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June 12, 1995
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06/12/95 11:42 $503 346 4911 UO PSYCHOLOGY Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00791 R000100030044-7 FAX COVER SHEET TO: If /YF MUM LLR P At A DATE: -/Z- Number of Pages (including cover sheet): zf FROM., _9AY /-IY/-1A Department of Psychology 1227 University of Oregon Eugene, OR 97403-1227 (503) 346-4921 FAX: (503) 346-4911 COMMENTS: Mina- '7-Nr5 LS P /U 9a6AEVi P TE"1) vEE74S1ON , '711E' FULL 1/0rft IS NOW m Bovr ?o PAS es L OA1 . 11' YOU NLFi' 7' Fv4i. vERsr1N1 LJ7 " k kPow, 2001 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00791 R000100030044-7 06/12/95 11:42 ''503 346 4911 UO PSYCHOLOGY Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00791 R000100030044-7 CURRICULUM VITAE' September 1994 Nam: Ray Hyman Present position: Professor of Psychology Department of Psychology University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon 97403 Date and place of birth: June 23, 1928 Chelsea, Massachusetts Academic degrees: 1950 A.B.,Boston University Phi Beta Kappa Honors in Psychology 1952 M.A.,Tlmc Johns Hopkins University 1953(Feb) PkD.,The Johns Hopkins Univ. 9sjtlons held: Jul 1953-Jun 1961 Assistant Professor of Social Psychology, Harvard University Jul 1958-Jun 1961 Consultant in Behavioral Research, General Electric Company Sep 1961-Aug 1964 Associate Professor of Psychology. University of Oregon Sep 1964- Professor of Psychology, University of Oregon Sep 1967-Aug 1968 Fulbright-Hays Research Scholar. University of Bologna, Italy Sep 1976-Dec 1976/Jun I977-Sep 1977/Jun 1978-Sep 1978 NSF Faculty Fellowship in Science Applied to Societal Problcms Sep 1982-Jun 1983 Visiting Professor of Psychology, Stanford University (Thomas Welton Stanford Chair for Psychical Research) Additionod Poaltions and Fxpadeneei Mar 1949-Jul 1949 Statistician for antihistamine study, Allergy Fund of Boston This Ls a very abbreviawd and somewhat modified version of my full resume 2 A partial listing. Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00791 R000100030044-7 2002 06/12/95 11:42 '0503 346 4911 UO PSYCHOLOGY Approved For Release 2003/09/16: CIA-RDP96-00791 R000100030044-7? Jan 1053-Jul 1953 Consultant to Systems' Coordination Division, Naval Research aboratory Washington,D.C. ? Jul 19 7'I -Aug 1974 Subcommittee on Preparing Problem and E amples for Committee on the Mathematical Training of Social Scientists. Social Science Research Council Oct 1 955-Jail 1956/Oct 1956-Jan 1957/Oct 1957-1an 1958 Director of Statistical'Workshop for Psychology Department;' Clark University Oct 1957-,tun 1958 Statistical Consultant, Age Center 6f New England 1970 to 1975 Statistical Consultant, Rose burg VA Hospital Some.Current or Recent Positlonsti ' ? l sxccut ive Council, Committee for the Scienttf' Ic Investigation of Clavais of the Paranormal l;tliton ial Board, The Skeptical Inquirer Member of National Research Council's Committee on Techniques for the Enhhancement of Human Performance (1.955- 1991) Ihtsh, R.R., Abelson, R.P., & Hyman, R. (1956): Mathematics for syeholo~,ists- aamples and problems. York: Social Science Research Council Vogt. I :./..,& [Lyman, R, (1979, Revised Edition). Water Witching U.S.A. Chicago: Univ, of Chicago Press: I lynuut. R. (l'~,60). Some experiments in creativity: New York: General Electric Company (101 pages). Hyman, R. (1 960). Mrs Company (204pp). Hyman, lt. (1964). The nature of ptiycholog 1 iinquay. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall National Art Education Association I (VIM 111, R. (19K9). The el I lyman, R. (In Preparation). 1=Iow smart people go wrong cogtiitien and hq an error. I have published over 200 articles is professional journals on perception, pattern recognition, creativity. problem-solving and critiques of the paranormal-'I consider all my publications as dealing with aspects afmy major , inlerc t in human error and deception. I have also published articles is magic journals and.have won awards for Approved For Release 2003/.09/16 CIA-RDP96-00791Rg601o0030Q44-7' ?V~t~'~efri:~?~7r^~...c=?~ ?~s.yti~Ai~YMS~~%;?w ~ I ".~? E 06/12/95 11:43 '8`503 346 4911 UO PSYCHOLOGY Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00791 R000100030044-7 Public Talks and Media Presentations Duti ag this period I have given talks to public schools, civic groups, and other organizations. I also have appeared on several television and radio programs. I serve as a resource to the media on various topics related to the paranormal, deception, mysticism, the occult, and human error. In this connection I have appeared on all the major networks, on Cable Network News, the Lany King Live show. Italian Television, Canadian Television, BBC television, and Ngva. I see these appearances as pert ofmy program to help educate the public about how human cognition both enables us to cope with problems and makes us susceptible to illusion and deception. My experience and Credentials Relevant to Alleged Psychic Phenomena Since 1953, I have been called upon by various governmental agencies to investigate or evaluate paranormal claims. Some examples would be the evaluation of a lady who allegedly could read with her finger tips; the evaluation of the claim by a group of engineers that they could teach psychics to gather information from photographs; the assessment of parapsychological research by American and foreign investigators; and the observation of metal bending and other alleged miracles by Uri Geller. I have also served as consultant and expert witness in court cases involving psychics or related paranormal claims. I have appeared on several radio and television programs in the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Italy to comment upon paranormal claims and to demonstrate how alleged paranormal phenomena can be duplicated by simple trickery and psychological manipulation. I earned my way through college performing mentalism and reading palms. I have demonstrated psychic readings on several television and radio shows. I have done research and written articles an why people can falsely believe that their psychic readings were accurate and depended upon occult information. I have been invited to the Euroskeptics' conference in Ostende, Belgium to conduct a workshop on psychic readings at the end of September, 1994. Q004 Approved For Release 2003/09/16 : CIA-RDP96-00791 R000100030044-7