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November 4, 2016
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April 27, 2000
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February 8, 1990
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Approved For Release 200 REPLY TO ATTN OF: SG1A 8 Feb 90 DT-S SUBJECT: Project 9001-A (U) IS S 9TOO;>0501-7 I UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT memorandum Program Manager - SUN STREAK (U) 1. (S/STD) On 1 February 1990 through 5 February 1990 inclusively three sessions were conducted to determine the current location of a target person identified as was located at one of the following four locations within an actionable period of time: SG1A SG1A 2. (S/STD) Remote Viewer 079 perceived the target personality as currently and frequently traveling between Bogota and Girardo, Columbia. The target personality can readily be found at a building identified and described as the "Columbian Medical Society" in Bogota on 3 through 7 February 1990. (OPS COMMENTS: Based on 079's past reporting on issues of a similar nature, there is about a twenty-perecent chance that the reporting is germane. The actionable period of time described by 079 as 3 February 1990 through 7 February 1990 inclusively merely indicates a relative time frame of "near future. 3. (S/STD) Remote Viewer 011 described the current residence of the target personality. Viewer 011 described a "resort or estate" situated in a hilly and isolated area. The surrounding area is decidedly drier and dustier than the location of the target area. As seen from an overhead perspective, the "target complex stands out from the surrounding terrain as a darker. geometric pattern." This perspective is conceptually described at TAB A and TAB B. (OPS COMMENTS: There is a forty to sixty percent probability that Oil's description of the target personality's residence is generally accurate. Suggest Oil's sketches be compared to available cps data reflected in Para la thru lb to determine the extent of correlation. If affirmative, there is a likelihood the target personality is present at the residence within an actionable period of time. 3Y: Vi, Di-S OPTIONAL FORM NO. 10 (REV. 1-80) E C- rloAd or ReleAe 2000/08/09 00011-7 G SA FPM' (41 CFR) 101-11.6 5010-114 Approved For Release 2000/08 py ffift0 aOA0500011-7 4. (S/STD) Remote Viewer 032 described target personality's current residence as a structure of plaster and wood. It is spacious and well-furnished with large spacious rooms that open to the outside of the structure. The surrounding area is described as being comprised of high ground leading to large hills and heavy foliage. The structure appears isolated from any nearby structures. It is located on high ground that drops off sharply into a low area where a running stream is perceived. Armed people were observed in the structure. Viewer 032's conceptual representations of the target structure are at TAB C and TAB D. (OPS CMTS: As a viewer, 032 is less experienced that 011. Viewer 032 may have be influenced by such concepts as "narcotics/kingpin/residence). a. (S/STD) It is doubtful that 079 had any previous knowledge of the structure identified as the "Columbian Medical Society Building." Such phonetics have a tendency to merely jump out during the course of WRV sessions conducted by 079. In the past, such phonetics have proven accurate about twenty percent of the time. Suggest Oil's conceptual sketches be compared with available ops data to determine the extent of the correlation between the structure described by 011 and the actual structures identified in Para la through lb inclusively. ENCLOSURES TAB A THRU TAB D SKETCHES Approved For Release 2000/08/09 : ,505 1-7 "~ r?f ?all Approved For Release 2000/08/09 : CI 89R003500500011-7 WORKING PAPER LOW ALTITUDE OVERHEAD VERTICAL VIEW MULTI- STaRE.Y 6141b H lLI.StPe) Kt1tHEA/SERVAN 1 QUARTERS .~--- Mtc71- 5TORP SINGLE rt-_-- 'STORY Approved For Release 2MMOgqgF$6600500011-7 UTILt11 /STbRAGF- SKETCH ` 1 OF 2 VAV Approved For ReJ se R/0/09 V VILLAGE ... / ~. ,, ! It ` EX / , '~ `, `\' C ti ~ OMPL . 1 1 o1 r 11.E I r r f, -, / -\k--i ) / / %- 1-1 CULT~VQ FII~1 \\? Gil HILLS OVERI4EAD VERTICAL VIEW OF TARGET AREA (6, 000'-10, OOO' AGL) NOTE: TARGET COMPLEX STANDS OUT FROM SURROUNDING TERRAIN A$ A DARK GEOMETRIC SHAPE DUE TO DIFFERENCE. IN VEGE-TATiON. U p a0/` 4 D 9'00201 V011 501 low Approved For Release 20069? :YIA9@r-1P00500011-7 SKETCH ` ad 2 mfiQ6Q@iFw t2 Approved For Releas Approved For Re+ ase 2 00/08/09 ; /1 I 90789R0P3500 Approved For Reease 20/08/09 : Approved For Release 2000/08/09 : t T R003500500011-7