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November 4, 2016
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April 12, 2000
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August 9, 1977
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:14ted Pres!, 'ed open- lays, the lorhoods fork has ' ation. ? Lfl PLAINS, Ga. Though President Lottery Number or. , Ca . ? - fun', I ? trg Wrgiqett) 0 0 RA Z14 itaitEeSe=ed7 ?41 RO 0 d his battle wi Congress over the azszezel'auzrutf"4'Tt-*-4".?-?-.' waterways may not be over yet. "I would- be surprised if we've seen the last of the water projects ? even this year," a Senior White House offi- cial said yesterday. At this point, .it is up to?the Presi- dent to take the next step in the con- troversy gver the expensive water projects, ones that Congress wants to have built and that Carter feels are cost ineffective. There seem to be two options for the President, if he decides to take .any action at. all. He could seek to 'defer funding for the 10 projects, and his deferral would take effect auto- matically unless Congress voted to oveiride it'. , . Or he could attempt to rescind the funding altogether. Should he choose that option, he would need an affirm- ative vote in Congress for the projects to die and such,a vote is an unlikely-prospect. note that this bill contains fund- ? ing for 10 projects for which! recom- mended deletion of funds," he. said. "I remain very concerned about these projects." ? ' WHEN "HE INITIALLY raised the issue of the waterways several Months ago, the President sought to kill 31 of the projects, and he later trimmed the list 0.19. He succeeded ? in halting funds for nine projects and reducing funding for four more. According to Carter, the elim ina- ? tion of some waterways- was "a precedent-setting first step in trim- ming s ending on unnecessary expensive and environmentally / damaging- construction projects . . . ? this is unprecedented progress. , governor's ern Shore ? npny from s evidence 'S own ap- destroyed ifandel? had leeting be-' :" to pass egislation. ,der was a l's, Weiner numerous andel over lat Snyder, )r force be- lerride of.a !r of a bill tace Track annuallY to "Much remains to be done to accomplish lasting reform in water resOurces policy," he said. "My ad- ministration is developing water policy reform proposals and will con- tinue to scrutinize carefully all ongo- ing and proposed water projects." Whatever broad action he fright take to curb the construction of water projects, it is certain to be met with howls in Congress. Many senators and House members appear to re- ?gard the waterways as a necessary pork barrel, and thus Carter's first foray against the projects cooled his relations with Congress. In his statement yesterday, issued as he vacationed in his hometown, Carter noted that the appropriations bill provides $500 Million "for re- search and development on breeder reactors and other advanced nuclear power technologies." ? Turner CIA S. KoT,a. .10* ? - By Jeremiah O'Leary ? . Washington Star Stan Writer ' CIA Director Stansfield To toda-Y,denied that U.S. intelli7,e agents bugged the. South Korean , ernment's "Blue.House" cr had recordings of of the. conversations ef ...President Park Chung Her. . It'was the first time the new e;r tor of 'central intelligence has on the record about persist ports that the tIA at n6 ti bugged the Korean pre dent dence . and found ev scheme td influence U.S. "There wee -eLo tape ? Turner Said., "I'm spea 'entire intelligence communi just CIA.' But he declined to on ,his answer when, repue,ers pressed him as to whether the United States had intercepted rness4:ops being sent over the airwaves be': era Seoul and Washington. TURNER SAID the n D agreement with the Korean (.7sl- ieloJ Intelligence Agency cr other Zoe,,c, eel governments about : how they ope's:ete in the United States. There :7.7'^a no deals about 'what they do here or what U.S. agents do in foreign CMIT1- tries, he said, adding that ,any activities of Sayak (the Irania.ti se- cret .police), DINA (the Chilean se- cret agency) and others are the prov- ince of the FBI. niffl th Turn said that e CIA has turned-over to Sen. Adlai E. Steven- son,, and' chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, all docu- ments in the CIA's possession re- garding the committee's prospective investigation of Korean influence- peddling. But -Turner refused to go -beyond the mere acknowledgment 'that these sensitive documents, which might implicate senators in the scandal, had been handed O'ler to. the committee-. The implication of Te:mer's state- ment today is that none of tLese documents is the result of electronic surveillance of the Blue Eouse. ON ?OTHER matters, Turner de- clared: ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? - ? He has taken the advice of Sen. Ed- ward M. Kennedy, D-Mass, and is notifying all involved universities of? their unwitting association with the r; SG1I ,NDEL. A-6 See CARTER, A-7 See TURNER, A-6 Approved For Release 2000/08/10 : CIA-RDP96-00791R000 tki. DREAM TURNS INTO A NIGHTMAR.L ; tice. He 3 racing le Marl- 2e1 Pde- of front o doeu- led that Jan. 7, General ;ene B. .nt and ? letter, le Mail fted by aries at )f Tide"- Inc., a sodgers. the let- n con- and at t does gest to Cory , poor 3 does- in life n, just , Gene led, it 3y and saying argu- 3 Rob- ys aa ctions try .on attor- s had corn- VU111101e 111 response to ? the corimittee's blanket request to tahl la tf e dme eigai ()kg ? senators. Among the documents apparently made availabre was alist containing the , names of it, 'number of federal officials who allegedly received pay- ments from Tongsun Park, the fugi- tive Korean businessman whose ac- tivities prompted the Justice Department's.investigation. ? THE LIST, ,Which also was made -available to the House Ethics (Stand- ards 'of Official Conduct) Committee last week, reportedly was obtained IV federal agents from Jay Shin Rye, a former associate of Park. At his news conference, Stevenson declined to say whether the list con- tained the names of any current or 'past members of the Senate. In fact, TURNER (main earit's testimony in the crimi- nal investigation Of the Justice De- . 2/9101?Itlai RUPt'ft?P-.987. 91 early press accounts of his activities involving members of Congress and ' is believed to be living in England. As part of the effort to obtain Park's testimony, Bell said, high ad- ministration officials have sought help from the Korean government in Seoul. He confirmed that President Carter "has had some role" in these communications, as has Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. Although the attorney, general's statements seemed to underscore Park's importance to both the crimi-- nal and congressional investigations, he told reporters that some prosecu- tions still could be brought without the Korean's testimony. Aurnsimmoz.dormomm.-...7.7. plete and "sanitized" versions of _all documents related to the drugs-test- ing project. Turner said the Ford administration's Rockefeller Com- mission, which investigated allega- tions of CIA abuses, had all this ma- terial, too; well before the recent dis- closures'of experiments on mind con- trol. Turner , said -120 of the 149 projects .were the kind "you Wouldn't mind having your children involved in." The CIA is trying so far with- out success. ? to find the unwittin7 victims of the tests. * All documents on MK-ULTRA also have gone to the Justice Department, which must determine whether any- one connected with the tests should be prosecuted. Turner- ,said the CIA also had undertaken tests on parapsychology several years ago. The. intelligence director said the agency had a :nan gifted with what he called "visie-per- ception" otplaces he had never seen, but added with a smile that the man died two years ago "and we haven't' heard from him since." Continued From A-1 secret _IVIK-ULTRA -* drug-testing project now coming to public atten- den. But he complained that some universities have been "unaca- demic" in their treatment of individ- uals who had even a small associa- tion with the CIA in the past. ? He has ordered new moves to reduce. the CIA Operations Division by about 800 employes, largely from an overstaffing that grew during the war in Vietnam,. He also has ordered new screening and exercise pro- grams so that the agency will get "lean and mean." ? He is not cledring all secret intelli- gence operations in advance with the Senate Intelligence Committee, al- though the legislative branch is being notified. . ? The Senate committees working on MK-ULTRA were given both corn- )% a country f 1.1,wee. .1 6{4?6G,Lt A40/ sh tsAa,,, ? orri SG1I A0p9ved F r Release 2000/08/10 : CIA-RDP96-007 as..\\ Approved For Release 2000/08/10 : CIA-RDP96-00791R000200140002-0 SG1I ORM 1395A UNCLASSIFIED Cover? 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