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November 4, 2016
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August 31, 2004
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March 27, 1995
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Approved For Release 2004/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00791 R000100030030-2 Secret MEMO FOR: SG1I FROM: SUBJECT: SG1I SG1I SG1 B SG1 B Meeting with Dick D'Amato re Star Gate Transfer n attendance were Dick D'Amato (SAC), (ORD), I(OPA), and Office) I (D/ORD),~ (Comptrol er's Dick D'Amato's major concerns expressed at the 27 Mar meeting in his office were: -frustration with DIA past management of the program -not to have this DIA-CIA transfer take forever -not to lose talent of viewers or have them "languish at DIA". -that the contractor was advancing operational viewing techniques and not the government broaram nersonne1 We described the main activities involved in our response the CDA, i.e., Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) review, declassification, and the subsequent development of a management strategy. We brought him up to date on the status of the BRP, told him that we had contacted the NRC, that they had chosen four experts (2- proponents, 2-critics) which the NRC would commission to write papers and then review using a panel of six NRC members. We talked about the declassification of ORD's early program and CIA sponsorship of the activity. We mentioned discussions with CIA CSI on the issue. We said that we had sent a memo to DIA requesting further declassification from them. We stated that our management strategy could not be written until we had learned more about the program. Here is a recap of some of the specific items discussed: He said little about the NRC review, no real reaction except tacit approval. He did ask whether the NRC committee SG1I SG1I SG1I Approved For Release 2004/09/6F-CfRDP96-00791 R000100030030-2 SG1I Approved For Release 2004/09/09 : CIA-RDP96-00791 R000100030030-2 Secret would be finished by July. We promised that we would have something for Congress in the way of a proposed management plan by July, but that in all honesty, the NRC committee probably would not be finished until later. He did seem overly concerned with the deadline, he wanted assurances that this would not take forever. He said that the push to declassify was not so much to get us into cooperative programs, although it would facilitate that. He felt that some parts of the program would have to remain classified, such as targets, names, sources, and methods. He agreed that a lot of it could be declassified and seemed to approve of our steps in that direction. much further and said that currently we have no way to task them, get requirements, or disseminate the results of their activities. Since DIA has all of this in place we prefer the leave the people at DIA where they can continue to be productive. He didn't have much to say about the general R&D. We agreed to keep him in the loop, he said he wanted that. make that decision right now. amplified this point JL II D'Amato said that he was frustrated with DIA, that DIA had not supported the program over the years, but that it was Trish Keenan who had suggested that it be moved to CIA. He said that the current program manager at DIA was part of the problem. He didn't mention specific people at Ft. Meade, but did say he did not want this DIA-CIA transfer take forever. Main reason is that the he didn't want to lose talent of viewers or have them "languish at DIA". He did indicate that he would put "something in the language in the fall" about this, however without elaboration. Didn't make a big deal about the 500K or 10 billets, though obviously concerned about the ultimate status of the viewers. He asked specifically whether these people would be physically located at CIA. I said I couldn't answer it at this time, but that these people would --+- ,,.,.,,.,-; - -+- nTA ; f ('T7 uiarim i- 1 t-HPm _ hiii- that we couldn't Approved For Release 2004/09/0PVFR--RDP96-00791 R000100030030-2