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November 4, 2016
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September 1, 2004
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April 1, 1991
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QRFT Approved For Release 2004 : CtA-RDP96-00789R003000070007-5 SG1H S-242/DT Dr. John G. Keliner Staff Director House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence H-405, The Capitol Washington, D.C. 20515 (C) The purpose of this letter is to provide you and your staff a status report on our responsibilities to fulfill specific FY91 Congressional guidance regarding Project STAR GATE (the successor program to Project SUN STREAK). Over the recent months, our personnel have been working diligently to meet all of the objectives and demonstrate initiative in their research and other programs. For this status report, I wish to focus on three actions. (U) Our long-range comprehensive plan is in the final stages of staff review. The draft is scheduled to be available for my review the week of 24 June, and our plans are to publish the final product in late June or early July. (U) Finally, our research contract is scheduled to be signed this month (the actual target date is 21 June). Although we would have preferred to have completed this sooner, I wish to assure you that we were on a full- court press to get it approved and signed as early as possible. It took longer than we would have preferred for a number of reasons--it is a sole- source contract that has very specific legal considerations; it is dealing with a unique area which requires substantive specificity and close administra- tive scrutiny; it involves the transfer of some funds to a non-DoD entity; and we have no existing vehicle to easily expedite these and other considera- tions. Even though this is taking longer than we had originally thought; the contract involves R&D funds and is not tied to FY91 obligations. Addition- ally, although we completed our initial contract statement of work in December 1990, when we saw that things would take longer than anticipated, we initiated the action to undertake a precontract cost authorization so that some work could be done while the contract details were being ironed out. CLASSIFIED BY DT DECLASSIFY ON OADR r? ~ 6.i:~,War.vS.~c.;,: F 4P i +.+:1?~~:t~Y ~r,~1i [~:e Approved For Release 200 4&k( kh l-RDP96-00789R003000070007-5 Approved For Release 20SIEeRE lA-RDP96-00789R003000070007-5 (U) In summary, our implementation of the FY91 Congressional direction is on track. In addition to the three areas discussed above, I am proud of the efforts the staff has undertaken in a whole range of activities related to STAR GATE. If you wish, we could summarize these in writing for you or brief the staff on our success in meeting the Congressional mandates. We defer to your judgment whether any other House committees need to be informed of the status report in this letter and our offer to provide any further information. (U) A similar communication is being provided to the SSCI for its information. Respectfully, SG1J cc: Mr. Robert J. Fitch (HPSCI) Mr. Lawrence B. Prior, III (HPSCI) ; 4OT.RELEASABLE 70 FOREIGN NATIONALS 2 +`- 1 1 ETRDP96-00789R003000070007-5 : CIA- Approved For Release 20041