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November 4, 2016
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September 1, 2000
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July 14, 1995
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Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00789R003100290002-5 STAR GATE OPERATIONAL USER INTERVIEW DATE: 14 JULY 1995 NOTE TAKER REPORT Operational Task: Most tasking requested information about future events, usually the time and/or place (or location) of a meeting. Some tasking requested additional information describing a person or a thing, e.g., a vessel. In one instance, after previous "blind" requests had yielded no useful information, the user met with the remote viewers and provided a picture and other relevant information about an individual in hope of obtaining useful information about his activities. Motivation for Employing Star Gate: Star Gate project manager briefed remote viewer activities and his desire to expand customer base. User was willing to "try" using Star Gate capabilities since there was no cost to the user and, given the very difficult nature of user business, grasping at straws in hope of receiving some help is not unreasonable. Note that this organization had tasked the program in the '91 time frame but had not continued tasking in '92-'93 until briefed by the new Star Gate project manager. jr seAttitude: ]DIA point of contact was openly skeptical, but was willing to try objectively. Members of the organization he supports (Org. E) had varied levels of belief, one individual appears very supportive noting the successful use of psychics by law enforcement groups (based upon media reporting). Evaluation of the tasking was accomplished collectively by the DIA point of contact and three other Org. E members. Results - Value/Utili : None of the information provided in response to any of the tasks was specific enough to be of value or to warrant tasking other assets. Star Gate data was too vague and generic, information from individual remote viewers regarding the same task were conflicting, contained many known inaccuracies and required too much personal interpretation to warrant subsequent action. User would be more supportive of process if data provided was more specific and/or closely identified with known information. In one instance, a drawing was provided which appeared to have similarity with a known vessel, but information was not adequate to act on. Bottom line: no action ever taken as a result of Star Gate information. Future Use of Star Gate Services: User would be willing to use Star Gate-type services in future. However, in current budget environment, demonstrated value and utility are not adequate to justify funding from user resources. Would not fund in any case unless program could demonstrate a history of successful and useful product. User believes that remote viewer's working directly with his analysts on specific problems would be beneficial in spite of the obvious drawbacks. Individual quoted above suggested recruiting remote viewers from other sources, noting his belief that the government remote viewers may not be best qualified, i.e., have best psychic capabilities. Approved For Release 2001/03/07 : CIA-RDP96-00789R003100290002-5