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November 4, 2016
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September 5, 2000
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March 26, 1993
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Juy vuu nawcc I I Illlllll u;~ I 1 i'lilll I 1 I ( ; and Rachel Stassen-Berger 1 II I ,' ::,Ir !iIIli!' i II~i,lN.LI!~I1!ullll:.; investigation of the bombing of the VE . 'tli :::::........:.61,,,uf11";!ItL;IEu :IiT:..I ;; !:?.1. II Ili I~hli .I L.. : l:l 1111: i... 1 ~{ Washington Post Staff Writers " ~i ~ll~ I I ;Ill:l I ~ill~ 16' 11, 1!. i I~J ,) ~ i ?,I:.:ul~i'il I:ii..ll ``~1 i' {: , 11 NEW YORKr March 25-The : 1 : lr.l:::r' lil"ai. liPl'I :I mp; 11 ile II II :IlIIIIiLI?nyil I 1 ~ ~I plateau i uusSUay WILLS .gin.... .., .....>.. . , - -- -- . - suspect and discl . lMt" ' new courtroom on c ar es of causing Feb. 26 bombing of the World Trade Center. Evidence ag n t a circle of Middle Eastern immigrants from the New Esposito's counterpart in New structing the ,search of his resi- York-New Jersey area. York, FBI Assistant Director Jim dence and possessing fraudulent Today's developments began Fox, cautioned that it, may be passports, but the U.S. Attorney's shortly after midnight, when 'FBI onths before the investigation is office has publicly connected him agents in Newark placed 1-'Complete in the case, which defense with the bombing indictment. "Not i 27 , under arrest after sev- attorneys are quick to note is guilty," said Elgabrowny. era ours f questioning. Later in based-so far as is publicly under- According to the indictment un- the day he was formally charged. stood-on evidence that is largely sealed today, the grand jury with "aiding and abetting" the circumstantial. "The investigation is 'charged Salameh, Ayyad and Ma- bombing, which killed six persons, continuing on a large scale," Fox hmud Abouhalima, an Egyptian injured more than 1,000 and crip- said at the news conference. flown here from his homeland on pled one of the world's largest of- Each of the five suspects now in Wednesday, with causing the bomb. flee complexes. custody appeared in federal court ing of the trade center. Abouhalima "was beaten, he was When FBI agents arrested Nidal on separate charges related to the tortured," during 10 days of con- A. Ayyad, a chemical engineer im bombing, but a federal prosecutor finement in Egypt, his defense at. plicated in the case, on March 10, said in court that some of the de- torney, Jesse . Berman, told the. press was card in carrying the an name of Ex- fendants can expect to be .re-in- court. In the hallway after the hear. pr American Express records listed comprehensive set of charges. Such Abouhalima claimed that his inter dr Ayyad's ess residence as the billing ad- a . _rogators.in Egypt tortured him'with . istep,ctment, known might as a define in superseding in greater dress for the card, the federal com- d cigarette burns to his genitals and detail the legal underpinnings of the plaint said. demanded that he confess to in _ government's case. A search of Ayyad's residence volvement in the bombing. "I ... am ... not ... guilty," the same day turned up a "timing A spokesman -for Egypt's Interio said Mohammed A. Salameh, his mechanism which had been mod- Ministry said today he did not kno loud vic rlg above the din of ified .. . . as a time-delay firing sys- "anything about" the charges the courtroom. Salameh, the first tem, consistent with timing mech- Washington Post corresponden arrested in connection with the in other terrorist anism used Caryle Murphy reported from Ca' bombing, rented a van that the FBI bombs" according to the complaint. ro. "Telephone again after tomor- alleges was used to carry the explo In related court proceedings to- row," he said. slues. day, Ayyad and three other sus- . Alkaisi was brought before Moments later, drys ad, who is pects pleaded not guilty to charges magistrate, but did not enter a plea implicated in the case a a result of -involving the Feb. 26 explosion in The federal complaint said that a his dealings with Salameh, stood up the trade center's underground least one witness saw Alkaisi wi and gave a prepared statement: "I parking garage. Salameh before the bombing, at swear by all I hold dear-the - While they are optimistic after storage shed in New Jersey whet Koran, my wife, my children, my five arrests within a month after the agents discovered a cache ofche mother-I am not guilty," he said. bombing, senior officials said they icals that can be used to create e' "I had nothing to. do with this." are still unsure about the motive. plosives: Minutes later, Ibrahim A. El- "The circle is g Qw During questioning at the N now very narrow in n , 42, was to the wark FBI office," Alkaisi "statedr terms of the individuals we are still same courtroom, where . he was seeking who we believe are respon- greeted with a bear hug from Wil-. : substance and in-part that he, sible for this bombing," said Jim Es Liam N. Kunstler, his defense attor- not know Salameh_well and only posito, special agent in charge of ney, known for. his representation of contact with him throughh; t otive or tftisSb~oinbing 1 un- 2CM a 16P e itbo*l O ~-laI clear," Elgabrowny is charged with ob- shed. n