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November 4, 2016
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August 31, 2004
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June 12, 1991
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Approved For Release 2004/09/Z(06 ffl"05 ECR 96-00789R003000070011-0 WASHINGTON. D .C. 20340- 6150 S-243/DT Mr. Terry Ryan Staff Member Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Room 211, Senate Hart Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510-6475 Dear Terry: (C) In light of Congress' FY91 guidance and interest in Project STAR GATE (the successor program to Project SUN STREAK), we wanted to advise you of some information we recently passed to Mr. D'Amato. (S/NF) Our report on foreign activities (Soviet Union and China) in the parapsychology area is virtually complete. I am currently reviewing the draft report with the objective of having the final product published within the next few weeks. Our long-range comprehensive plan is also in the final stages of staff review. The draft is scheduled to be available for my review the week of 24 June, and our plans are to publish the final product in late June or early July. Both of these will be forwarded to you via normal channels. Finally, our research contract is scheduled to be signed this month (the actual target date is 21 June). (U) In addition to the three areas mentioned above, the staff has undertaken a range of activities related to the FY91 Congressional STAR GATE guidance, and we are prepared to provide you any additional information you may require. (U) A similar communication is being provided to Mr. Prior of.the HPSCI staff for his information. Sincerely, assistantDeputy Director for Scientific and Technical Intelligence bcc: ED DI-3 SG1J GDIP CLASSIFIED BY DT DECLASSIFY ON OADR SECRET SG1J Approved For Release 2004/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00789R003000070011-0 It~t f_E..-..~L.TO F::: -w,3 t%,,f