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November 4, 2016
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May 16, 2000
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August 19, 1988
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Approved For Release 2000/08/09 :CIA-RDP96-007898003700290001-0 ~~!'NOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY PROJECT SUN STREAK (U) ERV SESSION PROCEDURES REPORT WARNING NOTICE:. INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED CONTROL NUMBER: NICKNAME: OTHER "F" DATE OF SESSION: 19 Aug 86 TARGET COUNTRY: UNK REFERENCE: NONE SESSION NUMBER: O1 DATE OF REPORT: 21 Aug 86 MISSION STATUS: INITIAL (continuing) TECHNIQUE UTILIZED: ERV SOURCE IDENTIFIER: 101 ----------------------------------------------- ~~Y~ y.~,, ---- d ~ ~ -------- 1. ( ) TASKING: Interviewer was provided a 3"x5" card on which was typed, "identify the purpose of the two vertical objects in the courtyard between buildings at approximately: The card S G1A also contained other significant sites in the area to aid the Interviewer in confirming whether the Source acquired the proper target. The coordinates were encrypted, as per Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) protocols, to read 193300 486073, thus preventing inadvertent geographic cueing. Source was vede only the encrypted coordinates during the session with no other cueing or descriptive data. 2. ( ) SESSION: Two in.clemencies were known to the Interviewer which may have influenced the data obtained in this ERV session. Source is awaiting an official medical review board to determine his suitability for retention in his current position. The history of these boards would seem to indicate that Source has little need for any undue anxiety. However, as a professional, the Source still obviously harbors some recognizable trepidations about this event. Source enterp~this session-and stated that he was experiencing some minor gastrointesinal distress but believe it was not severe enough to warrant concellation of this session. During the actual session another remote viewing session was being conducted in an adjoining room. The sound of voices could be heard throug~t this session but without any apparent observable. effect on Source. The possibility exist, however, that Source may have received confusing psychic images. as a result of the proximity of another simult~'eous, albeit unrelated, remote viewing session. This session was conducted utilizing only standard ERV protocols. a~~ ~ 3. ( ) SUMMARY: The following narrative (contained within quotation marks), is an abridged copy of Source's post-session written summary. This summary has been edit~oial~zed, (as indicated), by the under`i~sgned for clarity, grammar and structure. The actual unabridged summary is maintained in the mission field dossier at this location along with any other material Approved For Release 2000/08/09 :CIA-RDP96-007898003700290001-0 Approved For Release 2000/08/09 :CIA-RDP96-007898003700290001-0 produced during this-session, e.g., sketches, notes, etc.) "(There is) a fence line running around (the site)). (There are) light poles inside (the fenceline) facing inward. Moving up a gentle hill (I see) a large, white, modern, rambling building with curves. Around (.this) building (there) are light poles. (These) poles are connected in series and form (a type) of grid. The (presence of .these pd~les) is important (to this mission). :Associated with the poles) are twin flashes of lights which (are) controlled from somewhere else. Down from this building is (a) tennis court (like) area. (This area) has a very large (tall) fance around it and in the middle of .the court is a football shaped depression. (The floor) of the depression (moves) up and down like an elevator on (an) aircraft carrier. Inside (the) depresssion it is very dark. There are lights ,and cables hanging fro the ceiling (but) in the corners-there dark shadows. There is a lar e r g (item ) that is like a moveable scaffo#d. (Within) the depression the air~.(has an) artificial smell, (maybe air conditioning or .exhaust fume. (Another smell) is like ammonia or (urine). (There are) .men in heavy overalls who smell like sweat. One man is pulling a large flexible tube (like a large hose). (The tube) is white and (possibly) made (covered) with canvas.- (Another) man is holding something large, brown and bulky, but not real heavy... There is a round tunnel leading off between (the) building and-the tennis caurt~like structure).. (There). are piles of dirt and sand like man made bunkers (traps) on a golf course. When I first arrived at this site, I was reminded of (the) USAF Academy at Colorado Springs. There was a steady "CHUNK'"CHUNK" sound in (the depression) along with another (series of mounds like) "clank-clunk." b? ( ) During the actual session, Source reported other data which may impact on the final assessment of this target. That data is listed below in raw unevaluated form: (1) ( ) The fence around the "tennis court" was unnaturally high "like" the fence that would surround a tennis court. The bottom of the court area in lower than the surrounding ground. (2) ( ) The man carrying a "firehose, canvas covered," was carrying a tubular object which "appeared" larger in diameter than a firehose but the word firehose was used as an available reference. (~) ( ) The building on the hill(surrounded by poles) is partially underground so that when. exiting the building you have to walk up a series of steps to reach ground level. Green colored windows-were visible at~or partially below ground level. (4) ( ) Near this building there are at least two cylindrical shapes desribed as tall, thin ,.and metallic. Key phrases pertaining to -these objects included; molded, gwded, guarded, collapsing (an important reference -for unknown reasons), ringing, N.,r< charged, synthetic, in series and interdependent. (5) ( ) These cylindrical objects, (eventually referred to as light poles) were furh~ter described as having a cross section (a beam} on top with "twin flashing lights" which appear as "flares" shooting between the poles. The fleshing and all .other related activity pertaining to the "poles" is controlled from another location. Approved For Release 2000/08/09 :CIA-RDP96-007898003700290001-0 z Approved For Release 2000/08/09 :CIA-RDP96-007898003700290001-0 4. ( ) FEEDBACK: The datat~ provided by Source thus far has been reviewed by the operations 8fficer who determined that Source was in fact at the site. Source has n~t however, provided data which specifically addresses the primary true tasking, (still unknown to Interviewer). In a subsequent session, the Interviewer has begin tasked to direct the Source to return to-the site. .His initial ac.~ivity should consist of a general tour of the site noting the generic functions of each separate area or facility. Following this tour, Source should be given the corrdiantes again and told to gQ to the "the area of specific interest." It is believed that-:this techique will aid the Source in eliminating the lesser important, albeit related, gestalts at the site. Source was not told when this session will occur. SGFOIA3 Approved For Release 2000/08/093: CIA-RDP96-007898003700290001-0