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March 5, 1993
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irrest a ~LaONA ,ges1~stl points to Muslim raldic } F O 00 ; NOCR f PUBLI "7 THE MOSQUE: Mohammed Salameh, arrested in connec- tion with World Trade Center blast, worshipped at third- -floor Masjid Alsalam Mosque, above, in Jersey City, N.J. linked to the bombing ?nmed Salameh, the suspect arraigned Thursday in the ng of the World Trade Center, was arrested while trying back his $400 deposit on the Ryder rental van police arried the explosives. The Ford E350 Econoline van: 1: 6.5 ft. 1 wergnl empty .e " imum cargo weight 2,200 lbs. (the contents of a two-bedroom aparment) iq ltdn cargo a it^yr" By Marilyn Church, AP THE SUSPECT: Mohammed Salameh at arraignment Thursday in New York. Salameh is held without bail. 0 2 95, ~d chiles F ~nel . By Marty Baumann, USA TODAY AP THE ROUTE: Officials investigating the New York bombing pleasantly surprised' by break that led them to N J COVER STORY Cleric target of previous FBI probes World Trade Center seen. as 'symbol of the U.S.' Oo- Following the clues, 3A By Judy Keen and Sam Vincent Meddis USA TODAY ; The Masjid Alsalam Mosque got - scant attention from its neighbors in down- town Jersey City, N.J. - a check-cashing business, toy store and Chinese restaurant But three Islamic funda- mentalists linked to violent crimes found their way to the rundown building and climbed two flights of stairs to wor- ship - and perhaps to talk of violence and revenge. Mohammed Salameh, arrested Thursday in the World Approved For Release 2 Please see COVER STORY next page - 01 By Bethany Kandel and Bruce Frankel USA TODAY NEW YORK - The F] the wake of an arrest T day, continues to seek i suspects in the bombing c World Trade Center. "This investigation clea not finished, but a large step has been taken," Jim head of the FBI's New Yoi lice, said Thursday night. The bomb exploded ti garage of the 110-story towers a week ago, killing people; one. is still missing! Mohammed Salameh was arrested after he tri reclaim a deposit on a ri van that linked him to the' A second man was arr and charged with obstru justice in connection w search warrant. Prior to his arraignmen lice said Salameh is an Is born Arab and described as a Muslim fundamental He was charged with: - Aiding and abettin? bombing and fire. - Transportation of e sives across state lines. He appeared calm but : during the hearing a: charges were read in Are The Jersey City, NJ., dent is being held withoul "The hysteria that is rounding this case was it dence at the hearing," Robert Precht, Salary court-appointed lawyer. Other suspects are sought in what prosecuto more Childres called "th gle most destructive act c rorism ever committe American soil." Thursday's arrest was t expected break; a day authorities had said the might drag on for month: FBI agents arrested meh about 10:30 a.m. at stop near a Jersey City I truck rental agency. He went there to rec $400 deposit on the van, i he had reported stolen th of the blast. The FBI said the van w one that carried the born Fragments - includir axle with a traceable id cation number - were r ered at the blast site. Traces of nitrates - i in some explosives - we: portedly found on papers meh presented to the age Traces of nitrates were found at the blast site. A telephone number meh used when he rente van led agents to an apart where they found tools, v and instructions on bomb }r, Fox said. Also: a specially traine detected explosives in a c