terrorist activity in the near future (20 Jan 91 >< 1 Feb 91). (S/NF/LIMDIS) Source a Assessment (DOI: 21 Jan 91): a, No significant terrorist activity is expected through 31 Jan 91. b. A large city (probably London) may experience terrorist activity after 31 Jan 91. C. Terrorist activity will probably spread to the US, though use of chemical devices are not anticipated. Initial targets could involve nuclear power plants and possibly nuclear storage/development areas. S/NF/LIMDIS ).,?.: Source B : ?Assessmeftt (DQI ; : 08:-Jan 91) A large EUirope?an. city i?s. ?a" likely 'target `in this time frame. (S/NF/LIMDIS) Surc?e C Assessment (DO2' _: 22 ? 91) a. The New.York City.,area is being' planned for. terrorist .. ; ., +he neAr -'F?+"_,]re Location neat:, or,... in a. _.L L ack e t ? or some typ o:f "award . ceremony .' ' A '' name` ke .. ;e v "THEODORE", ,. ess.ociated? _,with; a..;. le.ftis PLO . grou ..: ;mss involved k.. Other' ? loxi include Shell Oil Company headquarters'. (Houston, TX). aerospace ;:companies ..probably in :New oPPing?;;'ma3 is tnt ougnput Some attacks may be made against nuclear power plants in an attempt to cause them to "melt down". LIMITED DISTRIBUTION NOT RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN NATIONALS Referral Review by NIMA/DoD' CLASSIFIED BY DT DECLASSIFY ON OADR Approved For Release 2003/09/11: CIA-RDP96-00789R002900260004-9 Approved For Release 20 (S/NF/LIMDIS) Source D Assessment (DOI: 21 Jan 91): a. Cargo ships are rigged with H.E., gas-type explosives -(probably-in, or soon in, UK, US harbors). b. Israel delegation to UN is main personnel target. c. d. A large hotel in Paris is targeted. School areas of Germany are targeted (Wiesbaden, Augsburg). e. Greece and Italian military areas and city. location are targeted (via common delivery trucks). f. NY and DC areas?are targeted (main access probably via waterways). .:.?. DC (ongr:ss. area,,: .. probably via large .truck). General impressions: Trap ha several dirty nuclea'r..devices and... may' use.them in-Kuwait -or possibly Israel .aLea (via ships, large commercial planes). e:: miss les/aircraft `may be ` Stored : S om Jordan within iles ` 'of 'Iraq bo.rger rracf..will --start oil well fires. in :Kuwait and-off shore.) the near future CW./BWexplosives will be -left behind" in event of retreat from Kuwait. - A considerable amount. of. Iraq "spotters" have infiltrated S. Arabia, Egypt for aid in. target location,,. terrorist strikes . Libya will a _sist Iraq:. vi:a :CW ., equipment:;. an mine deployment. (S/NF/LIMDIS) Source E Assessment (DOI: 17 Jan 91): a. Hussein has placed.CW/BW devices on -various cargo or empty oil tankers that are (or will be) in various worldwide ports. b. Hussein does have a few "dirty" nuclear devices that he plans to move via ships, trucks to various worldwide locations. c. Libya will soon join in the conflict .(probably via Pt1` ftfl El'SABLE'.TO iorflCN 'N' A;1ONMS LIMITED DIWW d(Pbr Release 20 /p 1 :CIA-RDP96-007898002900260004-9 Approved For Release 2003/0 terrorist support), and will also play a role in attack of US ships in the Red Sea or Mediterranean Sea area. d. -Jordan,-or possibly Iran, amy.also have an emerging role in future support of-Iraqi activities.. e. Terrorist activity will be coordinated worldwide. Leading target areas are: - Water supplies, food source. - Oil fields or supply lines. f. In general: Iraq may consider attacking allied ship-in the Gulf and Red Sea. ...This may involve coordinated -ai.r., ship and possibly missile. attack' with .Libyan ' n " 1-rani-an .assi