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November 4, 2016
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May 12, 2000
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July 7, 1987
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Approved For Release 2000/08/10 : CIA-RDP96-00789R003700780001-6 ongillielisTh`1\10FORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY PROJECT SUN STREAK (U) SESSION PROCEDURES REPORT WARNING NOTICE: INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED CONTROL NUMBER Training Target DATE OF SESSIONr 1 july 87 RERERENCLS:A None DATE OF REPORT:: 7 Jul 87 NICKNAME:: None TARGET COUNTRY USA SESSION NUMBERr 01 MISSION STATUSr Closed TECHNIQUE UTILIZEDr ERV SOURCE IDENTIFIER.... 07911 1. (SINE/8K) INTERVIEWER 1ASKINGr Interviewer conceived and organized this training mission designed to test and improve on the Viewer's abilities to perceive and report on information written in a document which is observed during a Remote Viewing (RV) session. For this task, the 1987 copy of the Department of Defense report on, sOVIET MILITARY. POWER", (the red bookil was placed in a locked room adjacent to the operational session room. 2. (S/NF/SK) SOURCE TASKING: Source was told that,: 1:1. the next room there is a document 14ying on the table. Your mission is to describe in detail the contents of that document". Source was not provided on coordinates as these were considered superfluous. Instead, by mutual agreement, Source was cued during the session by the Interviewer simply stating, "the document". No other cuing or descriptive data was provided to Source concerning this document. (871,1F/SK) INCLEMENCIESr There were not reportable incidents or anomalies which may have influenced the data provided by Source during this session. (S7NE/Sk: ) NI NI A 1::Z Y a. (S/NF/SK) Due to the nature of this tasking and the,:Orst that this was a training mission, Source was not asked to prepare a? written summary of Her perceptions following the actual session. Her feedback was immediate in that, as has been the practice in training 'sass :1 ons she was taken directly to the object in question and permitted to view the item while the Interviewer discbssed the notes Laken during the session in Her presence. ommumeTTNoFoRN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/10 : CIA-RDP96-00789R003700780001-6 Approved For Release 2000/08/10 : CIA-RDP96-00789R003700780001-6 miliMOMMO/NOFORN SKEET CHANNELS ONLY ho (S/NF/SK) During the actual session, Source began by reporting data which was patently wrong such as the number of pages reported as, "19" when the actual number of pages is 159. On the other hand, other data was reported which,was very accurate such as the fact the document is, "assembled, coordinated, has a purpose, (a) date on the +irst page...". Without be the technical problems which may have resulted in the incorrect data, i.e., note the presence of at least one accurate number in the page count, etc., the overall impression was that Source was, indeed, viewing compendium document made up of various sections, designed to, "put the truth out", about "futuristic implementations" and drawn from, "open sources". Specific references to the data reported by Source is provided, in substance, with minor editing for ciarity, as ii (S/NE/SK) The document was initially described as being, "39 pages, square, white pages", and had been, "coordinated with, put together, assembled, page by page...its purpose is to exemplify...the top cover...(does not have) much to read". NOTE The only writing on the cover is the title, "SOVIET MILITARY POWER" with a, 'date on the first pagin. on the bottom...". Source quoted this date as, "july 1986", when in +act the date is written as, "1987". Again, this may he indicative of the known problem that Remote Viewer's seem to have in perceiving numbers accurately. Within the document, Source perceived, "some words are darker, source (but) not on the first page...". Source Lontinued by describing the document's purpose as an, "enhancing bring into view the program, try to understand, measures taken to underscore the possibilities....". (S/11) Source reported that the document was made up of several parts. She was subsequently queried to provide Her perceptions on, "the first part", to which She reported, "(it) establishes facts, events, decided (upon), based on (the) past...could be theory at to discover the broadness of the subjects, narrowing it down into steps. ..hard facts...written +or the purpose of exemplification of issues concerning It is not known which "section" of the document the Source was attempting to view since the reference to the, "first part" is not an absolute directional tasking. Source did report, however, that one of 'i'. 'Si titles" in this section was called, (utilizing Her fragmented Remote Viewing perceptions), "long range view broad objectives. Perceptions about information concerning new...". A perfunctory review of the document did not reveal a speci-ric heading on any, section or paragraph which could closely approximate Source's reported perceptions, however certain elements of the "title" were found throughout the document, i.e., "long range, broad objectives, perceptions...", etc. NO']" Eg Section I of the target document is entitled, "Soviet Policies and Global Ambitions" and 0111.11?11?NOFORN ????? CHANNELS ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/10 : CIA-RDP96-00789R003700780001-6 Approved For Release 2000/08/10 : CIA-RDP96-00789R003700780001-6 WWWWWWNOF(JRN SKEET CHANNELS ONLY contains virtually each of these phrases in partial or separated form 'throughout the narrative. 3) (S/NF/SK) Source was then tasked to provide information in the, "second part", and began by reporting a continuing set of phrases, all of which can be found in whole or part throughout the document such as, "-implementation...future processes, of ........set - a projectionists look or approach off-setting. what was...accomplished...". The most significant "titles" nthhis section was a perception of the letters, "S.O.L.D.E.", followed by numbers, "with dots in them -.6000...a strong conviction...tu put the truth out...". NOTE:: The second section of the target document is entitled, "Forces or Nuclear (ttack". 4) (S/15F7) In the, "next section", source reported the document contained, "charts...there are many who would try to bring forth (encc)uriiAge?) obsolete measures...believing peace will be accomplished, finding hope...believing in accomplishing the unknown but setting about to establish the course...". This "section", according to Source, contains significant, "conclusions, concluding research...this document contains material...pertaining to (a) subject (which) was acquired through (a) research (and) gathering organization...". NOTEA The third section of the target document is entitled, "Strategic Defense and Space Operations". When queried V further, Source was unable to provide identifying data on the, "research gathering organization", which or this document but did perceive a three letter word, "S.O.X." whose correlation was unclear. Source further reported the fact that some of the functions of the organization pertained to, "editing, copywrite, addition...", and the presence of an identifying crest of'various colors, including - blue and gold. 5) (S/NF/SK) When queried to report in the pictures in the document, Source reported that some depicted, "an object (that) can move...the concern is watching (the) movement...". Another picture was discussed as something, "awesome", located in a natural setting...displaying...". Another picture, according to Source depicted a group of men in, "black suits, alder men, authority, subtle, coping with today's (problems)...". This last del.etiption may have been a reference to the, "Stavke (Staff) of the Soviet Supreme High Command", which contain a standard organizational chart depicting black and white photographs of the key members of that staff - all of whom appear to be wearing "black suits", (SFE PAGE 12 OF 5UB3FCT DOCUMENT). 4. (S/NF/SK) COMMENTS1 Some aspects of this session were disappointing in that the Source did not refer to the obvious presence of photographs of military hardware and the overall gestalt of the document in reporting information of a military nature. MAWNOFORN SKEET CHANNELS ONLY Approved For Release 2000/08/10 : CIA-RDP96-00789R003700780001-6 Approved For Release 2000/08/10 : CIA-RDP96-00789R003700780001-6 ONWWWW/NOFORN - SKEET CHANNELS ONLY Source, did however, for reasons as yet unknown to this technology, reported on the more subtle or less obvious intentions and general contents of the document. In retrospect however, it could be stated that Source did, with a high degree of certainty, acqutre and Remote Viewed the target document based on those same subtle references.. The obvious errors, i.e., the data on the front page, the page count, the "mixing" of chapter information, misspelling of organizational abbreviations, (B.O.X. for DI(i/DOD?), are examples of known weaknesses in RV reporting of specific numbers, names, etc. It should be noted, however, that other items of reporting.came across with surprising clarity such as the reference to the blue and gold organizational crest, the concept of research and collection and many other concepts of the "contents" of the document. This Source seems to be a prime candidate +or further exploration of the "reading" capability in the hopes that with repeated targeting, Her skills in this arena will increase to a?point that results can be considered reasonably reliable, and of course, replicable. SG1J GS 13, DAC Interviewer 0101101110110/NOFORN SKEET CHANNELS ONI....Y Approved For Release 2000/08/10 : CIA-RDP96-00789R003700780001-6