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November 4, 2016
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December 2, 2002
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ge videotape is missing authorities site threats Before blast i Bruce Frankel SA TODAY NEW YORK - Investigators iesday said they are puzzled er the disappearance of a vid- tape that may have recorded hides in the World Trade Inter garage before it explod- Friday. And authorities revealed the S. Embassy in Algeria re- ived two threats from the )pular Front for the Libera- m of Palestine that it would )w up a building in New York late January. Police Commissioner Ray- )nd Kelly said authorities be- ved the threat had passed ien the second deadline - n. 26, requiring Israel to al- v 400 expelled Palestinians to .urn - passed uneventfully. Meanwhile, New York City d the Port Authority offered 3200,000 reward for informa- n leading to the arrest and aviction of those responsible rthe bombing. authorities cautioned against aldng too much of the missing ieotape: "You could call it pe- "seat" of the massive explosion. of brown metal from a 'vehicle from Michi Illinois roue New rials. 01 /1 eZ,,: CIA-RGl[~9 nA~7 908 @4e D^' - ' By Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY ANOTHER SCARE: A port authority employee tells workers at a reopened part of the World Trade Center complex Tuesday to leave after a bomb threat. Workers later returned to the complex. culiar," said James Fox, head of A Port Authority employee had been recovered, authorities the FBI's bureau in New York. has told investigators he may said there is "no reason to raise "Incredible, isn't it?" have misplaced it, Fox said. It speculation" that'a brown van Videotapes were recovered may still be buried. with a stripe may have held the on Monday for the period from Two garage videotapes al- bomb, as reported on CNN. Wednesday morning to Thurs- ready reviewed were of mar- Investigators say they are day morning, and from Friday ginal quality, though subject to looking at several terrorist morning to Saturday moring. enhancement, Fox said. groups, including the extremist Missing. a sequence video- Asked what he would tell the Hamas which is opposed to tape for the period from Thurs- employee, Fox said, "Let's try Middle East peace talks. day at 8 a.m. to Friday at 8 a.m., to find it! ... Now!" The investigation is spread- Hampshire and elsewhere. Seeking to dampen expecta, tions of a quick resolution, Fox. said, "No new dramatic witness is going to solve this case for us. Also on Tuesday: - Investigators pulled about. 10 cars from the garage and be- gan vacuuming them inside and; outside and scraping their un- dercarriages. If nothing perti-' nent is found, the cars will be: returned to their owners. - Bomb experts said the ex plosion took place on the B-2? level below the Vista Hotel in. the public parking area. -, The New York City Comp-: troller's office estimated the. bombing could cost about $700 million in lost business during the first week after the blast. - For the second day in a: row, a retaining wall collapsed near the crater - described as' 200 feet in diameter, extending. through seven stories. The col-. umns previously were supported by the horizontal flooring. "It is in a dangerous position. now," said Walter Boser, head of the police bomb squad. - A part of the complex that had reopened was evacuated because of a bomb threat. For 50 minutes, authorities searched the train station be- neath the center while fright-. suspicious package later was