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November 4, 2016
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December 2, 2002
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Approved For Release 2003/01/17 : CIA-RDP96-0078980039002130004-8 authorities bite threats )efore blast r Bruce Frankel SA TODAY NEW YORK - Investigators aesday said they are puzzled 'er the disappearance of a vid- ,tape that may have recorded 'hides in the World Trade enter garage before it explod- I Friday. And authorities revealed the S. Embassy in Algeria re- ived two threats from the )puler Front for the Libera- )n' of Palestine that it would ow up a building in New York late January. Police Commissioner Ray- ond Kelly said authorities be- ved the threat had passed e videotape is missing By Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY ANOTHER SCARE: A port authority employee tells workers at a reopened part of the World Trade Center complex Tuesday to leave after a bomb threat. Workers later returned to the complex. ien the second deadline - culiar," said James Fox, head of n. 26, requiring Israel to al- the FBI's bureau in New York. N 400 expelled Palestinians to "Incredible, isn't it?" turn - passed uneventfully. Videotapes were recovered Meanwhile, New York City on Monday for the period from 3200,000 reward for informa- day morning, and from Friday ginaf quality, though subject to looking at several terrorist 50 minutes, authorities n leading to the arrest and morning to Saturday moring. enhancement, Fox said. groups, including the extremist searched the train station be- oviction of those responsible Missing. a sequence video- Asked what he would tell the Hamas which is opposed to neath the center while fright-. authorities cautioned against day at 8 am. to Friday at 8 a.m., to find it! ... Now!" The investigation is spread- investigation suspicious package later was ape: --zou couia cal it pe- --sear- of the massive explosion. of brown metal from a vehicle from Michigan, Illinois, New rials. J ,:. ~~u,ta 01 01/11 7 =14T~P~6^007"89F" uu390 8 = A Port Authority employee had been recovered, authorities has told investigators he may said there is "no reason to raise have misplaced it, Fox said. It speculation" that`a brown van may still be buried. with a stripe may have held the Hampshire and elsewhere. Seeking to dampen expecta-, tions of a quick resolution, Fox. said, "No new dramatic witness is going to solve this case for us. Also on Tuesday: - Investigators pulled about 10 cars from the garage and be- gan vacuuming them inside and; outside and scraping their un- dercarriages. If nothing perti4 nent is found, the cars will be, returned to their owners. - Bomb experts said the ex-,' plosion took place on the B-2' level below the Vista Hotel in: the public parking area. -, The New York City Comp-? troller's office estimated the` bombing could cost about $700; million in lost business during the first week after the blast - For the second day in a row, a retaining wall collapsed near the crater - described as, 200 feet in diameter, extending through seven stories. The col-. umns previously were support- ed by the horizontal flooring. "It is in a dangerous position now," said Walter Boser, head, of the police bomb squad. -,A part of the complex that had, reopened. was evacuated