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November 4, 2016
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September 1, 2004
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November 26, 1990
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Approved For Release 2004/09/09: CIA-RDP96-007898003000070001-1 U-465/DT DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WASHINGTON, o.c. 2o3ao-6150 26 November 1990 Mr. C. Richard D'Amato Counsel for International and National Security Policy Senate Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee an Defense Washington, D.C. 20510-6028 SG1J Dear Dick: Asa result of our meeting on 22 November, we are taking action to address the physical and working environment at our remote facility. I spoke to the chief of our unit upon my return from our meeting, and we have formalized the tasking; a copy of the tasking is enclosed far your information. We appreciate the opportunity to give you a status report on our actions and programs. Please let me know if there is anything further you require on these subjects. I have taken the liberty of providing Messrs. Dykstra and Hall with a copy of this letter because of their expressed interest in the physical and working environment for our people on this project. 1 Enclosure a/s JO ~,,.~ERBRICH A taut Deputy Director cc: or Scientific and SSCI (Mr. James Dykstra) Technical Intelligence SSCI (Mr. Keith Hall) bcc? DI-3 DT- 5 DT-S Approved For Release 2004/09/09: CIA-RDP96-007898003000070001-1 Approved For Release 2004/09/09: CIA-RDP96-007898003000070001-1 T0: DT-A 26 November 1990 1. Please task to DT-S fora 14 December 1990 reply to me. 2. DT-S: As a followup to our brief discussion on 22 November, please under- take the following and advise me of your results by i4 December: - An immediate survey must be made of our DT-S physical facilities to determine whether any health and safety hazards exist. If so, bring them to my attention for immediate action. - DT-S' interior facilities for our personnel must be of the same standards as for a71 other DT and DIA employees. Provide a list of equipment that needs repair, renovation, or replacement. This includes the analysts' work spaces as well as the general physical appearance of the interiors of both buildings, to include painting or other actions needed to meet our accepted standards. - Work with the post engineer to have the exterior of our buildings painted and renovated as needed. Our first objective here is to have the post engineer assume the costs under its operations/maintenance budget, but, if you hit a stonewall, we will regroup on another course of action. - Also, explore with the post engineer the availability of other facilities on the post that we could move into and vacate our existing two buildings. Our objective would be to obtain better facilities and work environment for our employees. Let me know of the availability of such additional facilities, timelines, any projected costs, or downside implications (such as loss of privacy or security for our projects). Depending on the results of your survey, we may identify DIA maintenance personnel to assist in an expeditious improvement of the working conditions. However, we need a specific list of actions to be corrected in order to scope out our options and decide on the coursesaf action. As usual, canvass all of DT-S personnel for their views on these matters and provide me a candid assessment. ERBRICH sistant Deputy Director for Scientific and Technical Intelligence Approved For Release 2004/09/09: CIA-RDP96-00~~6~@~p9'D~~ "/ ~ ` ~O~ ~~